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By The Drum, Administrator

May 30, 2005 | 5 min read

There have never been more or better ways of setting up as a small scale media operation, whether online or in traditional print, radio, film and TV.

But having thought of the next great media idea, how do you develop it, launch it and keep it afloat until the world catches on? The Independent Media Forum is a unique event organised by The Marketeer Association, CIDS and Adline in association with Index North West.

It brings together experts from media disciplines traditional and modern to examine best practice and relate their own tried and tested methods for success. The forum is a must-do event for anyone contemplating small-scale publishing, radio, film or TV production and for established media owners, who can bring themselves rapidly up-to-date on current media issues and those looming on the horizon. The Forum takes place at Manchester Cathedral Visitor Centre on Wednesday 29 June.

Subjects will include the creation of media brands, issues affecting magazine publishers; pitching programme ideas, and much more. The forum will feature plenary and break-out sessions.

Booking forms are available on or by contacting Susannah Todd on 0141 332 3255.

ONE DAY Programme:




THE NEXT GENERATION: the accessibility ofnew technology has opened the floodgates forindependent publishers and media operations.Though it might be easier to set up, staying afloatand ahead of the game is still a tough business.


1. READING BETWEEN THE LINES: creatinga successful publication. Once you have agreat idea for a new publication, how do you get it offthe ground? Our experts will be discussing howto secure funding, the pros and cons of venturecapital and how to play to your strengths as an independent publisher.


2. A WORD IN YOUR EAR: opening up theradio airways. Setting up or running a radiostation? Get some insights into the opportunitiesand pitfalls from our experts. They’ll be discussingnew opportunities in the radio spectrum, funding,and what community radio has to offer.


3. IN YOUR FACE: could online TV be aviable alternative to niche magazines?Broadband is reaching a critical mass of users atsufficiently high speeds to make online TVchannels viable. Wherever there is a niche hobbymagazine there could be a broadband TVchannel. Given the turbulence in the retail newstrade could online TV be the only way for some tosurvive? The session looks at the experience ofsetting up and running such channels.



IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE: but how do youattract advertisers? What are media buyerslooking for? Is your sales team on the ball? Ourexperts discuss what advertisers want, how tomotivate your sales team, the value of an auditedcirculation and how subscription can turn yourcirculation base into a profit centre.



CROSS FERTILISATION: Andrew Jefferies,production director of KERRANG!, on creating asuccessful multimedia brand.


1. PUTTING IT ABOUT: distribution is a thornyissue for independent publishers. Our expertsdiscuss the problems facing publishers, whatretailers want, and hear about one magazine’sapproach.


2. LIGHTS, ACTION, CAMERA: A look at filmand television production in the NorthWest. Topics under discussion include the state ofthe industry, funding, opportunities for independentproduction, and how to pitch that greatprogramme idea.


3. ARE YOU LISTENING? Independent radioproducers share their experiences, from choosingto set up an independent production company topitching programme ideas.



ON THE MARKET: it can take two to four yearsto find a buyer for your business and 50 per cent ofbusinesses never sell. So how do you prepareyour business for sale?


A chance for delegates to quiz the experts andget advice on particular issues.



ANDREW JEFFERIES, Production director of KERRANG!

SANDRA TINKER, Commercial director of EMAP in Manchester

ROBIN HODGE, Editor of The List - Scotland’s top-selling entertainment, events and lifestyle magazine.

BRUCE HARTLEY, Managing Director, Published fortnightly, The Leeds Guide has a growing readership of over 40,000 people across Leeds and West Yorkshire.

PHIL KORBEL, Director and Co-founder of Radio Regen. Since 1999, Manchester-based charity Radio Regen has enabled more than 5,000 residents of disadvantaged areas of Manchester, Salford and the North West to get on air.

HELEN BINGHAM, Production director, North West Vision,

over the last three years North West Vision has played a key role in developing and shaping a sustainable and dynamic film and television industry in England’s Northwest.

MIKE HALLY, Co founder of Pennine Productions independent radio production company, Mike made numerous features for You & Yours and recently produced The Message and File on 4. Journalism is a second career, after leaving engineering behind in the late 80s. He now brings that experience, mixed with more recent studies in modern and oral history, to his productions for Pennine.

IAN BENSON, co-founder of MATRIX MERGERS. Before entering the mergers and acquisitions field he worked in marketing in the property and event management industries. Matrix is his sixth successful business.

Speakers from Audited Bureau of Circulation and Periodical Publishers Association.


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