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July 30, 2004 | 10 min read

John Morgan

Chief Executive, Merle

He is a gentle but firm guy, who can judge a character at a hundred paces as well as a good idea.

He has a feel for the way trends will go and is admired by many for his feeling being the right one. This is why he is so well established and has a strong reputation in the business.

I would say he is well connected and I see strong links to many celebrities, and work that takes them to exotic location appears to be on the cards as he aims for a more attractive and different market.

I feel that a new person will create new drive in the business and take it into alternative realms aligned with future plans for growth.

Although there is a steady flow of business it is now time to take things to the next level and look very much at expanding but in the right way.

There will be a situation to watch that creates some issues in the work place. It’s a case of no smoke without fire and, excuse the pun, it will be a case of fire-fighting for a period of time.

There will also be an opportunity to assist in the film industry, which will boost the bottom line.

Nora Farrell

Managing DIrector, Weber Shandwick

This lady is not afraid to push the boundaries above and beyond to get what she wants out of business, and she does it in the nicest way.

I see her being freer to go and source new business as she has given the reins over to someone who can run things the way she wants them to go.

Her career has excelled in the last four years and the progression has been in a deliberate way that allows her to know it’s right.

I sense she will be reaching new clients and markets just to stay in ahead of the game, and London will feature very strongly in this area.

I also sense there are two main areas and that this will open into a third to advance business.

I can feel there will be some good business opportunities links into the music and medical arenas.

Canada will also provide her with a new market and this could grow into an opportunity to expand and have a more permanent link there.

I also wonder if she is looking at some kind of take-over or merger that will help to expand the business. The month of August looks like a good month for talks in this area.

She will attend a wedding where someone close to her will be a bridesmaid.

Elaine Ward Fincham

Sales Director, News International

This is a woman who likes to have fun and yet loves her privacy as well. She either takes to people instantly or does not, as she is intuitive and will only work with those she feels are right.

There is some connection to television, either linking to narrating or news reading.

I can see connections also with countries like Asia, Iraq and Germany, as I see her business as taking her in many directions. This is a part of it that she likes and the variety of her work is very important to her.

She is strong and determined to be and remain a market leader and is steady and sure-footed in her approach to her work.

I feel there will be a connection to royalty and this may be aligned with some form of work/project that she will be asked to undertake.

America will not just be a place for her to visit but also an area that draws her in a work sense.

It is important to watch potential offers of business to make sure they are what they appear to be. Be sure to read all the small print on things that way your income will not challenged.

Liz O’Connor

Head of Art/Partner, The Bridge

I see Liz as a sensitive and gentle person who is protective of herself and her team. She has a dry sense of humour and plays her cards close to her chest.

I feel there is a break to a Scandinavian country as a form of escape to allow her to unwind.

I also feel there is a link to the arts and wonder if she herself has ever been involved in this area?

She is a woman who gets the job done, crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s. She likes the facts and no messing.

There is room for growth in her business and the time is right to put plans into action to make this happen.

For future business I see work in Europe, and Edinburgh as being important. She is in tune with what’s going on and has her finger on the pulse.

And a Chinese business opportunity will make a difference to her business and be fun at the same time.

There will be an award for achievement made in the industry and this will attract new business. Success is important to most people but I sense that there is a deep need to attain this award from a personal point of view.

Jim Faulds

founder and former chariman, Faulds

This man is a very deep thinker, has high expectations and demands quality. There is a traditional feeling that remains true to his roots, and I wonder if there has been some work that would link him to TV, tradition and Scotland.

There is a slight inner sadness that he keeps within but something that he is trying to get over; my sense is that it is a passing.

His career has come through a tough time and there is a need to focus on new avenues and business to boost things.

It appears that his career has moved in 5-year cycles and the time is right for it to move again to impute fresh new direction.

There will be some downsizing to make a business more compact in the way it runs. This will prove to be the right thing to do. He is very much at the beginning of a new era for change.

There will be a business opportunity for him that does not link to his present line of work and it looks very attractive, he should seriously think about it.

Connections to a prison will offer a challenge.

Gordon Black

Managing Director, Darwin

What a fun quirky guy, who is outgoing and loves life. He is larger than life and is highly creative. He is a romantic at heart and enjoys his quality time out.

He enjoys being different and looking at methods and techniques that may at first appear way out, but they work. He questions everything and the way it will work/fall into place.

I sense a connection to modelling and to athletics and I feel that both will be in a business sense.

He is strong-willed and determined to get the business moving and then look at new things and ideas in an entrepreneurial way.

I can also see that France will hold some golden opportunity to expand the business.

The whisky industry will bring new business for the future; my feeling is a link to Bells.

His business will develop in two major ways and there will then be a stronger need to bring in someone he has been working with perhaps in an associate sense.

I see horses and hot air balloons and I feel this may be something he likes to do personally but that they could easily overlap into his business.

Victor Brierley

Managing Director, Citigate Lloyd Northover

This guy is charming, good fun and would bend over backwards to accommodate the client’s needs. He is also entertaining and can sing at Karaoke or have an intellectual conversation. Although I have to say he does like the finer things in life.

At a deeper level he can be demanding and is impatient wanting things done yesterday. He pays great attention to detail and is a perfectionist at his work; his aim is to make it happen at all costs. I see links to Germany and England with his business.

There is a strong sense of music as in a personal sense and in a work sense. I feel that he has/will been asked to appear in an advertising campaign, which I feel would work well. I see his business as fresh and innovative and looking at some diverse markets.

Television links hold a lot in the way of work/business for the future and I feel this will play a large role, perhaps even becoming a section on its own. I think he has connections in the world of football that would link to some kind of project/campaign.

Expansion is the key word and I sense that he would be looking into ways of doing this, which may also mean that he links up with someone else not based in Scotland. I sense that he may also be re-visiting areas of business from the past but in a different way.

Just on a personal note, I wonder if there is a connection to pearls and someone close.

Lastly, Lithuania and Russia will be areas to investigate for his business; it may be that they would be used in an advertising background. But I also feel they would open into other possibilities.

Who is Joan Charles?

Joan has been providing Intuitive Management, Training and Coaching to companies and individuals for the past 20 years. She is a regular contributor to the media and is often asked for her input on many subjects. The companies she works with are wide ranging from Marriott hotels to legal recruitment companies. Her training is very different to the norm as she aims to take people and companies out of their box. Intuition is a natural skill which everyone has to a degree and it can be enhanced through Joan’s training. She refers to our American cousins who have been endorsing the successful use of Intuitive Management for at least 20 years. She says that in the UK companies need to look deeper at the inherent skills of their staff and realise the value in them.

For more information visit or contact her on 01505 613 842 or by e-mail at


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