Massive Media Opportunity

By The Drum, Administrator

February 10, 2005 | 3 min read

A selction of some of the suggested campaigns

It seems that almost every day a new medium is being introduced to the ambient and outdoor markets, offering desperate clients the massive standout that they crave. So, in an increasingly competitive market, how do advertisers catch the eye of the unsuspecting public?

Well, Angel Brammer, 27, of Greenock (42GG), seems to have the solution. Or, at least, she certainly has standout.

Having happened across an American gentleman renting out his forehead to advertisers on eBay, the busty lass decided to offer British advertisers a piece of the action.

She wrote, on eBay: “You can now rent my cleavage for a period of 15 days, during which I will display your company logo, slogan or website address in the form of a temporary tattoo you will supply to me.

“I should probably give you some information on the whereabouts of this living billboard. I currently live in the town of Greenock. I’m a 27 year-old auburn-haired lass. I’m an ample size 42GG, and I usually wear low-cut tops.”

Angel had almost 40 bids from keen advertisers, starting at £30. But the highest bid, from the Golden Palace Casino, raised the entrepreneurial bouncing billboard a massive £422.

Now Miss Brammer will rent out the “top part of her cleavage” (“the part which is legal to display,” she kindly points out) for the casino to put its company’s logo on for over a fortnight. Over the period, she’ll have photographs taken of herself, with the logo, in front of any of the popular landmarks in Glasgow or Edinburgh.

The PR conscious Angel also astutely points out that a similar auction in the US generated massive media interest around the world, with her auction likely to generate such attention from the UK media (she’s right – Ed). “Imagine the possibilities of getting your company logo displayed, for FREE, on national media?” she tempts.

Now, following the widespread media attention (as forecasted), The Drum thought that, perhaps, Angel has cracked a new market. So, we asked a good handful of Scotland’s top creative agencies to come up with adverts that might take full advantage of the new space on offer.

Word of caution, though: never one to take too long to spot a money-making, publicity-grabbing opportunity, we wonder how long it will be before Britain’s favourite inflatable “billboard”, Jordan, gets in on the act?


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