Marketeer Association

By The Drum, Administrator

April 10, 2002 | 3 min read

If the northern marketing scene is, as it has been described in the past, a tribal landscape, the Marketeer Association is the white flag that could signal the end of tribal warfare.

The latest agency to subscribe to the cause is Scope Creative, the Sheffield-based ad guys, who are adding a further set of tonsils to the growing chorus of elite marketing voices who have picked up the same hymn sheet.

Their goal? Well, that's simple: to double northern revenues in the space of ten years. And how do they expect to do that? Again, the answer is simple - act as a platform to showcase the abundance of talent that can be found right on your doorstep.

Scope has joined the Marketeer Association's founding fathers - BJL, Propaganda, BDH/TBWA, The Chase, LOVE and JDA - picking up in one hand the peace pipe and in the other the Marketeer Society's hymn sheet.

For too long, many of the North's players have been so busy doing each other down, they have never taken the chance to talk their industry up - an activity for which the Association will provide a mechanism.

Steve Chandler, business development manager at Scope, says: "Joining the Marketeer Association gives us the opportunity, as a community and as individuals, to have a stronger voice. We may not all share the same views, but we all have the same aims - improving our lot. We need to raise our overall standards, and we have to highlight the need to raise these standards. There is already a great deal of class in the regions but, unfortunately, it is not widely appreciated outside these regions."

This is a point echoed by Julian Kynaston of Propaganda at the Association's inaugural meeting: "Clients need to be made aware of the understanding and strategy we can offer - it should be our 'cultural mission' to raise a bit of intelligence in the client base."

Nick Brookes of BDH/TBWA agrees. However, he points the finger in the other direction too: "We need to stop our traditional self-persecution - the thought that we might not be good enough for some clients. We've proved that we are and now we need to take that proof straight to them."

So, as the Association's wagon gains momentum its presence will become unmissable. As it trundles along the M62, people will have to take notice. The more people supporting the wagon in its movement, the louder it will become.


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