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February 14, 2003 | 6 min read

Caroline Black, you are the most gorgeous woman! From a secret admirer within Navyblue!

To Debbie, with all my love on our Valentines and Engagement Anniversary. Lots of Love, Scott xxx


Lee from Firm Publications – When are you going to take me for the drink or two that you promised?

She still has sand in her slingbacks

and she knows who she is...

You’re no huffy McGuffie, but my little pug nosed honey (I wish) from the PubClubDiva

This goes out to Dazza of 999 who is

the wind beneath my wings. lol??

At Real, Kev’s our favourite Exec, Though to him we’re a pain in the neck, But we do love him lots When he says Bonus Spots??!!

Go on then have some, what the heck if we’re looking for a radio solution, But can’t afford budget dilution, He will come to our aid, With a schedule he’s made, For our clients he just keeps a pushin!

Hey Cute Boy, You must be a light switch cos every time I see you, you turn me on! Fidget xx

To David B You have the sexiest feet

this side of Balerno. Luv Colin B

Mulroy, you’re the bees knees

and your monkey loves you.

Hey gorgeous. Be my valentine as well as my wife ... soon. loads

Good Morning Princess, My love for you in the past 7 years has only grown stronger and I thank you for the best 7 years of my life and just hope you can put up with me for the rest of our lives ... I can’t wait until tonight, Your loving boyfriend Mr Keyser Soze XXXX

Hey Major! Happy Valentines Day!

Sorry about no card – this is cooler! and

more embarrassing! Love and Kisses ...

Ashley L Kennedy xx

Ooooh Michelle S I really love you and can’t get close enough to you all day even at work, love and cuddles Sally P xxxxx

Lookin for fun – nothing 2serious, small wee kisses and big warm cuddles ... nothing serious! Single, 26, scottish, VG looking intellygent individual.

Up for it?


Valentines day! Ba Humbug. First year

single ... No card, flowers, champagne, romantic dinner for two ... SOB! I’m on strike! To everyone else out there ... enjoy it while it lasts!


Bawbag. Missing your baldy touch.

Come home soon. Boards n Klumps

Big Valentine’s Hugs to Willis@Ginger... From LM xx

Hey there WhoDunnet...

I wish you’d make like a whisk ... and beat it.

Lots of love, LinzM x

Roses are red, violets are blue, give me a job, and I’ll love you! Edinburgh based digital artworker seeks work, please make my day!


Dear Wee Al @ Draft.

Being a native Aussie I heard you were big down under! Is it true big man/wee man?

The love is strong Foley! G xxx

Hi babe, just thought I would take this chance to say I love you and you mean the world to me!

Your the best xxx

Can’t wait to become your missus this year!!

You rock my world brownie xxx

To Andy-Pants. A chance encounter of the best kind. A meeting arranged by fate. Two souls have come together. Two hearts can now relate. Exploring has uncovered. A tender love sublime. Whose roots are strong and deep. To withstand the test of time. Happy Valentine’s Day!! love Nin.

Rodger – your buns are like little mounds of heavenly jelly xxxx A

Susan King You are my princess

Vazzerbo, you are a cutie,

lots of love from delta tuti xxx

You little Texan Hunk – when will we get this thing started? This poodle wants to go walkies!

Love you – TB.

N*** Ram the Man. Be my Valentine.

Sell it to me baby!

Ian from London in Edinburgh ... you are SO sexy ... from all the girls that you have ever met in Edinburgh!


Aussie Andrew,

Edinburgh. I met with you once, you know who

I am. Call me for a “cocktail” or more...


I love The Motion Factory,

good luck Fergie Bergie! Jim Allison

To my Tinky winky.

Remember, Pam loves ya, baby.

hmmmm Delectable! i think you

know who this is... giving you all my love. cx

Word Monkey, fancy chewing on my fleas?

Gibbon woman.

Hey you! You’re prrrrrfect. Love Pussy xx

Tell her this ...

the last two weeks have been great!! ??? xx

You’re still in my dreams where

restraining orders don’t count.


Irene at Faulds.

I think you’re braw by the way. xxx

Leon I’ll always love you! x

Dave is PURE sexy ;-)

I luv u 4 eva


Kenneth Knowles at MA DDB Edinburgh, yer a sexy wee man... you can handle my account any time. Love: G Mac

Will you be my Monkey Boy?

You drive me banana’s!!! xx Wurly

Love you


To Big Billy A. You’re a REAL man ... xxxx

Valentines kisses to my only Scrumbag at Visitscotland. If you do that mediteranean thing with your veg I’ll do something quite spectacular with baileys ice. Meet you at the shore!

The Hairy Rucksack at navyblue – you know who you are – any chance I can ruffle your back?

Ian, even as you lose your hair, you remain a poster child for middle aged male sexuality.

Coco, Quit clowning around and meet me in the Big Top for some frolicking – I promise to put a smile on your face! Xxx


Thanks to the guys at Bond for creating the viral campaign which attracted such vast and varied (if not a little worrying) responses to The Drum’s Love page.


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