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By The Drum | Administrator

August 20, 2002 | 28 min read

Times are indeed tough in Scotland’s media and marketing industry right now and with the Scottish Executive’s recent announcement that Scotland is now ‘officially’ in recession the good times do, indeed, seem further away than ever.

However, don’t be too down hearted by all the doom and gloom being peddled by Scotland’s media organs for in the following eight pages the future of Scotland’s media and marketing industry lies...well a fraction of it at any case.

The Scottish 30 Under 30 review returns after a two year absence and response to the call for nominations was again overwhelming to say the least. It certainly seems there is plenty of young talent out there at the moment, a good sign for the future.

The process of identifying The Drum’s 30 Under 30 began in earnest a month ago with an article outlining exactly what we were looking for in the way of candidates.

We were looking for the twentysomethings who have shown that they have the desire to move the industry forward and the hunger to do just that. We wanted candidates to show an all round understanding of the industry sector in which they work and a willingness to learn more each day.

Nominations rolled in through and all names put forward were then sent a questionnaire to complete in which they had to illustrate where they were, where they had been and perhaps more importantly where they were going.

Once the 80-plus questionnaires had been returned it was down to the carnyx Group’s editorial department to sit around a table with coffee and cake to decide who merited mention in the 30 Under 30 feature.

It was by no means an easy task and needless to say Mrs Battenburg and her lovely daughters Victoria Sponge, Madeira, French Fancy and Strawberry Cheesecake proved more than helpful in keeping energy levels up.

The final line up is by no stretch a comprehensive listing of the Scottish twentysomethings who show great promise and dedication. It is merely a snapshot of the calibre of people currently working in Scottish media and marketing. For all those who do not appear please do not be too downhearted, after all you’ve got the rest of your life to prove how wrong we were not to include you in the piece.

Go to it - prove us wrong.

Name: David Black

Date of birth: 27 August 1973

Job title: Senior Designer

Company: Jannoo

Education, training & relevant qualifications: BA (Hons) Design & Craft

Born: Inverness

Career to date: 1995: Designer, PSTI (Aberdeen)

1996-2000: Senior Designer, Imajica (Aberdeen)

2000-present: Senior Designer, Jannoo (Edinburgh)

Biggest professional achievement: I don’t really measure success by awards, bonuses or recognition, but what I really get a kick out of is seeing companies I work with growing and improving, and people who work with me doing the same. I think the best measure of success for designers is whether things are better where we are – not just for our customers, but for our co-workers and ourselves

Biggest personal achievement: Completing the Caledonian Challenge (a 54-mile charity hike) with only three days preparation.

Professional goals: To continue working on the Web until it’s a mature medium, without burning out, going insane or killing anyone.

In five words describe yourself: dyed-in-the-wool geek

Professional role model: I’m lucky enough to have had a number of superb mentors and role models in design, technology and business – Jeff Riley, David Bryce, John Duncan and David Nicoll, to name a few, all of whom demonstrated total disregard for the idea that designers should stick to designing, and taught me what I really needed to know instead. I respect anyone who refuses to be pigeonholed and who shares and promotes talent – so if I had to nail it down to one person I truly admire, I’d probably choose Charles Forman, who runs, for his ruthlessly inventive style and his unfailing willingness to share and teach.

What do you bring to your company? Chaos! Learning should be infectious – everyone in a company should be willing to tackle new things and work outside their “remit” – a studio can be a more rewarding and enjoyable place when people are interested in and learn from each other.

You have £500,000 – do you start your own agency or retire? Is this a trick question? I love my work, but I’ve yet to meet a designer who genuinely preferred working to not working. Give me half a million quid and I’ll be in Barbados before you can say, “You’re welcome, baby”!

Professional pet hates: Anyone who refuses to learn because it’s “not their job”, or out of laziness. Our industry can only grow and make a real difference if we share and teach – most especially because the Web is complex and technically intensive. If we don’t educate ourselves and pass that knowledge on to our customers, we’re going to be stuck creating 150KB Flash intros and banner ads for ever.

Name: John McHugh

Date of birth: 16 May 1975

Job title: Sales & Marketing Director

Company: Connecti Ltd

Education, training & relevant qualifications: MA Social Science – Glasgow University. PGC PGdip Marketing – Glasgow Caledonian University

Born: Paisley

Career to date: Partner - Elevation Networks

Director - Connecti

Membership Secretary – The Publicity Club of Glasgow

Biggest professional achievement: Forming my own business, securing a substantial new media/software contract with the UK arm of one of the largest organisations/brands in the world.

Biggest personal achievement: Working in New York, graduating from university and forming a business with £5,000 which within three years has seen its turnover closer to £1m. Also abstaining from alcohol for eight months, just to see if I could.

Professional goals: Dominate the Enterprise level market with Connecti software and professional services, retire at 30, then take over the world.

In five words describe yourself: Energetic, Enthusiastic, Determined, Passionate & (a) Leader

Professional role model: Larry Ellison.

What do you bring to your company? Leadership and focus.

You have £500,000 – do you start your own agency or retire? Gamble it on Real Madrid winning the next European Championships and Brazil winning the next World Cup.

Professional pet hates: Sloppiness, Laziness, Apathy, Underachievement, “Can’t-do Won’t-do” attitudes and 9–5 workers

Name: Dougal Perman

Date of birth: 11 April 1977

Job title: Programme Director

Company: Inner Ear Ltd (home to Radio Magnetic)

Education, training & relevant qualifications: Glasgow University, 2/1 in Theatre Studies and English.

Born: Edinburgh

Career to date: My first real job was for The List, where I did many bits and pieces that no-one else wanted to do in the advertising, editorial and production departments. Eventually becoming a production assistant, my most unusual job was to weed the courtyard outside the office. I then worked as a freelance journalist before going to (and during my time at) university. I worked in the design department at WNET Channel 13 in New York one summer where I learnt a lot about large media organisations, the importance of good coffee at work and a little bit about TV. Before starting Inner Ear Ltd and launching Radio Magnetic I worked for SubCity Radio for the four years I was at university. SubCity was a magical world of stuffy studios, tangled cables, loud, late-night dance music and unrivalled creativity. Much like Radio Magnetic except we have a nice airy studio

Biggest professional achievement: The continual rise and growing reputation for quality of Radio Magnetic in Scotland (and more and more in the UK). This is a combined professional achievement that my partner Tom Lousada, colleagues Don MacLellan, Molly Hawkins and Emma Seymour, our other directors, all the programme makers, technical crew and I all contribute to on a daily basis

Biggest personal achievement: I’m very individual in many ways and working closely with Tom and the others in the company has taught me much about the strengths of teamwork. However, I don’t want to sound too much like Sesame Street. As Radio Magnetic is something very close to my heart, I am personally pleased at achieving the creation of a station that foregrounds music about which I am very passionate. I don’t think any other radio station can rival us when it comes to passion!

Professional goals: To make Radio Magnetic one of the most influential and respected radio stations in the UK and, of course, one of the most successful. To continually explore new ideas for media projects. I have new ideas all the time. Ask me next week.

In five words describe yourself: (Just like Star Test) creative, dedicated, driven, daft, honest.

Professional role model: There are lots of people I admire. Tony Wilson (Factory Records) for vision (but not business acumen), Steve Jobs (Apple Computer) for staying true to his cause, my Dad for building things from nothing (something I aspire to constantly) and anyone honest, imaginative and resourceful.

What do you bring to your company? Wide-eyed inventive idealism combined with resourcefulness and a problem-solving attitude that refuses to accept something can’t be done.

You have £500,000 – do you start your own agency or retire? If I weren’t allowed to invest it in Radio Magnetic I’d launch a magazine. I have an idea for a music and design magazine that I will do one day. It’s idiosyncratic and a bit different. And secret. For now. There’s no way I’d retire. I’d go mad.

Professional pet hates: Unprofessional behaviour. People who lie. People who are too formal or not formal enough (there’s a delicate balance) on the first meeting, people who assume that they know things about you because of what you do. In short, lack of awareness and respect. I also think ties are a complete waste of time, which is the real reason I work in the media as I hardly ever need to wear one

Name: Tracey Gray

Date of birth: 21 January 1975

Job title: Account Director

Company: WWAV Rapp Collins Scotland

Education, training & relevant qualifications: 1992-1996 – Napier University – 2:1 BA Hons Tourism Management.

1996-97 – Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing – CIM.

Five years on-the-job training at WWAV Rapp Collins Scotland.

Lots and lots of IDM & DAS courses.

Career to date: First position in the DM industry with WWAV Rapp Collins Scotland, starting in September 1997 as an account executive, until present day as account director.

Experience covers a variety of accounts – The Edinburgh Residence, Royscot Financial Services, Shelter Scotland, Scottish Widows, Scottish Widows Bank, The Gleneagles Hotel. Before this, a bit of jack-of-all trades, essential building blocks for an account handler: Cabin Crew for Monarch Airlines!! (say no more!)

Montpelier Partnership - Development Assistant for Indigo Yard. Office Manager/Events Co-ordinator for Indigo Yard. Floor Manager for Indigo Yard Bar/Restaurant.

Biggest professional achievement: For a client: Account directing the winning “Ryder Cup” pitch document and committee presentation.

For me: Still working with my first ever client, growing the value of business to the agency by over 500%.

Biggest personal achievement: Actually managing to learn to play golf and then beating my husband by four strokes.

Professional goals: To continue learning something new every day and to become a professional role model for other account handlers in the industry.

In five words describe yourself: Enthusiastic, professional, inspiring, dedicated and loyal.

Professional role model: Richard Branson – for his innovative ideas and constant drive to succeed.

What do you bring to your company? Experience across a variety of industries and media.

You have £500,000 – do you start your own agency or retire? Is it spare cash? If so, then definitely start up my own agency rather than retirement. Retirement at such a young age would soon see boredom driving me mad. What’s life without the day-to-day challenges and fun of an agency environment?

Professional pet hates: Laziness – you shouldn’t be in this industry with this attitude – it’s not fair to your colleagues. Lack of willingness to work as a team – an essential attribute - it’s what agency life and client/agency relationships are all about. Clients/colleagues who are not straight and open – please just be truthful and cut to the chase. Negativity – it only makes situations worse; think positive and it can only get better.

Name: Vivienne MacLaren

Date of birth: 2 June 1974

Job title: Consultant

Company: Parallel 56 Limited

Education, training & relevant qualifications: MA Hons – University of Glasgow Business School, CIM postgraduate diploma course.

Born: Paisley

Career to date: ScottishPower, Business Marketing Manager, latterly e-business (4 years)

Product Marketing Manager, Scotland On Line (18 months)

Consultant at s1 now Ltd – freelance, working across all s1 brands (s1jobs, s1homes,

Present: Consultant with Parallel 56 Limited, e-business consultancy, working in marketing and strategy – from May 2002.

Biggest professional achievement: Best ones so far - Project managing from scratch – from deciding what the site would do, how it would look, what users wanted and then briefing the launch campaign. Typically, when it won an award for best radio ad, I had left Scotland On Line, and didn’t even get a mention.

Seeing the ScottishPower Business Centre website that I delivered and managed covered in a US research paper and described as “..industry pioneers in servicing small business online.”

Being a consultant – I love the variety of work and it’s what I always aimed for.

Biggest personal achievement: Being coached by Virginia Wade when I was 14 at tennis, and training and playing hockey throughout the horrible, freezing Scottish winters for the past 11 years – all for the love of my club, Giffnock (and the cosy bar!)

Professional goals: To be respected by my peers, and continue to grow and develop both personally and professionally into a marketing guru.

In five words describe yourself: Dedicated, funny, charismatic, honest, (too) caring.

Professional role model: Lesley Sawers – formerly ScottishPower, now Consignia Director of Corporate Affairs (Scotland).

What do you bring to your company? Significant (for my age) skills and experience covering offline and online arenas, another mad sense of humour to add to the existing team and a real desire to benefit and understand small or large clients in ways that will positively affect their business.

You have £500,000 – do you start your own agency or retire? I’d set up a groundbreaking marketing agency.

Professional pet hates: People who make a career out of avoiding work and those who assume they know more than you because you are under 30!

Name: Ian White

Date of birth: 6 February 1973

Job title: Senior Account Director

Company: WWAV Rapp Collins Scotland

Education, training & relevant qualifications: BA(hons) in Business Studies with marketing major from De Montfort University. (It will always be Leicester Polytechnic to me.)

Born: Falkirk

Career to date: Started as a graduate account monkey at One to One Direct Communications in February 1995. In September 1997 moved to Carlson in London as senior account manager; my stay there was cut short after a year - following “just a couple” of drinks with Gary, the next thing I knew I was back in Edinburgh and working as an account director at Carlina. After three and a bit top years there I left to join WWAV.

During my career I’ve been fortunate to have worked with some great brands, including The Macallan, British Airways, Marks and Spencer Financial Services, Rangers, Britannia Building Society, RBoS and Standard Life Bank, to name but a few.

Biggest professional achievement: Getting my first job. At the time getting a graduate job as an account handler in a Scottish DM agency was unheard of. To get it at the (then!) best agency in town and having some of the best people in the business to learn from was fortunate to say the least.

Biggest personal achievement: The birth of my son Cameron and the first time he called me Dad.

Professional goals: To make a difference, be successful in what I do and not become what I hate.

In five words describe yourself: Funny, committed, juvenile, passionate and moody.

Professional role model: Gary Smith

What do you bring to your company? Hopefully, a positive influence through being myself, experience and the odd profanity.

You have £500,000 – do you start your own agency or retire? Start my own agency, employ my mates and have a laugh.

Professional pet hates: People who are averse to taking risks and not pushing boundaries when it comes to creativity. If you want to be boring, why look for a career in marketing?

Name: Kate Green

Date of birth: 23 August 1977 (quarter of a century old)

Job title: Scottish Agency Sales

Company: Business am

Education, training & relevant qualifications: Graduated in 1999 from the University of St Andrews with a 2:1 in Economics and Management. Travelled for a couple of years after graduation working in various sales and marketing positions in the US and Australia.

Born: A week after Elvis died. In one of the places where William Wallace beat the English and sent them homeward –672 years to the day after he was hung, drawn and quartered.

Career to date: After extensive work and travel abroad I joined Business a.m. – Scotland’s first daily newspaper to be launched in over 100 years. Started in telesales across all areas. I was promoted to Recruitment Field Sales and currently I am the Agency Field Sales Representative for all agency business outside of London.

Biggest professional achievement: Surviving the gruelling world of agency sales after less than 2 years’ newspaper sales experience.

Biggest personal achievement: Making it round the world in one piece in 457 days.

Professional goals: To once again win the money at the Business a.m. v The Herald Golf competition – especially being the only female representative from either publication.

In five words describe yourself: 1. Vivacious 2. Impulsive 3. Audacious 4. Loyal 5. Sincere.

Professional role model: Kylie – increasingly successful and beautiful with age.

What do you bring to your company? Money with a smile.

You have £500,000 – do you start your own agency or retire? Tough one. Retire for a year or so to the sun – let’s face it we all need some - then return with a bang and take the media industry by storm.

Professional pet hates: Bad manners, lack of ambition and dishonesty.

Name: Gary Wise

Date of birth: 30 May 1977

Job title: Media Planner and Buyer

Company: Feather Brooksbank - Edinburgh

Education, training & relevant qualifications: A levels, Degree in English, IPA training, various other training courses.

Born: Southend-on Sea, Essex

Career to date: Started my media career as a graduate at Booth Lockett Makin (BLM Media) in London, where I stayed for 2 years – worked on various clients – Blockbuster Video, JMC, Royal Botanic Gardens, Hornby Toys, Hertz and some crazy little clients.

I moved up to Edinburgh in March this year and joined Feather Brooksbank. Now I am working on another quite bizarre mixture of clients – VisitScotland, Halls (sausages, meat pies and bacon, which is perhaps not ideal as I’m vegetarian, but don’t tell the client that!), International Paper, Fringe Festival, Highlands Tourist Board, Edinburgh Tourist Board. I will, hopefully, pass a six month trial period to be account manager in September.

Biggest professional achievement: Managing to persuade Blockbuster to be the first client to use pizza boxes as an advertising vehicle; it took 10 meetings, six months, three presentations and one tired sales rep (well done to Matthew at Bag Media).

Biggest personal achievement: Would probably have to be travelling alone through Mexico – I was slightly stressed about the idea of spending months in a strange country where I couldn’t speak the language, but ended up having a superb time, building houses for charity and staying with a slightly mad Mexican family for a couple of weeks. Biggest achievement within the trip would have to be managing to eat an entire six-course Mexican breakfast including jelly, ridiculously hot whole chillis, mousse, nachos, sweetcorn covered in lime juice with pepper and some strange liqueur (in no particular order).

Professional goals: Wise Media Ltd.

In five words describe yourself: So bloody good it hurts

Professional role model: Jim Hytner, who was brought in to Channel 5 to turn around their image and instigated the “Smile” campaign. I saw him speaking at an IPA day and it was really refreshing to listen to someone so successful who was completely unpretentious, full of ideas and willing to share various bizarre experiences with the audience.

What do you bring to your company? Enthusiasm, ideas, persistence and a black bag of dubious content.

You have £500,000 – do you start your own agency or retire? Realistically, I would probably retire, spend the money, then go back to work and continue as I was.

Professional pet hates: Rate cards, sales rep(tile)s who call five or six times a day to ask whether the client has made a decision. I’m tempted to say, “Yes, actually they have, but I just couldn’t be bothered to tell you.” Chairs that don’t swivel. Post-it notes. People who literally kind of take twenty entire words in order to verbally say something that they really could potentially have probably said in just three entire words, sort of thing.

Name: Maureen Blenkharn

Date of birth: 9 October 1972

Job title: Director

Company: McAdam King Ltd

Education, training & relevant qualifications: BA Business Studies

Born: Glasgow

Career to date: I spent five years in large consultancy finishing as senior consultant. Set up McAdam King in 1999 and have grown the business year on year.

Biggest professional achievement: Setting up McAdam King against advice AND in a recession.

Biggest personal achievement: A very shy first year student who remedied this by travelling around Europe for six weeks. Returned a bigger person.

Professional goals: To continue to have excellent staff retention and to continually grow the business. Also, to be on this list next year as someone’s role model.

In five words describe yourself: organised, driven, approachable, thoughtful, humorous.

Professional role model: Michelle Mone.

What do you bring to your company? A good work ethic and I encourage ownership and early responsibility. I treat others exactly the way I like to be treated.

You have £500,000 – do you start your own agency or retire? Start my own agency.

Professional pet hates: People that abuse trust and ownership.

Name: Mark Grant

Date of birth: 23 August 1975

Job title: Founder, Chairman & Managing Director

Company: Advantage Telemarketing Ltd

Education, training & relevant qualifications:

1992–1995 BA in Law, Abertay University, Dundee.

1994 Diploma in Conveyancing & Executry Law.

Born: Kirkcaldy, Fife

Career to date: Present: Advantage Telemarketing Ltd & The Guthrie Group

1997-2000: Bank of Scotland Plc

1995-1997: British Sky Broadcasting Plc

1994: Granada Group Plc

Biggest professional achievement: To have created, with minimal financial assistance, a direct marketing company that fulfils a need in the marketplace. It is a feeling, which only those who have started such an enterprise can associate with, one of immense pride. Your “baby” lives, breathes and is growing.

Biggest personal achievement: Member of the four-man winning team in a national charity Forth Road Bridge Cross; we crossed it 42 times in 4 hours (that’s 1.5 miles each way!)

Professional goals: In a three-year time span, to build an outsourced telemarketing company, which will be a significant player in the b2b market place, by rationalisation of smaller companies, with a planned IPO on a public stock exchange.

In five words describe yourself: Ambitious,driven, proactive, organised; and energetic.

Professional role model: Daniel S Pena, Senior – (

What do you bring to your company? I am chief trouble-shooter and motivator. I drive the business to achieve tough industry leading standards, am continually searching for new opportunities to grow the business, and new developments in the direct marketing industry.

You have £500,000 – do you start your own agency or retire? Buy a competitor, and increase our market share.

Professional pet hates: Time-wasting, mobile phones ringing in meetings and dishonesty.

Name: Chris Landy

Date of birth: 26 October 1976

Job title: New media creative soothsayer

Company: The Leith Agency

Education, training & relevant qualifications: HND in advertising, plus some other stuff.

Born: Manchester

Career to date: Mother, 1576, The Leith Agency.

Biggest professional achievement: Getting in Campaign top 10 TV and cinema ads of 2001.

Biggest personal achievement: Working with the art director from Star Wars.

Professional goals: Be better.

In five words describe yourself: Well, I think I’m like...

Professional role model: I don’t have one.

What do you bring to your company? A bag and some sweets.

You have £500,000 – do you start your own agency or retire? I’d keep my job and be £500,000 better off.

Professional pet hates: See my job title.

Name: Lee Hempstock

Date of birth: 10 January 1977

Job title: Creative

Company: The Leith Agency.

Education, training & relevant qualifications: Art, Graphic design and Advertising.

Born: In Stockport, the home of Europe’s largest freestanding viaduct.

Career to date: Placements at Mother and 1576, then a job here at The Leith.

Biggest professional achievement: Crabbo.

Biggest personal achievement: Not being seriously hurt or killed yet.

Professional goals: To be professional.

In five words describe yourself: Ambitious, discontented, lazy,

Professional role model: Robert Saville.

What do you bring to your company? Things in local magazines and juvenile humour.

You have £500,000 – do you start your own agency or retire? I’d try something else.

Professional baitful things: People who think that this sort of work makes them special and important.

Name: Martine Maxwell

Date of birth: 16 January 1976

Job title: National Senior Agency Executive

Company: Business am

Education, training & relevant qualifications:

BA Communication

Unity Presentation Training Course, London.

Ability to drink from 12 noon to the “wee small ‘oors” at all Edinburgh Publicity Club events.

Born: To be wild? In the USA? – no, just in Edinburgh.

Career to date: Scottish Radio Holdings. The Scotsman Publications. The Guardian in Scotland. Guardian Unlimited. Business am.

Biggest professional achievement: Working within Business am, selling to London agencies and achieving targets in the current market climate, developing special projects for clients such as Renault, Saab, Cathay Pacific and Virgin. Also learning the ins and outs of New Media advertising and working with clients such as MSN, Stella Artois, Volkswagen and British Telecom.

Biggest personal achievement: Making it to London and back.

Professional goals: To continue to utilise my creative skills to develop original and successful advertising campaigns and to play a significant role developing New Media advertising within the Scottish market place. Shortly moving on up to Commercial Director - look out, Barry, there’s competition afoot.

In five words describe yourself: Quiet, shy and retiring redhead.

Professional role model: Jim Faulds - for starting his own ad agency in an Edinburgh pub and growing it into a media household name, and also having the business acumen to get some offices.

What do you bring to your company? A sense of humour, teamwork and on Fridays the bacon rolls.

You have £500,000 – do you start your own agency or retire? Keep the £500,000 and start an agency in Cuba Norte or Thomsons.

Professional pet hates: Voicemail.

Name: James Jefferson

Date of birth: 17 May 1974

Job title: Creative Director

Company: The Equator Group

Education, training & relevant qualifications: BA(HONS) Product Design from the Glasgow School of Art.

Born: Welwyn Garden City.

Career to date: After graduating from the Glasgow School of Art I started my own web-design company. Through my company I freelanced for ZigZag Communications, and was involved in several exciting projects:, and Schoders’ Unit Trust site to name two of them. After ZigZag’s liquidation, myself and two of the other directors founded Equator. We are currently in our third year. The Equator Group, as it now is, consists of the initial multimedia company, an event management company, and an e-marketing specialist company called MoreClicks; over all of which I have creative control.

Biggest professional achievement: The success of Equator to date is my biggest professional achievement so far. We have put together a team capable of winning accounts such as NTL, Shell, Malmaison and Audi, and that makes me really proud.

Biggest personal achievement: Building my garden wall (it took me six months.)

Professional goals: To make the Equator Group a Global company. To continue enjoying my work and doing it as well as I can. To continue inspiring the team to be extraordinary.

In five words describe yourself: Integrity, enthusiasm, consideration, imagination, unshaven.

Professional role model: I am lucky enough to work with my professional role model. Whilst it is always tempting for me to name-drop someone really famous like Frank Lloyd Wright or Charles Eames, Roy Woodward has been an incomparable mentor to me. He is a rare character that maintains a youthful view of the world at the same time as being able to pick it apart with the sharpest of mental scalpels. He is someone who can bring his vast creative experience to bear on any design problem and regularly spots the ideal solution to something I’ve spent too long toiling over. He is a great man who has influenced me immensely, and to be honest, annoyed me many times too.

What do you bring to your company? I am perhaps not the best person to answer this question, but I think I bring enthusiasm, drive, and an ability to apply my creative skill to help the team think out of the box. I also feel I provide a calming influence in understanding and solving business problems. I also bring many, many hours of my time, as I can’t quit until I’m happy with my work.

You have £500,000 – do you start your own agency or retire? I have already started my own agency, and am very much enjoying the experience of running it. Whilst £500,000 in the bank would be a nice thing to have I will retire only when I stop enjoying what I do. So with that kind of money I might consider starting another company, or investing in someone else’s, but I certainly wouldn’t stop what I am doing.

Professional pet hates: Politics, apathy, people who do what they do for money alone, design for design’s sake, normality, mediocrity, showing off, selfishness, and comedy ties.


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