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Bottle Green: how Propaganda’s head-turning makeover helped Riverview wine get noticed

March 12, 2002 | 4 min read

Some brands run the risk of getting left on the shelf, others don't even make it to the shelves. Bottle Green Ltd wasn't prepared to run the risk of either. A head-turning makeover for its Riverview range ensured these tasty little numbers got noticed in all the right places.


As a wine importer with a reputation for innovative sourcing and sales strategies, Bottle Green had serious ambitions for Riverview wine. Its objective: to position Riverview as the beacon brand in the Eastern European category, and also, more importantly, to create something new, exciting and innovative that would set a precedent for the broader wine industry.

Making this dream a reality would be easier said than done, as extensive sector research revealed that Old World wines in general, and Hungarian wines in particular, were becoming increasingly vulnerable in the battle for shelf space.

The threat? Big, bold, branded wines from the New World that are taking the market by storm. So, in their quest to compete with these big brands, wielding budgets to match, Bottle Green took the bold decision to out-think its competition rather than outspend them. The move proved to be a smart one, in every respect.

Riverview Wine


The overall objective remained consistent: to raise Riverview's profile, by strengthening trade listings, whilst also giving Riverview the 'big brand' look and feel required to engage and maintain additional trade and consumer interest. Initially, the brief looked to explore the provenance of Riverview, as a route to delivering to customers a pleasant surprise in terms of its quality and contemporary relevance. But Propaganda, tasked with delivering against the brief, had different ideas. Making a fast and accurate assessment of the fierce competition in the wine market, Propaganda encouraged Bottle Green to gaze into the future.

Together, the two businesses looked beyond the traditions of lifestyle and heritage-based wine advertising, to see the broader market, including the fruity alcoholic beverages and pre-packed spirits that are currently experiencing an upsurge in sales. The challenge for Riverview was clear. Bottle Green had to build a brand with personality that would speak volumes to an audience of "fun style-seekers" - predominantly made up of women between 25 and 44.

Riverview Wine

Riverview wanted to get the big boys of branded wine looking over their shoulders. And the campaign did exactly this by combining a bold, head-turning creative response with a meticulous media strategy to ensure that Riverview was seen in all the right places.

The creative featured two girls taking the 'Riverview' - a light-hearted look at life, love and everything. The executions are sexy, sassy and packed with attitude, giving a playful alternative to the would-be wine snobbery cultivated by some of the better-known brands.

A comprehensive media line-up was marshalled to give the campaign both the breadth and depth required for an effective launch. Top line activity supported the brand's debut through press and radio. These were supported and developed through innovative tactics, including carefully selected ambient sites and sampling activity undertaken with Saks Hair & Beauty Salons, whose client profile precisely matched the Riverview target audience.

The scope of the campaign was grown considerably by building an interactive website that not only had viral appeal, but also encouraged dialogue with visitors. The web in turn generated content for a PR campaign securing Riverview media space far exceeding the available advertising budget.

The whole media suite was underpinned with a guide for wine category buyers, explaining in clear terms what the implications of the campaign would be for the Riverview profile and ultimately wine sales.

Riverview Wine


Riverview has certainly proved a hit with category buyers. In addition to maintaining and strengthening existing listings, the range has gained important new listings and generated interest from brand new stockists. But perhaps more importantly, the rebrand activity has created a sound platform on which consumer interest will be built, to firmly establish Riverview as the wine of choice for sussed, sassy and sexy ladies.

It shouldn't be forgotten that Riverview has managed to break the mould of traditional wine advertising. By applying some radical thinking, the brand has achieved head-turning results that mean this is one Old World wine that won't be getting left on the shelf.

Creative Case Study Feature

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