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By The Drum | Administrator

November 20, 2003 | 19 min read

Helen Lodge, account director, Dowcarter

1. 32. 2. Bicycle. 3. Winning Jon Mark and Robbo pitch, relaunch of Carlinglive site. 4. Vivacious, glamorous, beautiful, intelligent, modest. 5. Ellen McArthur for her persistence and self-belief. 6. The Scotsman, The Guardian, The Sunday Times. 7. The Scotland Rugby Squad. I could console them and they could pretty the place up a bit.

Shona Maciver, Managing Director, Locofoco

1. I’ve forgotten. 2. Silver Golf 2.0 Cabriolet. 3. Voted in top 3 best design agencies in Scotland. 4. She has no idea of her limitations. 5. My grandpa, a Highland GP, who gave great public service, was a war hero, and a totally hilarious raconteur. Suspect he has become my guardian angel. 6. The Sunday Herald, The Times, The Herald, The Scotsman. 7. Why not develop and train people properly instead?

Simon Mallinson, Chairman / Founder, MTP / Mustard / Onward / MFP

MSP / Stand

1. 43. 2. 540. 3. Winning awards for MSP’s first documentary. Getting 3 finalist certificates at The Cannes Advertising Festival. Meeting Stuart Gilmour and starting Stand with him, Maggie Croft & Mark Stephenson. 4. Moi, je continue de grossir. 5. Winston Churchill. 6. The Journal, The Mag. 7. The Cohen Bros & Gillian Quigley.

Flora Martin, managing director, Citigate Smarts

1. 52 (do you really have to print it?). 2. Mercedes 320 SL. 3. Passing PRCA management standard part 2/ winning lots of Advertising Awards/ still having a good business in the current climate. 4. Perfectionist, determined, sociable, happy, loyal. 5. Don’t really have one. 6. The Herald, The Scotsman, FT and as many others as I can manage. 7. Archie Norman - great business brain with the drive to deliver.

Ian McAteer, managing director, The Union

1. 45. 2. Opel Corsa (1984). 3. Vladivar Vodka win, top agency at Roses and Scottish Advertising Awards, winning a Campaign Silver, 5 x Scottish IPA Effectiveness Awards, taking over as Scottish IPA Chairman. 4. A paranoid obsessive. 5. Henrik Larsson. Because he’s the King of Kings. 6. Almost all of them. 7. Sean Connery as chairman and roving ambassador for The Union.

Colin James Stewart McClatchie, General Manager, News International Newspapers (Scotland)

1. Over 50. 2. BMW 5-series. 3. Reducing the gap between The Scottish Daily Record and The Scottish Sun to less than 100,000 – roll on 2004.

4. Demanding, impatient, fair, optimistic, cheerful. 5. Self. 6. All of them. 7. No one – we have the best team in Scotland by a long way.

Gerry McCusker, Director, Limone & MMI

1. 33. 2. Wrangler Jeep. 3. Winning Air Miles and SMG Television Contracts, and doubling the size of our business in 18 months and smiling through it - sometimes. 4. Stressed, hairy, intelligent, creative, modest. 5. Me. 6. The Independent, The Herald & The Daily Record back page. 7. Heidi Klum cos she’s a great looking brand.

jim faulds, having maintained a low profile following the sale of Faulds, is back with a bump at Newhaven as a non-executive director. And, as the results of our “who would you most like to poach?” question show, there are still many in Scotland that would like to tempt Mr Faulds in their direction.

Sitting as a non-exec director on a number of boards including Dunfermline Football Club, and Scottish Screen, there are obviously many others that value his marketing know-how too.

The demise of Faulds – the advertising agency – this year only goes to show how integral a role he played at the agency.

Jim Faulds, despite his general nice-guy image, is still thought by many to be one of Scotland’s shrewdest players. And for that, when he talks – everyone listens.

Julie McGarvey , Partner 3x1

1. 40 something. 2. BMW 325 ti. 3. Substantially growing existing client business; winning the Grand Prix at the Scottish PR awards and becoming chair of the IPR Scotland. 4. Stressed most of the time! 5. Barbara Cassani: hugely impressed by her achievements and dynamism. 6. Far too many. 7. It goes against the IPR code of practice ... but I’m open to offers!

Charles McGhee, Editor, Evening Times

1. 50. 2. Mercedes CLK 230 Coupe. 3. Winning Evening Newspaper of the Year – in recognition of a dedicated, hard-working team. 4. Hands-on, determined, passionate, exhausted, workaholic! 5. Harry Evans. He was the consummate journalist/editor – inspirational. 6. Almost all of them, 7. I’d like to find the new Joan Burnie/Richard Littlejohn/Linda Lee Potter.

Ian McIlroy, Design Director, Nevis

1. Too old and untalented to be Young Designer of the Year. 2. None. 3. Attending the first European Design Congress in Barcelona. 4. Don’t call me wee man. 5. John McConnell. Still a design champion with a respected voice at boardroom level. 6. The Scotsman, The Sunday Herald and anything in Hectors Bar.

7. Graham Walker, because I know better than anyone how good he is.

Alan McIntyre, Senior Director - Marketing , Scottish Enterprise

1. 43. 2. Mercedes ML 320. 3. Honestly too many to mention. 4. 360 degree feedback from my team gave me :Good-humoured, dedicated, open, difficult and rotund. 5. My Uncle Gordon who set up his own business,Gormac Coachworks and has run it successfully for 30 years. 6. The Herald and Financial Times. 7. Sir Alex Ferguson. He gets things done and has a strong code of conduct.

Sandy McPherson , Managing director , Marketing Advantage DDB .

1. 42. 2. Pair of size 8 Nikes. 3. Getting the chance to take the reins at MA. 4. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. 5. Nelson Mandela: He never gave up hope and never held a grudge. 6. The Times, The Economist and someone else’s The Daily Sport when I can. 7. Bill Gates:- We would win the Microsoft account and he could show me how to use Outlook while he is here.

Alan Mearns, Managing Director, Mearns & Gill, Aberdeen

1. 43. 2. VW Golf. My wife has the big car. 3. A combination of a variety of new account gains and the fruits of a careful re-shaping of the business. And one of the best ski holidays yet in Trois Vallees. 4. Committed. Determined. Honest. Fair. Happy. 5. My father - he taught me how to enjoy life – work hard, but be sure to play hard too. 6. P&J, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Times. 7. An exceptional account handler.

Vince Meiklejohn, Managing Director, Ten Alps MTD

1. 46. 2. BMW Touring. 3. Launching a new product for our client Ahlstrom in North America, winning Waste Aware Scotland. Growing the business and profits in a tough market. 4. Enthusiastic, driven. 5. John Bartle – a great professional ad man. 6. The Scotsman, Scotland on Sunday. 7. I’m not saying!

Peter Mill, Director, 60 WATT.

1. 46. 2. Toyota Previa. 3. Launching 60 Watt with Iain Hawk. 4. Short, fat, still reasonably hairy. 5. Mark Gorman, for having the wit to realise he no longer wished to work in the industry and the guts to leave with nothing else to go to. 6. The Scotsman, The Herald, The Guardian. 7. “The snake does not tell the cat that he is planning to catch the mouse.” Old Nigerian proverb.

Graham Milne, Managing Partner, Spirit media Scotland

1. 41. 2. BMW. 3. The growth of the company. 4.Numerate, humorous, verbose, Man City. 5. I’m not blaming anybody. 6. All of them occasionally. 7. All of my colleagues.

John Morgan, Chief Executive, merle

1. 57 outside, 37 inside. 2. Audi TT. 3. Keeping the team together IN LAST YEAR? 4. Positive, determined, stubborn, imaginative, grateful. 5. Robert the Bruce. 6. The Herald, The Sunday Herald, Sunday Mail. But I don’t have a lot of time for reading. 7. ‘Gareth Keenan’ from “The Office”. We only have young, bright, intelligent, good-looking people at Merle. Gareth would be a reminder of what it’s like for the rest of the world.

Rob Morrice, Regional CEO, Incepta PLC & Citigate SMARTS Group

1. 40ish. 2. Land Rover. 3. Appointed Regional CEO of Incepta PLC. Opened Citigate SMARTS offices in Manchester and Leeds. Brought creative company 19/20 into the Incepta fold in Belfast. Kicked 1576’s ass in The Drum Advertising Awards. 4. Nice guy but nobody’s fool. 5. Don’t have one. 6. The Scotsman and Scotland On Sunday. 7. Don’t work that way – we grow our own.

Helen Morrison, Deputy Managing Director , Citigate SMARTS

1. 31. 2. Alfa 147. 3. Success at the IPA Awards; Winning the Scotsman account; Our MTV party. 4. Honest, direct, loyal, upbeat, and... 5. Not one but many – all people I know who inspire and motivate me in different ways.

6. The Scotsman & Scotland on Sunday. 7. I’m told our five a side team needs a new striker?

Raymond Morrison, Managing Director, Covey McCormick

1. A young 52. 2. BMW 320Dse. 3. Dad beating big C at 78, everything else pales into insignificance. 4. Easy to get on with. 5. Willie Miller...Great captain who has also succeeded in the business world. 6.The Press & Journal, The Scotsman, SoS, Sunday Mail. 7. John Denholm. Hopefully he would take the Irn Bru account with him.

Brian Morton, Sales & Marketing Director, Dunfermline Building Society

1. 44. 2. Volvo S80. 3. Being appointed to the board at Dunfermline and seeing DBS brand awareness continue to improve. 4. Determined, focused, challenging, good fun! 5. Sir Bobby Robson. 6. The Daily Telegraph, The Scotsman, The Sunday Times. 7. I have a great team around me and I am a believer in developing the talent this provides therefore, there is nobody I would like to poach.

John Muir, Account Director, Wheel Ltd

1. 27. 2. Fiat Punto (Heh, I’ve got two kids, it’s practical). 3. Winning Scottish Water contract, setting up successful Scottish office of Wheel. 4. I’m actually alright with that (apparently this is my catchphrase). 5. Don’t have one.

6. The Herald, Sunday Herald. 7. Steven Hamilton from Zentropy Partners London.

Richard Muir, Marketing Manager, Radio Clyde

1. 37 2. Honda CRV IVTEC. 3. Helping to keep Radio Clyde as Scotland’s No1 for a record 30 years. Blagging a VIP ticket for the MTV Awards and after show party. 4. Terrible at chat up lines. 5. Captain Scarlet - who wouldn’t want to be indestructable? 6. All of them. 7. We’ve already poached Kylie and Robbie for our latest ad campaign so the next logical next step would be Christina and Justin.

Dave Mullen, Creative Director, Story

1. 35. 2. Until last week, a 1969 Daimler 250 V8. (Sold it on ebay to a guy in Norway.) A very sad day. 3. Clients who placed their faith and their marketing with us despite being told by some people at the time that we were a flash in the pan. 4. I am not an animal! 5. Darius. 6. Other people’s usually. 7. I think the guys that run Innocent Drinks are a talented bunch. The guys at Chunk seem a laugh too.

Sue Mullen, managing director, Story

1. 40ish. 2. An estate thingy – for all my kids junk. 3. Making a profit in our first year of business, five finalists in this year’s DMA awards, working with some very talented people. 4. Feisty, loyal, clumsy, open, funny ( not always intentionally). 5. Steve Newland – my first account director. 6. The Scotsman, The Herald, The Sunday Times. 7. Whoever the creative team are on the Volkswagen account.

Andy Neal, Consumer Marketing Director, Scottish Courage

1. 44. 2. Audi A6 Estate. 3. Kronenbourg 1 million barrels. 4. Rather hear what others think. 5. Don’t have one. 6. Them all. 7. Rather develop my team here.

Mark Noë, managing director, Third Eye Design

1. 3O. 2. BMW 325i convertible. 3. Working with such a diverse range of brands and my wife’s pregnancy. 4. Quiet, driven, focused, hard, fair. 5. No one in particular but anyone who sticks by their guns and pursues their dream, not letting anyone else tell them otherwise. 6. The Herald. 7. I tend to agree with my colleague, Victor, but if pushed probably Heidi Klum, to make us coffee.

Liz O’ Connor, Head of Art/Deputy Creative Director/Partner, The Bridge

1. 45. 2. The subway by SPT. 3. Unlike a lot of Scottish agencies we have not made anyone redundant during the recession. Also art directing Scotland’s Favourite Ad for the second time running. 4. In an emergency break glass.

5. Dorothy Parker. 6. Most papers 7. Michelangelo Buonarroti. He is used to working for the most demanding of clients and he is brilliant at producing great work on small budgets.

Zane Radcliffe, Partner, Newhaven

1. 33. 2. Blue. 3. Kissing Jerry Hall (no tongues). 4. Happily free of infectious disease. 5. Sammy McIlroy. He inspired N.Ireland to a record-breaking run of 13 matches without a goal – and he’s still upbeat! 6. The County Down Spectator. 7. Morph - He’s alive to change.

Nick Ramshaw, Chief Executive Elmwood Scotland, Elmwood

1. 39 (and counting). 2. Audi. 3. Meeting Jonathan Sands and joining Elmwood to head up the Edinburgh office. 4. Bright, persistent, willing and keen. 5. The old fella - my Dad. 6. The full range - light (in the barbers) to hefty business.

7. Not our style - we prefer ours over-easy.

Martin Raymond, head of public affairs, NHS Health Scotland; chairman Young Scot, NHS Health Scotland

1. Mid 40’s. 2. Renault Clio. 3. Making sexually transmitted infections sexy through an advert that eventually became Scotland’s favourite. Sponsoring Live and Loud. 4. Glad to still be working. 5. Marcus Liddle, OBE – chief executive of Young Scot. 6. All of them. 7. I have the perfect team, just sorry the pay-rise didn’t work out.

David Reid, Managing Director, 1576 Advertising

1. 39. 2. Chrysler Voyager. 3. Taking up my new position as the managing director of 1576. 4. Slightly slimmer than Mark Gorman, the former managing director of 1576. 5. None. 6. The Herald, The Sunday Herald, SoS, The Sunday Times. 7. The Royal Bank’s Fred Goodwin would be a particularly nice addition to our board of directors.

Guy Robertson, Managing Partner, Guy Robertson Partnership

1. Considerably younger than Rob Morrice and Ian Wright. Unbelievably, a tad older than Mark Gorman (!) and Phil Adams. 2. Changing. 3. Finishing the year with more clients and more staff than we started it with. 4. Always remember the bottom line. 5. Jack Nicklaus. 6. The Herald, The Sunday Times. 7. Rupert Howell. Has balls the size of a large elephant and understands the business of advertising.

Malcolm Roughead, Director of Marketing, visitScotland

1. 44. 2. Golf Gti, (Ferarri on hold since 1983). 3. Keeping my job. 4. Modest but above all intelligent, witty, charming. 5. Cher, shows that old brands never die, just need a makeover from time to time. 6. Those with lots of pictures. 7. No need as everyone is very generous with their advice already.

Marco Scognamiglio, Managing Director, WWAV Rapp Collins

1. Only just 40! 2. BMW 3I6i. 3. New business from Standard Life Bank, P&G, MBNA Europe, Scottish Rugby Union and of course VisitScotland which has to be a dream account for any agency to market their own country.

4. Proactive, passionate, encouraging, pragmatic, considerate. Written by a client (I don’t like to talk about myself!). 6. The Independent - the only paper in Scotland that covers Newcastle Utd. 7. Euan Jarvie - a genuine desire and enthusiasm for doing great work for clients.

Ernest Petrie Chairman of Forth Independent Newspapers and Former Regional Independent Media group MD, has taken on a new challenge as part of a management buyout group that has bought the Alloa-based Wee County News from Johnston Press.

The deal to take on the 6,500-circulation weekly paper marks a return to the paper’s roots.

It was set up as a paid-for title by a group of local businessmen in 1995 before being bought up by RIM in 2000 and later Johnston Press, in April last year.

The £560m deal for Johnston Press to buy RIM in April created one of the UK’s largest regional newspaper groups, publishing more than 250 titles across England and Scotland.

But as a result, many of the RIM executives, including Petrie, left the company.

He is now looking to expand Forth Independent Newspapers through launch and acquisition activity.

Petrie has a vast amount of media experience and if anyone can launch such an assault on the market, then he surely can.

Graham Scott, design director, Nevis

1. 41. 2. Jeep (knackered). 3. Blonde with ash tones. 4. Ask my psychiatrist or wife. 5. David Brent. 6. The Scotsman or anything else in clients’ receptions.

7. Gert Dunbar, for tempting me to join the Dutch Police.

David Shearer, Director, Mediacom

1. 38. 2. No- I’d rather have the money. 3. Having some fun. 4. Honest; Straight forward; Old; Slow; Tired!!! 5. Mickey Rourke. 6. The Sunday Times. 7. Billy Connolly - it’d be a great laugh and we’d make a fortune in fees for ad appearances!!!

Jonathan Shinton, Partner, Newhaven

1. 34. 2. Old. 3. Wales scoring more tries than England. 4. Please ask anyone but me. 5. David Brent. 6. Other people’s. 7. Mike Baldwin from Coronation Street, what he doesn’t know about business ain’t worth knowing.

Andrew Smith, Managing Director, Draft

1. 47. 2. Saab. 3. Too many highs and lows to mention. 4. You should ask my wife. 5. Do people still do that. 6. Any and all from red tops to broad sheets - I love Fish of the Week in the Record every Friday and we have a sweepstake on it each week (and I’m a past winner). 7. I’d say a salmon big enough to win Fish of the Week again and provide a feast for all, but the girls round me want Justin Timberlake.

Susan Sneddon, Communications Director, Bright Grey

1. 34. 2. CLK 320. 3. Launching a new financial services brand. Watching that business grow from strength to strength. 4. Motivated marketer (with a) passion for communication 5. My Dad who gives 100 per cent to whatever he does and has an infectious personality. 6. The Scotsman, The Mail, The Sunday Times, SoS. 7. Harry Potter with his magical skills and ability to make almost anything happen.

Toby Southgate, Associate Director, Navyblue

1. 26. 2. Mini Cooper. 3. Winning the first competitive advertising pitch we’ve entered, for Bright Grey, against advertising royalty. Seeing a real surge in the strength and success of our London office. 4. I am not a salmon. 5. Ron Atkinson. “Tell you what Clive, Heskey’s been watching cartoons if he thinks he can beat Friedel from there”. Can’t teach that banter. 6. The Scotsman, The Sun. 7. No comment.

David Southern, Associate Director, Harrison Cowley

1. 37. 2. Z3. 3. Successful merger of Atlantic PR into Harrison Cowley’s UK network. 4. Determined, precise, opportunistic, sober. 5. Lance Armstrong, the American that battled back from cancer to win the Tour de France a record equalling five times. 6. Read them all - It’s part of the job. 7. Thierry Henry, the Arsenal striker - we’d include him in our five-a-side team for the next Drum tournament.

sally Ann Stanley, Marketing Director, Highland Spring

1. 40, sob... 2. Audi cab. 3. Knocking Volvic off the no 2 brand slot . 4. “A safe pair of hands”. 5. Many people I really admire are in the worlds of sports and medicine. 6. The Herald & The Sunday Times. 7. Joe Simpson, the mountaineer - if he can cheat death in the Andes, he can survive a day with the HS marketing team...

Mark Stephenson, Managing Director, Stand

1. 35. 2. Mini. 3. Joining Stand. Winning and developing business with great clients in an incredibly competitive market. 4. I got five colleagues to describe me in one word. They said: articulate (Eilidh); posh (Tim); bright (Maggie); decadent (Paul); bald (anon.) 5. Jeremy Bullmore. 6. The Herald, The Telegraph, News of the World. 7. Eilidh McDonald our excellent placement, as soon as we can afford her.

Ian Stewart, Editor, Edinburgh Evening News

1. 43. 2. Alfa Romeo 156 sportswagon. 3. Being the best performing big city evening newspaper in the UK for the first six months of the year, raising over £20,000 for disabled children in Bosnia. 4. Passionate about Edinburgh, slightly cranky. 5. N/A. 6. All of them. 7. Richard Littlejohn, because he makes me laugh.

Stephen Tait, Group Advertisment Director, Newsquest - The Herald, Evening Times and Sunday Herald

1. 41. 2. Landrover. 3. Starting at Newsquest in August. 4. Creative, persistent, personable, persuasive, fecund. 5. Ranulph Fiennes – “not an explorer - an expedition leader”. 6. All of them - It’s my job. 7. Billy Connolly to represent us in our London office - He’d certainly help open doors.

Chris Trainer, Chief Executive, Forrest Group

1. 36. 2. Yes please! 3. Getting consent for City Screen - Scotland’s best outdoor advertising opportunity! 4. Best leave that to others! 5. Morton’s – I like the crispy ones!! 6. Does anyone really care?! 7. Kylie Minogue – why not?!

Guy Vickerstaff, creative partner, bond

1. 35. 2. Honda CBR600F. 3. Getting Evel Kneivel into an ad (at last). 4. I’m not a c*nt, honest. 5. I had a dog called Zippy - he was the coolest. 6. The Herald, The Independent, SoS, The Sunday Times, Daily Record. 7. They know who they are, best to leave it at that.

Steven Walker, Managing Director, The Scotsman Publications Ltd

1. 42. 2. Toyota Landcruiser. 3. Surviving long enough to make this list again.

4. Sitting down here writing this. 5. Everyone who I have nicked a good idea from. 6. All of them (goes with the territory). 7. All the best people I want are already here.

Chris Wallace, Managing Director, Barkers Advertising

1. 41. 2. A bruised but loyal black Audi A4. 3. Becoming M.D. Growth and success of Barkers during a tough year for the industry, international interest in our approach. 4. Tenacious, grumpy, introverted, innovative, happy. 5. Joe Strummer 6. N/A. 7. Christina Aguilera - More column inches for the Domestic Abuse campaign, and giving us showbiz credentials.

Ian Wright, managing director, family

1. Guess. 2. Citreon (David & Kevin don’t want me to admit this!) I never use it. 3. Surviving. Great work, winning awards, making money, fantastic team and supportive clients. 4. Passionate, energetic, enthusiastic, optimistic, straight forward. 5. Lance Armstrong the cyclist. 6. The Scotsman, SoS, The Sunday Herald and Tangerine & Black. 7. The procurement officers of all the clients we are pitching for.


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