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Marketing Elite

By The Drum, Administrator

November 20, 2003 | 22 min read

The Drum magazine launched its search for Scotland’s marketing elite in the long, hot summer months, trawling through past issues, newspapers and cuttings to see, first of all, just who had been hitting the headlines for the right reasons.

As the days grew shorter and the list of names grew longer, we continued the hunt for the most influential individuals in the Scottish media and marketing industry. No stone left unturned.

The guidelines for inclusion were simple: to make the grade, our candidates had to meet certain specifications. Had they successfully come through the challenges faced over the last year? Were they a widely recognised and respected name in the industry? Did they have a positive impact on the media and marketing scene in Scotland over the last year? And, chiefly (and simply) ... if they talk, do people listen?

After months of research and polling the unsuspecting agency heads who happened across The Drum editorial team, a list was compiled.

However, the eagle-eyed among you might notice that there are a number of names missing from this year’s poll. Some, like Roger Williams, head of marketing at the Scottish Executive, for example, declined to take part, due to the purposefully low-key nature of his role as a civil servant. While others, relatively new in their roles, thought it to be unsuitable at present, despite their wide-ranging experience and success.

But holding an elite job in the marketing and media arena does not mean guaranteed inclusion in the poll. Those who have not met the strict guidelines over the last year have not been included.

Moreover, the marketing and media landscape has changed. Faulds, KLP and The Glasgow Agency have all closed. Mark Gorman and Simon Scott have left the industry, the latter for the time being at least.

Last year, who would have guessed that such high-profile names and agencies would be dismissed from the equation? But there we are.

This year it was not hard to single both companies and individuals out for praise. The market has, like last year, been tough and anyone who has made it through the year in one piece should be rewarded.

However, this year’s Marketing Elite must now overlook the climate and seek out those individuals who stand out from the crowd, prospering when others are falling.

Scotland, like the rest of the UK, has been hit hard by recent economic trends, with some firms shedding jobs as they quickly reposition themselves for an uncertain future. However, despite the mountainous challenges that have been faced, many individuals and companies have again shown, during the last twelve months, why they are so highly respected by their colleagues and peers.

With a light shining at the end of the tunnel now, many are even looking to grow, bringing on new staff and proactively seeking new business. No longer, it seems, are those in Scotland happy to just sit back and try and keep what they have. A hunger has reappeared with the introduction of the plethora of new agencies.

This hunger is displayed by the response from those polled and, although it has been a tough year, some of the answers just go to show that most in the marketing and media arena have retained their sense of humour. So, read on to find out who, unlike BA Baracus, is flying high. Ladies and gentlemen, the 2003 Marketing Elite. I love it when a plan comes together...

Please note that those featured appear in alphabetical order by surname and no ranking system is in operation.

Phil Adams, Managing Director, The Leith Agency

1. 37. 2. Honda HR-V (Joy Machine). 3. New business from north and south of the border & above and below the line, excellent margin growth and fantastic new people. 4. I know what I like. 5. J K Rowling (making heaps of money from simple, populist ideas). 6. The Guardian, FT, Scotland on Sunday. 7. Dr Who. We need TARDIS technology to accommodate expansion plans within our current building.

Douglas Alexander, Managing Director , Navyblue Scotland

1. 41. 2. Mercedes Benz 500SL. 3. Winning our first ad pitch in an advertising arena for Bright Grey, delivering the Euro 2008 campaign and locating a new long-term home for the agency. 4. Competitive, confident, challenging, passionate, creative. 5. David Beckham. 6. The Scotsman, SoS, FT and The Evening News.

Billy Anderson, Sales Director, Real Radio

1. 35. 2. Mitsubishi Shogun. 3. Winning GMG Station of the Year and Scotland Radio Sales Team of the Year. 4. Honest, straightforward, loud, approachable and huge! 5. Shaun Bowron, Group Operations Director of GMG Radio.

6. Almost all of them. 7. Angus Walker of the Leith Agency because ideas are what sell and this man creates ideas.

Alex Barr, Director, The BIG Partnership

1. 35. 2. Jaguar. 3. The company’s string of client wins, including Celtic FC, Scottish Enterprise, ScottishPower, Motherwell Bridge and Deloitte. (Boring but true). 4. Cook, gardener and sometime PR. 5. Bob the Welder. 6. A small Amazonian rainforest every week. 7. And alert the competition? I don’t think so.

Gordon Beattie, Chief Executive, Beattie Communications Group

1. 49. 2. Jaguar XK8. 3. Winning over 30 new clients including new business from BT, BP, Clydesdale Bank, Shell, Nationwide Autocentres and Bovis Lend Lease. 4. Happy! 5. None. 6. All of them. 7. I’ve got my hit list & I’m not sharing it with anyone.

Allen Bell, Managing Director, Revolver

1. 42. 2. Lotus Elise. 3. Marketing Edinburgh’s Festival Erotique Event (a dirty job, but...) 4. Working class git done alright. 5. Robbie Williams.

6. The Independent. 7. Angelina Jolie. Why? Are you serious?

Phil Anderton, 38, joined Scottish Rugby from Coca-Cola just over two years ago with a brief to inject some commercial dynamism into what had become a slightly fuddy-duddy ‘brand’.

Anderton, formerly Coca-Cola’s Atlanta-based global brand manager, since taking that brief, has commercially rejuvenated Scottish Rugby.

A new ticket structure to reward loyal fans, and an increase in marketing and promotions have all lead to some of the healthiest Murrayfield audiences in recent history.

Following the Six Nations competition, Scotland embarked on a series of warm up games for this month’s World Cup in Australia. The friendlies were all hailed as a commercial success, if not a sporting one.

Under Anderton’s guidance SRU-generated income near doubled from £9.5m to £17.5m, average Murrayfield crowds have risen from 32,000 to 50,000, and ticket sales have risen from £4.3m to £6.63m between 1999 and 2003.

Unfortunately, as of yet, Anderton does not have the powers to change what is happening on the pitch too.

Stuart Bell, Director, Feather Brooksbank

1. 38. 2. Audi A4. 3. Being appointed by Whyte and Mackay Group and FB winning “Media Buying Point of the Year”. 4. Honest, professional, approachable, dark-horse. 5. No one person, learn from everyone and then be yourself. 6. The Scotsman, Sunday Times and The Lanark Gazette. 7. No-one - we develop our own talent.

Kevin Bird, Creative Director, Family

1. 39. 2. Jeep. 3. Sweeping the board with 2 Gold, 3 Silver, 2 Bronze and the Grand Prix at the Roses. Gold, Silver and Best Innovation at the Effectiveness Awards... to name a few. 4. Straight-forward, passionate, loyal, daft-as-brush, bloke. 5. Cliff Freeman, Trevor Beattie, The Artist Formerly Known as Prince and Kevin Phillips. 6. The Herald, Metro. 7. Kylie Minogue (creative services manager). Morale.

Richard Bissland, Director / Founding Partner, 999 Design Group

1. 50 [bugger it!]. 2. None. 3. Winning The Drum ‘Design Consultancy of Year Award’ for 3rd time and deciding not to take part in the marketing services recession. 4. Good fun in a tent! 5. Yossarian in Catch 22. 6. The Observer and The Herald. 7. Carol Matthews of Matthews Marketing; she could get a jeely piece at anyone’s door and she’s a wee bit clever.

Richard Bogie, Assistant Managing Director/Group Advertisement Director, The Scotsman Publications Ltd

1. 40. 2. Chrysler Jeep Grand Cherokee/Alfa Romeo GTV/ Ducati 748.

3. Cleaning up at the Newspaper Society Awards, 8 awards in all.

4. Competitive, sport obsessed, bad dancer. 5. Martin Johnson - an inspirational leader. 6. In any week - all of them. 7. Martin Johnson. And possibly Butch Harmon.

Victor James T. Brierley, Marketing Director, Third Eye

1. The big Four-O. 2. MG ZT – without the silly spoiler. It’s also not red. 3. Now working with big brands, even bigger brands and the biggest brands.

4. Talented, suave, very, very persistent. 5. Hmmm...Sinatra, Salvador Dali, anyone unique. 6. Everything. 7. If we had a time-machine, Francis Albert Sinatra from 1955. We’d then have someone who really was good at Karaoke.

John Campbell, New Media Director , Dijitol / Citigate SMARTS

1. 37. 2. Audi A3. 3. Developing and growing the business into something that can compete in a tough marketplace, winning more awards and managing to keep most of the people happy most of the time. 4. Actions speak louder than words. 5. Franz Beckenbauer: Great leader, thinker and practitioner with a cool head. 6. The Scotsman, SoS, The Guardian,The Observer and Kilmarnock Standard. 7. Tony Harding.

Spencer Cann, regional sales manager, Channel 4 Television

1. 36. 2. No Car. 3. Growing Revenue. 4. Shepherds pie and stout man.

5. Michael Lench. 6. Daily Record, The Scotsman and The Times. 7. Stuart Feather (need chauffeur).

Andy Carolan, Managing Director, Navigator Responsive Advertising

1. 42. 2. Mercedes. 3. Winning key new business including Scottish Power and Dumfries & Galloway Tourist Board, and growing Navigator to new levels of achievement. 4. Can I make it four? 5. Sir Matt Busby - triumph from adversity. 6.The Scotsman, Sunday Times. 7. Gary Smith, so I can subtract the fiver he still owes me from his first paycheck.

Ken Cassidy, Managing Director, Pointsize.

1. 50. 2. BMW 5. 3. Whistler Festival Marketing & Design and continued success with web design. 4. All round good egg - perhaps. 5. John & Bernie Cassidy. 6. The Herald & Scotland on Sunday. 7. Nick Cadbury (Tayburn), ARGE.

Peter Clayton, managing director, Clayton Graham Communications.

1. 38. 2. Audi TT. 3. Winning several pieces of serious business from famous brands, developing London based clients. 4. Optimistic, pessimistic, confident, shy, schizophrenic. 5. Mark Graham, founding director. I’d have resigned a long time ago if I’d been him and he hasn’t. Eternally grateful. 6. The Herald, The Sunday Herald, The Evening Times, The Sunday Times. 7. Bill Gates.

David Clelland, Managing Director, The Hub

1. 35. 2. Golf. 3. Opening the new division: Hub NM. 4. Happy, enthusiastic, spontaneous, intense, creative. 5. My folks; they just got on with it. 6. The Herald and occasional tabloid. 7. The guys who do the creative work for Courage’s John Smith brand. Why? They know what they’re doing.

Ewan Colville, Head Of Marketing, s1now

1. 37. 2. VW Beetle. 3. The ongoing success of in 2003. 4. Affable, inquisitive, energetic pragmatist. 5. Sir Martin Sorrell. 6. The Herald, The Sunday Herald and The Evening Times. 7. I would poach Dr Ralph F Wilson (aka Dr E-Biz at for the ultimate internet business health check.

Camille Craig, Marketing Manager, Radio Forth, Edinburgh

1. 30. 2. VW TDI. 3. The Forth One Fringe, our fist ever series of live music in the festival which featured small exclusive gigs with bands like The Thrills and taking 700 listeners to Amsterdam without losing any! 4. Neurotic, outspoken, impatient, creative, passionate. 5. Stelios Haji-Ioannou for his amazing courage and business foresight. 6. Edinburgh Evening News, The Scotsman. 7. Paul Arden - inspirational.

Maggie Croft, Director, Stand

1. Eh? 2. None. 3. ‘Stand’ing on our own. 4. Determined, charming, curvaceous, vivacious & modest! 5. My sister. 6. Metro (daily), The Herald (Saturday), Scotland on Sunday (Sunday). 7. David Belle, Parkouriste – and why? Visit our new office – and see.

Brian Crook, Managing Director, The Bridge

1. 47. 2. Jeep Grand Cherokee. 3. Record new business; one of the few agencies that had no need for redundancies; Scotland’s Favourite Ad.

4. Quick; strategic; hands-on; pain in the ass; parent. 5. Frodo Baggins. 6. The Times, The Herald, The FT. 7. Jim Faulds. Reputation, connections.

Martin Cross, Creative Director, Guy Robertson Partnership

1. A surprisingly young-looking 42. 2. A surprisingly old-looking Saab.

3. Releasing radio commercials into the wild by recording on location.

4. Intelligent, knowledgeable, a bit fat. 5. Ricky Tomlinson. 6.The Guardian, El Mundo. 7. Tiger Savage, because she’s a hugely talented art director. And if she got over-excited, I’d be able to say “easy, Tiger”.

JOnathan d’Aguilar, Creative director, The Bridge

1. 47. 2. Mercedes MX 320. 3. Winning every one of the six accounts we pitched for this year. 4. Legal, decent, honest, truthful. 5. Martin O’Neill (for his man management skills). 6. The Times, The Observer, The Daily Record.

7. Alastair Campbell (we have the substance but could do with a bit more spin).

Erick Davidson, chief Executive, Tayburn

1. 54. 2. BMW 528. 3. Persuading Virgin’s branding director (Will Whitehorn) to become a non-executive director of Tayburn. Making a profit. 4. The older I get the less I know (nor can I count). 5. My daughter. 6. The Scotsman, The Herald, The Sunday Times, SoS.

John Denholm, Chairman, Leith

1. 53. 2. Range Rover. 3. Honorory Professor of Napier University. 4. “I keep running out of”. 5. None in particular. 6. The Scotsman, The Sunday Times, The Herald. 7. Not telling.

Ken Dixon, Partner, Newhaven

1. 38. 2. Mini Cooper. 3. Buying the agency horse. 4. Happy to speak the unspeakable. 5. Red Ken. He had the vision and guts to introduce the congestion charge...and make it work. 6. The Guardian, The Scotsman, The Herald, The Sun, SCMP and anything left on the Scot Rail shuttle. 7. Chris Morris, he’s a genius and perfectionist.

Graham Duffy, Managing Director, Graphic Partners

1. 61. 2. BMW 523l. 3. Emerging stronger with a great team after a tough year for the industry. Recruiting Graham Walker & Michael Fraser as creative directors. Emily Ramsay winning ‘Best of Show’ at the Scottish Design Awards. 5. Any young entrepreneur with vision, energy & commitment. 6. The Scotsman, The Independent, The Sunday Times. 7. Best business development people in the industry.

Phil Evans, creative partner, bond

1. 31. 2. 1989 BMW. 3. Yes. Blonde. 4. A lot nicer than Guy. 5. I admire lots of people, but I prefer to do things my own way. 6. Media Guardian Briefing, The Five,. The Scotsman, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Barnsley Chronicle (football) and look at the pictures in the Record. 7. Chad Ellis, vice president of marketing at Xelibri. He’d be a good fit for bond. He hasn’t answered any of my calls though.

Stuart Feather, Joint Managing Director, Feather Brooksbank

1. 44. 2. Audi. 3. Keeping the company as strong as it is. 4. Yorkshire. Media. Hedonistic. Large. Maturing (slowly). 5. None. 6. None - too slow. 7. Generally we don’t “poach” - we prefer to train and nurture great people ourselves.

elaine ward-fincham, Head of advertising, News International

1. Negotiable. 2. BMW Sports Coupe. 3. Yes, roughly around every 12 weeks at Vidal Sassoon. 4. Loyal, literate, liberal ,laudable...lucky. 5. Frida Kahlo. 6. All of them - its goes with the job. 7. Kylie Minogue... she would always get an appointment.

Adam Findlay, Managing Director, Northsound Radio

1. 30. 2. BMW convertible. 3. Relocating the radio station to state of the art digital studios. 4. Intense, ambitious, indulgent, frugal and team-orientated.

5. David Sole (ex Scotland captain). 6. P&J, The Scotsman, The Herald and SoS. 7. Tom Botts, European VP of Shell Expro. Tom has just left Aberdeen and relocated to the Hague. He is one of the most professional, dedicated businessman I’ve met.

Keith Forbes, Group Managing Director, 999 Design

1. 38. 2.N/A. 3. The beginnings of long term relationships with a number of new friends, including Bentley Motors, the BBC, COI, Sunderland Golf, Scottish Water and Heals. 4. One will do. Lucky. 5. Has to be my father. For more reasons than I care to mention. 6. The Herald, The Sunday Times. 7. Paul Arden, if I could afford him! WHY? The challenge. For both 999 and our clients.

Alan Frame, employer of smarter people than me, Frame c

1. Old enough to know better. 2. Silver. 3. Turning in profit for 11th year running. Growing the turnover and the people. 4. Sports loving, business mad, dad.

5. The Tunnock family. Fantastic business, great product. 6. The Daily Record and Sunday Mail. 7. Henrik Larsson so he’s unavailable for Celtic.

Michael Gibb, Partner, Guy Robertson Partnership

1. The same as what Guy puts! 2. Toyota Landcruiser. 3. The ability to increase our staff and business in a declining market as a result of hard work and commitment to personal development. 4. Grumpy, dogmatic, hungry, thirsty, talkative. 5. The bloke in Striker comic. He never ages. 6. The Herald and the tabloids for sport. 7. The RAB.

Stuart Gilmour, Creative Director, Stand

1. 41. 2. Seat Leon Cupra R. 3. Getting Stand up and running. 4. What you see is what... 5. Paul Rand. 6. The Times (Saturday), The Sunday Times and occasionally The Herald. 7. Paul Gray (we could never afford him).

Cameron Grant, Partner, 3x1

1. 40. 2. Audi A4 Avant. 3. Winning UK PR accounts and IPR/The Drum Grand Prix award. Beating 2003 target. 4. Probably difficult to work with! 5. Hugh Birley, Lexis. 6. Most of them. 7. Lesley Alexander - Citigate Smarts. A good reputation and well connected.

Roseanne Grant, Sales & Marketing Director, agripa

1. A well kept secret. 2. Mercedes. 3. Giving up my job to look for a totally new challenge and finding it with Agripa. 4. Helluva focused, determined and stubborn. 5. Leonardo da Vinci for product ideas decades ahead of his time.

6. The Herald – 7 days a week. 7. Richard Branson so that I could use his private jet.

Glen Gribbon, Brands Director, Whyte and Mackay

1. 35. 2. BMW. 3. “Marching on Together” with Leeds United, who Whyte and Mackay sponsor, after they beat Arsenal to stay in the Premiership. 4. Born again Leeds United fan. 5. I have respect for people who have a real passion for brands. 6. The Scotsman and sadly the FT. 7. David Beckham. He could work for Leeds at the weekends.

Joe Hall, Creative & Managing Director, Blue Peach

1. Yes. 2. BMW 5 Series. 3. I don’t have highlights. 4. Graphic communicator.

5. Impossible. 6. The Herald and The Scotsman. 7. Milton Glaser because he’s the best.

Tessa Hartmann, md, TFF agency/joint md of Glasgow Animation

1. 33. 2. Mercedes Jeep. 3. Cementing our position as a true specialist in the fashion, lifestyle and beauty sector. Also at GA we are in development with an animated short film with Sir Sean Connery and Alan Cumming to name just a few stars. 4. Passionate, eccentric, adventurous, unpredictable, curious. 5. Marta Kauffman. 6. What papers don’t I read? 7. Marta Kauffman for Glasgow Animations as a co-producer.

Philip Hogg, Marketing Director, Miller Homes

1. 40. 2. Car – awaiting delivery of a new Audi cabriolet (is there a connection with the preceding answer?). 3. Winning a few awards for our website over the last 18 months. 4. Ought to know better. 5. Sir Alex Ferguson - gets the best out of, talented, high ego individuals whilst still remaining ‘in charge’. 6. None. 7. Anyone who could transfer the manufacturing skills of the automotive industry into house-building.

Mark Hollinshead, Managing Director,

Scottish Daily Record & Sunday Mail Ltd

1. 43. 2. Jaguar. 3. Growing profits in a tough advertising market, developing top team, launching new products. 4. Male, blonde, six feet tall. 5. Nelson Mandela. 6. The Daily Record, Sunday Mail, Glaswegian, and Metro. 7. Gordon Brown, chancellor - to do next year’s budget.

Gavin Hollywood, Director, Posterplus

1. 36. 2. Mercedes ML350. 3. Securing contracts with Nike, BMG, Debenhams & Royal Bank of Scotland. 4. Determined, short, funny, obsessive, numpty.

5. Tom Hunter & Anthony O’Reilly. 6. The Herald, The Scotsman, The Daily Record. 7. Emma Lawson, sales group head from Carnyx Group as she never gives up trying to close a sale and her patter is quite funny.

Gareth Howells, partner, Newhaven

1. 34. 2. Land Rover Defender TD5. 3. Being part of a communications company with an original point of view. Wales beating Italy at football.

4. Pugnacious Welsh troll. 5. JPR Williams. Full back for Wales in the 1970’s. Great hair. Never gave up. 6. The Sun, The Guardian, The Scotsman, The Herald. 7. We’ve got him. Jim Faulds. No need to explain why.

Pam Hyder, Head of Brand Communications, Standard Life

1. 37. 2. BMW 325 Ci. 3. Being promoted. Producing and launching our new brand campaign after 18 months of challenging behind-the-scenes development work. 4. Beautiful, intelligent, sophisticated, witty... modest!

5. A design agency director who gave me some very sound career advice and motivated me to achieve the ambition I had. 6. The Sunday Times, SoS. 7. A secret!

Jack Irvine, Executive Chairman, Media House International

1. 54. 2. BMW 530; BMW 330i Convertible. 3. Opening London office; Moving to bigger New York office in Times Square. 4. A man who forgets nothing.

5. Rupert Murdoch. 6. Everything except The Star and The Independent.

7. Pamela Anderson. It would remind me of all the happy years I spent in newspapers being surrounded by gigantic tits.

David Isaac, Joint Creative Director, family

1. 39 2. BMW 330d Touring (okay it’s an estate). 3. In our first year we won 16 major awards and were the only agency outside London up for a Campaign poster award. 4. Determined. Fair. Busy. Grateful. Lucky. 5. My Dad. 6. The Independent during the week. Weekends? The Independent, The Sun, NOTW, SoS, Sunday Herald. 7. David Brent - you can never have too many laughs around the office.

Graeme Jack , Managing Director , hatch-group in Scotland

1. 38. 2. A BMW 528i but, what’s the point in having a decent car? Bloody speed cameras. 3. Watching the team here develop to become a real force in Scottish PR. We’ve had a great year and it’s down to their efforts.

4. Handsome, talented, rich and delusional . 5. My father. 6. Them all! I start with The Daily Record. 7. I’ve got everyone I wanted in the business but there are one or two out there...

Euan Jarvie, Managing Director, MediaCom Scotland

1. 35. 2. Yes. 3. Managing to grow our business, employ more people and improve our bottom-line in the worst advertising recession that I have worked in. 4. Committed; passionate; driven; demanding; restless. 5. John Watson (founder of WWAV) 6. The Scotsman & SoS. 7. Alan Frame for his boundless energy and positive outlook; Stuart or Giles; Mark Cranmer at StarCom - he is just a quality operator.

Andrew Jaspan, editor, Sunday Herald

1. 50. 2. Fiat Punto soft-top. 3. Keeping The Sunday Herald out of Andrew Neil’s hands since he would have shut it. 4. That’s too tabloid a question. 5. Too many to mention. 6. As many as I can. 7. We don’t poach we cook our own.

Stuart Cosgrove, as well as being a St Johnston fan, is an avid supporter of Scotland’s creative industries.

In a busy work schedule that includes numerous debates, television appearances, talks and writing, the Channel 4 head of programmes (nations and regions) still manages to find time to reach the parts other TV executives disdain with his football radio broadcasts.

As Glasgow-based “nations and regions” commissioning editor for Channel Four, he has clout in developing independent production companies outside London, which account for 28% of its commissions, and influences the image of Scottish broadcasting that is networked to the rest of Britain.

In the ‘80s he establishing a reputation as one of Britain’s leading pop culture commentators. He has worked for Channel 4, for 8 years as Controller of Arts and Entertainment, and is currently head of programmes (nations and regions).

Adrian Jeffery, Creative Director, 1576

1. 42. 2. Yes. 3. Retaining VisitScotland. Winning National Trust for Scotland. Persuading Mark Gorman to strip naked for his leaving party e-mail. 4. Ask someone else. 5. David Abbott. Because he was the smartest copywriter of his generation. 6. As many as I can. 7. David Blaine. Perhaps he can magic up some bigger budgets.

Blair Jenkins, Head of News and Current Affairs , BBC Scotland

1. 46. 2. Audi A6. 3. Frontline Scotland winning European award for investigative journalism; Newsnight Scotland winning UK award for environmental reporting. 4. A great loss to football. 5. President Josiah Bartlet. 6. All of them - sad but true. I read the Scottish titles most avidly. 7. Nelson Mandela. His integrity and commitment would inspire everyone at BBC Scotland.

Andy Jones, Director of advertising, Barkers

1. 45. 2. BMW 330Ci. 3. Remaining true to my principles. 4. Competitive, caring, persistent, spiky,innovative. 5. Gordon Brown (the rugby player). He was as hard as nails on the pitch but the nicest person you could know and always had a smile on his face 6. The Herald, The Sunday Herald and The Sunday Times. 7. Chris Gorman for his energy and salesmanship.

Philip Jones, Managing Partner, Spirit media Scotland Ltd

1. 44. 2. Land Rover. 3. Making Spiritmedia happen. 4. Focused, versatile, tenacious, committed, experienced. 5. Don’t have one, I’m my own man.

6. The Scotsman, The Independent, Scottish Farmer. 7. Jim Faulds - inspirational chairman.

Donnie Kerrigan, Director, Chunk

1. 32 . 2. My car’s just gone belly up. I’m getting a new one sorted out by a mate who owns (plug-plug). 3. No – just a demi wave.

4. I am a Pop Idol. 5. My Mum. 6. The Daily Record. 7. Norman Collier. If someone phones about a problem we could stick him on and pretend there was something wrong with the phone. Between calls he could do that chicken walk.

Steve Leach, Managing Director, BigMouthMedia

1. 35. 2. Audi TT. 3. Becoming runner up of YOUNG Entrepreneur of the Year. 4. Optimistic, enthusiastic, outgoing, big mouth. 5. Bruce Wayne because he is he’s a multimillionaire philanthropist who lives in a cave.

6. The Independent and The Herald. 7. I have already poached everyone of value!

Brian limmond, Director, Chunk

1. 29. 2. No. 3. Being an extra on River City (Episode 123: 25th Nov, Episode 124: 27th November). 4. Great to be around. Funny. 5. Brian Conley’s as good as any. 6. The Metro if it’s sitting there, or The Sun if there’s something half interesting on the front page. 7. Brian Conley.


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