Emerging 100 - the final fifty

By The Drum, Administrator

July 31, 2003 | 23 min read

ID Recruitment

Name: Linda Park

Position: Director

Founded: 2000

Projected turnover (12 months): £3m

Biggest Achievement: Since re-establishing ID as sole owner, have been able to re-align and develop the business, ensuring high-quality standards, as planned at business start-up. This has been highlighted by receiving top and runner-up spot in the 2002 Recruitment Personality of the Year awards.

Clients: Confidential, due to nature of the business – but we work with more than 40 of Edinburgh’s top 100 companies.

Business role model: I have been heavily inspired by Kim Winser since hearing her talk about her role in re-shaping Pringle.

If Looks Could Kill

Name: Colin Moffat

Position: Managing director

Founded: September 2002

Projected turnover (12 months): £50,000

Biggest achievement: Successfully completing our VAT return on time.

Clients: Blunt Bar Café, Garth Heron, Executive Search and Consultancy, Thinkflights.com, Onehundredhours.

Business Philosophy: We love design, and successful design is seeing something work in the context that it was intended for. We spend a lot of time developing a theme, asking questions, drawing sketches, and listening to feedback; it’s important that we tap into the psyche of the audience with an image that resonates.

Instinctive Art

Name: Stuart McLeman, Anthony Harry

Position: Directors

Projected turnover (12 months): £120,000

Business Philosophy: Instinctive Art is focused on developing unique and engaging concepts and graphics for design services to clients who recognise a need for structured, high-quality and high-impact design. Instinctive Art gives you more than an image.


Name: Mark Evans

Position: Managing director

Founded: 2002

Projected turnover (12 months): £500,000

Biggest achievement: Launch of Hutchison 3G Mobile network with Naked Communications (London).

Clients: Over 60 clients from advertising and consumer PR.

Business Philosophy: Twist the rules, ignite the imagination and connect minds with talented and original brain power.

Lewis Multimedia

Name: lan Hepburn

Position: Managing director

Founded: 1997

Projected turnover (12 months): £500, 000

Biggest achievement: To have retained and expanded a wide client list through the changing times our market has faced in recent years.

Clients: Financial institutions, visitor attractions, museums, colleges, universities, galleries, housing associations, fashion, forestry industry, medical industry, public sector.

Business Philosophy: To build successful long-term relationships with our clients by combining marketing, design and technology, a combination that will create added value to their business. Plus, always providing the highest level of service, care and overall understanding of our clients’ businesses.

Liberation Productions

Name: Warren Bader

Position: Director

Founded: 14/02/2002

Biggest achievement: Winning the award for excellence at the Communicators in Business Awards and surviving in a very tough climate.

Clients: StoryUK, Coltas, Royal Bank of Scotland, Standard Life.

Business Philosophy: Keep producing innovative and challenging work.

Business role model: Dave and Sue Mullen at Story.

M.C.L. Media Control

Name: Ken Robertson

Position: Business development manager

Founded: August 2001

Projected Turnover (12 months): £1.5 m

Biggest achievement: Exceeding profit targets for first full year of trading.

Clients: Beattie Media, Scottish and Newcastle, J P Morgan, Tesco Personal Finance, Christian Salvesen, Insider Publications, Royal Bank of Scotland, Highland Distillers, SNP, PWC, Scottish Life, Scottish Enterprise, Glenmorangie.

Business Philosophy: To deliver innovative technical solutions for all in-event applications, while at the same time exceeding our clients’ expectations of what can be achieved and adding true value to the business relationship for both parties.

Business role model: Tom Hunter, Tom Peters, Tom Farmer. Anyone successful called Tom.


Name: Sera Holland, Colin Spence

Position: Directors

Founded: April 2003

Clients: Tennents

McKinstrie Wilde

Name: Graham Macready

Position: Operations director

Founded: 1998

Projected turnover (12 months): £1m

Biggest achievement: The merging of two smaller companies within the space of eight

weeks and maintaining and adding to both client lists during the following two years.

Clients: Stagecoach Group, Velux, National Museums of Scotland, Westbury Homes, Property Acquisition and Management, Dundas Wilson, Che Furniture, Altro Flooring.

Business Philosophy: To run a profitable, ethical company and one in which all members of staff appreciate the values of both their own and their colleagues’ contributions.


Name: John Morgan

Position: Managing director

Founded: December 2001

Biggest achievement: Still being here.

Clients: Highland Spring, Linn, Sky Recruitment, Robert Wiseman Dairies, Falkirk Wheel, Careers Scotland, Ultimo, Scottish Milk.

Business Philosophy: Achieving great things through great people.

Business role model: Robert the Bruce: he used consensus and conciliation with a firm hand, uniting a disparate land, which allowed him to overcome things far greater than he would have with the simple sum of the parts.

Mode Creative

Name: Lynn McGowan

Position: Creative director

Founded: September 2001

Clients: British Council Scotland, Beattie Media, The Bridge, Wark Clements, Chunk Ideas, Screenbase, Ednet, Freight, Texcraft, Remnant Kings, Active Web.


Name: Katie Langley

Position: Account manager

Founded: 2001

Projected turnover (12 months): £1.2m

Biggest achievement: Retaining all our original clients, adding more to the client base and continuing to pitch.

Clients: Quality Meat Scotland, Menzies Distribution, Scottish & Newcastle, Bank of Scotland, the Falkirk Wheel, Dunfermline, Scottish Milk.

Business Philosophy: To produce hard-working, precisely targeted creative that gets results and looks good. We work closely with clients, turn the product outside in, get under the skin of the consumer and produce creative solutions to clients’ commercial problems. We don’t go in for art for art’s sake. We go in for efficient, effective creativity.


Name: Keavy McMinn

Position: Creative director

Founded: 2002

Biggest achievement: Simply doing what I love and with great people.

Clients: Princes Square, Cog Magazine, Saint Judes, One Foot Taller, Colour Television, Porcupine Design.

Business Philosophy: We like to help people communicate through the web. We make sites that look good and we make the sites that connect our client with their audience. We like sites with style, but style that enhances, not obscures. We prefer to visit sites that work with us not against us. And we prefer to build them that way too.

Nation 1

Name: Andrew Grant

Position: Creative director

Founded: 2000

Projected turnover (12 months): More than we thought.

Biggest achievement: Getting money from the bank.

Business Philosophy: You see things and you say why, but I dream things that never were and say why not.

Business role models: Tom Hunter, Leo Burnett, Monkey.

Nevis Design

Name: Graham Scott

Position: Creative director

Founded: 2001

Projected turnover (12 months): £1.5m

Biggest achievement: Brand consultancy for Yell.

Clients: Nevis has a wide client base from gin packaging in Japan, identity design in Philadelphia and annual reports for major organisations such as Standard Life in the United Kingdom.

Business Philosophy: To generate ideas and solutions that deliver value and worth to both our clients and ourselves.

Only u ltd

Name: Kai Ivalo

Position: Managing director

Founded: January 2000

Projected turnover (12 months): £1.5 m

Biggest achievement: It's just around the corner.

Clients: BuildStore, Express Gifts, Glasspac, Historic Scotland, International Correspondence Schools.

Business Philosophy: We help our clients to maximise value from their customer base. We do this by truly understanding the audience and delivering meaningful and impactful communications. And, as befits any true direct marketing practitioner, we're just as passionate about accountability as we are about creativity.

Paligap Brands

Name: Stephen Cosh

Position: Creative director

Projected turnover (12 months): £1m

Clients: Original Shoe Company, Sports Connection, County SAAB, Roche Diagnostics, Pfizer, BED Shed, Furniture World, Dune Records, Giltech.

Business Philosophy: To deliver integrated marketing services on time, on budget, on through- and above-the-line. We build the brand ... you bank the benefits.

Payads Ltd

Name: Frank Payne

Position: Director

Founded: March 2003

Biggest achievement: Convincing businesses that Payads is good for them.

Clients: Abertay University, Apex Hotels, Sensations Science Care, Discovery Quay Heritage Centre, Jab Recruitment, Tait Associates.

Business Philosophy: Deliver the message to the target audience: they are constantly on the move, move the message with them.

Platform PR

Name: Jenny MacPherson

Position: Director

Founded: Autumn 2002

Projected turnover (12 months): £200,000

Biggest Achievement: On track to exceed all business targets and still enjoying the challenge.

Clients: Marine Harvest Technology, Weavegen, Scottish Water, UHI Millennium Institute, Strategic Real Authority, Audit Scotland, Scottish Enterprise, RDC Scotland.

Business Philosophy: Passionate about getting things right, and that includes putting apostrophes in the right places.

Business role model: We don’t believe in singling anyone out, as we believe that we can learn different things from lots of different people.

Plum Films

Name: Micky MacPherson

Position: Managing director

Founded: 2003

Biggest achievement: After the demise of Picardy, we managed to retain our roster of directors and have continued to produce quality commercials.

Clients: Loyal and supportive.

Business Philosophy: Deliver beyond expectations.


Name: Gavin Hollywood

Position: Director

Biggest achievement: Securing two high-profile contracts with Nike and winning an award at the Scottish National Business Awards.

Clients: Nike, Sky, Royal Bank of Scotland, BMG, Wimpey Homes, INM, John Martin Group, TMP Worldwide, Bryant Homes, Belhaven, Stevenson College, Learn Direct, Bett Homes, Scottish Citylink, Ayr College, Room 2, SNP, West Lothian College, TISO, Fife College, Visit Scotland, Edinburgh Festival, XS, Teekay Shipping.

Business Philosophy: Think big.

Real PR

Name: Ilya Scott

Position: Managing director

Founded: 2000

Projected turnover (12 months): £500,000

Biggest achievement: Winning the Coca-Cola account within six months of start-up.

Clients: Amaryllis, Cala Homes, Ascoti International, Cala Finance, Coca-Cola Great Britain, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Gleddoch House, One Devonshire Gardens, Glasgow Science Centre, Gordon Ramsay.

Business Philosophy: The harder you work, the luckier you get.

Republic Productions

Name: Jack Garrow

Position: Managing director

Founded: 2000

Projected turnover (12 months): £1.25m

Biggest achievement: Adding staff training and educational games to our main business of video communications.

Clients: Various PLCs throughout the UK.

Business Philosophy: Work hard and be good to clients, colleagues and suppliers ... and work hard.!

Scot PR

Name: Scott Thornton

Position: Director

Founded: 2000

Projected turnover (12 months): £200, 000

Biggest achievement: Being voted Top Independent Consultancy in the inaugural Scottish PR Awards, rapidly establishing an exciting mix of clients with market-leading operations throughout the UK, Western Europe, North America and Australia.

Clients: Axios Systems, Canon Court Apartments, Fox Fleming, Goodwin’s Antiques, Lothian, Borders & Angus Co-operative Society, Nursing Jobs, Peebles Hotel Hydro, Vending Associates.

Business Philosophy: To create the best possible perceptions of our clients’ achievements among clearly defined target markets, to support and promote our clients’ business objectives and help them increase sales.

Serious Facilities

Name: Simon Cull

Position: Managing director

Founded: 1998

Projected turnover: £500,000

Biggest achievement: New Tennents campaign/The Last Great Wilderness.

Clients: The Leith Agency, Newhaven, Faulds, The Union, The Bridge, Coltas, Frame Cunningham, MTP, BBC, C4, STV, Ideal World, Wark Clements, Square Go.

Business Philosophy: Don Simpson: “Only losers whine about doing their best, winners go home and f**k the prom queen.”

Business role models: Del Boy Trotter, Donald Trump, Gordon Gecko.

Shaw Marketing and Design

Name: Alistair Bruce

Position: Joint managing director

Founded: 1986 (MBO completed 2003)

Projected turnover (12 months): £1.1m

Biggest achievement: Management buy-out 2003, opening of Shetland office, making Shaw a truly nationwide company and still being here after 17 years.

Clients: Northlink Ferries, Scottish Life, Scottish Water, University of Edinburgh, Tullis Russell, Network Rail, Edrington Group, Cutty Sark International, Scottish Institute of Sport.

Business Philosophy: To deliver a quality service to achieve results for our clients.

Spinney & Partners

Name: Ian Spinney

Position: Director

Founded: 2003

Projected turnover (12 months): £125,000

Clients: Braehead for Business, Johnston Carmichael, Blyth and Blyth Consulting Engineers, the Glasgow Academy, Original Shoe Company.

Business role models: Grandfathers on either side, Spinney and Tuller, each of whom made their fortune and were at the cutting edge of their respective sectors, retailing and industrial manufacturing.


Name: Mark Stephenson

Position: Managing director

Founded: January 2003

Projected turnover (12 months): £500,000

Biggest achievement: Getting off to a great start.

Clients: BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Centre for Creative Industries, Mckeown Alexander PJMP, MSP Television, Scottish Dance Theatre, Scottish Ensemble, Semple Fraser Solicitors, Tennent’s Lager, UZ Events, YoungScot.

Business Philosophy: To always be as ambitious for our clients as we are for ourselves, by taking the time to question, to listen and to learn.

Storm ID

Name: Paul MGinness

Position: Director

Founded: 2001

Biggest achievement: Rostered supplier to Microsoft UK for user interface design and technical services and delivering portal for Microsoft – www.theeducationcommunity.com.

Clients: Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Scottish Executive, Young Scot, Royal Bank of Scotland, Scottish Widows, ICS, Mentholatum, Cenoco Phillips, Loch Lomond Shores, many more.

Business Philosophy: We focus on designing web applications that have a very high standard of technical and user interface design and follow proven best practice for managing and delivering.

Story UK Ltd

Name: Susan Mullen

Position: Managing director

Founded: April 2002

Projected turnover (12 months): £2.35m

Biggest achievement: Probably not being pigeon-holed. It’s meant that we’ve been included on some of the best pitch lists and gone on to win because we never limit ourselves. Financially, we’ve bucked the trend. When many agencies have stood still or had to downsize we’ve experienced rapid growth. We’ve grown from four to twenty in the fourteen months since launch, and in that time, from a standing start, we will have a turnover of £2.35m by the end of the financial year.

Clients: Yorkshire and Clydesdale Bank, First Direct, Standard Life, Direct Holidays, Glenmorangie, NTL, International Paper.

Business Philosophy: We call ourselves the best selling agency because everyone at Story has a history of producing campaigns that make our clients a lot of money; in many cases, millions of pounds worth of extra sales. Put simply, our work works.

Stream Copywriting

Name: Katherine Goodwin

Position: Owner

Biggest achievement: Waving goodbye to the relative cosiness of employee-dom.

Clients: SP, DM, design and media agencies – working on clients’ brands in financial services, alcohol, utilities, FMCG and local government.

Business Philosophy: Stream bases its freelance copywriting service on researching and writing good copy that gets the right response and the right results.


Name: Tim Maguire, Ian Dommet

Position: Partners

Founded: 2001

Projected turnover (12 months): Current billings are £750,000

Clients: The British Army, SECC, Clarion Events, Black Circles, Rogue, the Queen's Hall.

Business Philosophy: Talented is a media-neutral ideas company working across advertising, public relations and permission-based e-mail marketing. We recently launched a separate company, Just Press Send, Scotland's only permission-based

e-mail marketing specialist, which now has 17 clients, including The Lighthouse Centre for Architecture & Design, the Scotsman Hotel Group, the Seabird Centre, the Museum of Scotland, the Army, ScotlandShop, Green Mountain Coffee Company, and many others.

Ten Alps MTD

Name: Vince Meiklejohn

Position: Managing director

Founded: 2001 (formerly Osprey Scotland)

Projected turnover (12 months): Not disclosed – part of plc.

Biggest achievement: There are a few big achievements: Doing the deal with Bob Geldof’s Ten Alps. Delivering three years in a row – six-figure profitability. Working with Ahlstrom Fibercomposites on a global basis.

Clients: Ahlstrom, Ashbourne Healthcare, Bahlsen Biscuits, Calor Gas Scotland, Ceya Animal Health, Edinburgh Crystal, Edinburgh’s Telford College, Golden Charter and Help the Aged Funeral Plans, Kwik Fit Insurance Services, Reid Kerr College, Stewart Milne Group, Scottish Conservatives.

The Crimson Edge

Name: Wendy Taylor

Position: PR manager

Projected turnover (12 months): Enough

Biggest achievement: Winning accounts from a top agency and turning over better for client.

Clients: Peddie Smith Malcco Law Group, MAA Financial, Thomas and Adamson, Cabtivate.

Business Philosophy: Work hard, play hard, enjoy life.

The Marque Design

Name: John Hamlin

Position: Creative director

Biggest achievement: Continuing to work successfully with a wide and varied list of clients.

Clients: Charity, education, finance, FMCG, health, hospitality, legal, property, retail, tourism.

Business Philosophy: To deliver consistently high-quality creative work, coupled with a total commitment to customer service and value for money.

The Shine Agency

Name: Craig Mackie

Position: Managing director

Founded: March 2000

Projected turnover (12 months): £525,000

Biggest achievement: Winning the pitch to rebrand a £120m company.

Clients: Access Loans and Mortgages, Assistec, Axiom Business Computers, Baxter’s, Baymou Healthcare, Buildstore, Calby Contraction, Capital Communications Group, Etienne, Miriam Stoppard Lifetime, Ogilvie Group, Scrapworks, Spanoptic, Weathermac.

Time to Consult Media

Name: Kenneth Malcolm

Position: Director

Projected turnover (12 months): £150,000+

Biggest achievement: Becoming a BT collaborative partner.

Clients: British Telecom, Scottish Enterprise, Scottish Enterprise Tayside, Angus and Dundee Tourist Board, Yacht Event Ltd, Online Bookings Ltd.

Business Philosophy: Have faith in our own abilities to achieve solutions that produce results for our clients.


Name: Iain Cummings

Position: Director

Founded: October 2000

Projected turnover (12 months): £100,000

Biggest achievement: To position ourselves as an outsourcing practice for marketing consultancies, PR agenices, web developers and printers. This has meant that we have got to work on fantastically challenging accounts, while clients extend current service offering with confidence that their high standards are reflected in our design solutions.

Clients: East of Scotland European Partnership, Kirkcaldy Renaissance.


Name: Maurice Smith

Position: Managing director

Founded: 1999

Projected turnover (12 months): £500,000

Biggest Achievement: Growing the business over the past few years to what it is now.

Clients: Scottish Enterprise, Scottish Financial Enterprise, Connect Scotland, VIS Entertainment, 3com (UK), Voxar.

Voxego Design

Name: James Clark

Position: Proprietor and gofer

Projected turnover (12 months): £150,000

Biggest achievement: Surviving with a smile.

Clients: Media House, Connect Communications, Levy and McRae, CALA Homes, CKD Galbraith, Luddon Construction, Young and Gault Architects, Aberlour Child Care Trust, John Watson Colour Printers, Citizen X Media, Novegraph, Semple Cochrane plc, Fitness Scotland.

Business Philosophy: Small, tight and specialist studio can do anything anywhere in the world.

Wave PR

Name: Jonathon Kennedy

Position: Partner

Founded: 2001

Biggest achievement: Winning two awards at the Scottish PR Awards in 2003.

Projected turnover (12 months): Available to potential clients on request.

Business Philosophy: Work closely with your clients to understand their business and create a long-term and personal relationship that benefits both businesses.

Business role model: We’ve worked for, and with, some of the best PR and business brains around, so it’s bits of different people that we admire.


Name: Steve Kirkpatrick

Position: Proprietor

Founded: December 1998

Projected turnover (12 months): £200,000

Biggest achievement: Building a reputation for quality design across a hybrid of media.

Clients: Combination of public and private clients in Central Belt and Dumfries and Galloway.

Business role models: Probably a combination of Joe Hall’s (Blue Peach) conceptual thinking and Gordon Black’s (Black ID) sharp suit.

Whitelight Media

Name: Alan Lennon

Position: Creative director

Founded: October 2001

Projected turnover (12 months): £500,000

Biggest achievement: Our biggest achievement has been going head to head with some major publishers down South and winning work on merit.

Clients: United Utilities, Edinburgh City Council, Newcastle Building Society.



Name: Heather Luscombe

Position: Online marketing director

Founded: 1997

Projected turnover (12 months): £800,000

Biggest achievement: Client list and industry leadership.

Clients: Sony Ericsson, Safeway, British Airways, MTV, Kimberly Clark, Cadbury’s, Peixer, Bank of Scotland, Sony Playstation, VisitScotland, Scottish Executive, Comic Relief.

Business Philosophy: To continue with our current buoyant growth, making best use of our position at the top of our field to attract a high calibre of clients to select a Scottish agency over others in England and beyond.

Civic Computing

Name: Greig Tosh

Position: Business development director

Founded: August 2001

Projected turnover (12 months): £650,000

Biggest achievement: Achieving a profitability and a turnover in excess in first two years of trading, from a standing start with no external investment, whilst receiving endorsements for outstanding customer service.

Clients: Barkers, British Council, Scottish Network International, FMC, HammerheadTV, Information Statistics Division NHS Scotland, JourneyPlav, Maggie’s Centre, NHSGrampian, NHS QIS, Richmond Homes, Scottish Drugs Forum, Scottish Executive, ScottishHealth on the Web, Scottish Institute of Sport, Scottish Optoelectronics Association, Scottish Qualifications Authority, Shaw Marketing and Design, WELL? – Mental Health and Well Being in Scotland.

Business Philosophy: The web is more than just design and technology – it’s about communication.


Name: Nick Ramshaw

Position: Chief executive, Elmwood Scotland

Founded: 2002

Projected turnover (12 months): £1m

Biggest achievement: 12 months after opening in Scotland, winning four Scottish Design Awards (more than any other agency).

Clients: 3i, NCR, Celtic FC, Scottish Enterprise, Curtis Fine Papers, Kyndal, Napier University, Scottish Ambulance Service, Heriot Watt.

Business Philosophy: It’s no longer good enough to be the best of the best. You have to be the only people who do what you do.

Forrest Group

Name: Chris Trainer

Position: CEO

Founded: 1999

Biggest achievement: Growing our outdoor portfolio to become the largest private owner of outdoor advertising sites in the UK.

Clients: BBC, Motorola, Siemens, BskyB, Virgin, Mercedes.

Business Philosophy: To boldly go where no man has gone before.

Business role models: James T. Kirk or the contractor for the new Scottish Parliament building – turned £40m into £390m and still working on it.


Name: David Russell

Position: Managing director

Founded: 1999

Projected turnover (12 months): £500,000

Biggest achievement: Becoming an employer and achieving Investor in People Recognition in 2003.

Clients: Beautifully Blue, Keppie Design, The Magic Bru Company, the Mall Corporation, Mascate, McGarvey Construction, Montagu Evans, Persimmon, Pringle of Scotland.

Business Philosophy: We provide creative visual communication that effectively links our clients to their customers. Our approach is fresh and innovative. Our service is professional and convenient. We aim to exceed expectations.

Business role model: Jim Faulds.


Name: Ken Dixon, Zane Radclifffe, Gareth Howell, and Jonathan Shinton

Position: Partners

Founded: January 2003

Projected turnover (12 months): £1.5m

Biggest achievement: Never losing a pitch.

Clients: Interbrew UK, Argyll, the Islands, Loch Lomond, Stirling & Trossachs Tourist Board, Edinburgh Filmhouse, James Morrow Home Entertainment, Grow Wild.

Business Philosophy: To give our clients and their brands an unfair advantage.

Business role models: The 1978 Dutch football team... team work, flair and total understanding.


Name: Stephen Hunter

Position: Director

Founded: August 2002

Biggest achievement: Coca Cola – a complete solution, on time, within budget – client very satisfied.

Clients: Coca Cola, Drambuie, Strathclyde University, Diageo, RBOS, Demus Productions, Pub Club, International Mags, Brian Maule Restaurant.

Business Philosophy: To establish long-term relationships with our clients by providing a complete range of services, both on- and offline, that will help our clients get closer to their customers. We achieve this by providing identifiable benefits for clients who set clear objectives with us; objectives that help us form the strategy to deliver accessible, creative and technically robust business communications.

Traffic design

Name: Scott Witham

Position: Creative director

Founded: March 2002

Projected turnover (12 months): More than the previous twelve.

Biggest achievement: Publication of festive design book and it making the Amazon Top 100 list.

Clients: GGNHSB, Careers Scotland, Scottish Enterprise, Federation of Small Businesses, Gerrard Removers, Greater Easterhouse Partnership, Cameron House, Celestion, Hyndland Honda, Queensborough Motors, Donaldson Group, P3 Music, Simple Mortgages, Urban Moves.

Business Philosophy: At Traffic we believe we are not just another design studio – we believe we are a space. A space for collaboration, a space for action, where there is room for ideas and debate – a space within which anything can happen.


Name: Gary O’Donnell

Position: Managing partner

Founded: October 2002

Biggest achievement: Labour’s election campaign.

Clients: Scottish Labour Party, News International, Scottish Courage, Equal.

Business Philosophy: We help our clients achieve tangible business results by understanding the conventions of their marketplaces and disrupting them.

Business role models: Steve Jobbs of Apple Computers.


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