Scotland's Favourite Adverts

By The Drum | Administrator

August 14, 2003 | 2 min read

A selection of Scottish adverts from the past year

Whether it’s young boys making fun of an ice-cream man, cans of Irn-Bru flying out of bodily orifices and across labour wards or teddy bears frolicking on a bed, we’ve all got a favourite ad. And now is the time to make your voice heard as The Drum, in association with the Sunday Mail, sets out to find Scotland’s best ad. Gordon Laing explains how you can register your vote this year.

Six flumps, two sherbet dabs, 12 shrimps, a bottle of ginger and a packet of Space Invaders – and a Scotland’s Favourite Advert Award please. Voted Scotland’s favourite ad, The Union’s S1jobs commercial left most laughing but a few with a bitter taste in their mouths – namely Scotland’s ice-cream van vendors as cheeky young (and some old) imitators queued up in the sunny weather to test the maths skills of the van drivers all over the country.

But it is time now to choose who will win Scotland’s favourite advert this year – and perhaps take the heat off the ice-cream vans.

The Drum, in association with the Daily Record and Sunday Mail, is again launching a poll to find the favourite Scottish advert to be produced over the last year.

First, we ask readers of The Drum (yourself and your colleagues, namely) to nominate their favourite Scottish advert from those made in the last 12 months. Any advert – television, poster, press or radio – can be nominated to be taken through to the next round.

Once The Drum readers have cast their votes the Sunday Mail will feature the six most popular adverts, as voted by readers of The Drum, in a spread in the newspaper to encourage its readers to choose their favourite. Finally, the winner of Scotland’s Favourite Advert will be announced at the Scottish Advertising Awards Dinner on 31 October, at the Thistle Hotel in Glasgow.

In the meantime, the adverts over these pages are just a sample to get you thinking and are by no means exhaustive.

So, get voting at and maybe it will be your favourite advert that will scoop the award this year.


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