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Online Christmas Cards Review

By The Drum | Administrator

January 23, 2002 | 5 min read

To name the best is an impossible task. There was a great mix of cards, from charity cards to games-based cards, to ‘Merry Christmas – but visit our web site’ cards. So, here’s a review on some festive highlights and lowlights – well in terms of online Christmas cards...

Citizen X

Okay this was a game, where we could splat two agency personalities. Interesting mix of fun at the owners expense but I was still trying to work out the point of it, as honestly I don’t have a grudge to bear here. Do you...?


This was clever, assuming you like drawing, and playing etcha-sketch - that childhood game. Great graphics once you got through to the game, though it seemed like a good idea for any time of the year, not necessarily for Christmas. Hmmm... maybe some client had this in a proposal in 2002.

IMP Media

A game I could play and even score in. Now how many of you did that over Christmas...? This was based around the idea of ‘name the year’ of that cheesy Christmas song. Depending on how bad your taste was, or how many right answers you get, the higher the score. A little viral in concept as obviously you want to check everyone else’s knowledge.

Limone Media

This one was a great mixture between a bit of fun and plain old festive greetings. It used smart and effective graphics that were easy to download. The idea was to try to grab a Santa and stopping the most annoying messages. Worth a look and strangely enough it got a lot of traffic – so they tell me...!

Leith Interactive

This was another simple and effective card. A small mpeg showing a picture of Rudolf – well I assume it was – with a glowing red pin on his nose. Clever and not too cheesy at all

Scottish Radio Network Sales

Now this was as close to an offline Christmas card as you could get. The only difference was the fact that you saw pictures of the staff as opposed to their paw prints.

Wheelhouse Creative

This was one of the funniest and cleverest games this year. After the relatively long introduction, you were challenged to top up Santa’s sack of presents. I’m sure lots of people played this one as they were either waiting for the office night out or recovering from it.

Vivendi Universal Net

This was produced by FlamJam and was clever in an unusual way. You had to play tennis with Elves as opposed to balls – as you do in the festive period. Good graphics and nice to see that we’re now carrying out international projects – It’s in French!


Let’s talk about off the wall ideas, this was one of the most unusual cards, Let me set the scene, Elton John being festive suddenly struck down by a tin of spam. There is a definite Monty Python feeling to this card. It all gets a little gruesome, but like all Christmas events ends with warm wishes and seasons greetings.

Navy Blue

This was one of the more complex sites but actually work well. It offered the mixture of gift ideas - drawn from all the staff - and a screen saver. I guess all in the spirit of Christmas goodwill ...and giving. Strong graphics and design though it could have been seen a cheeky way of getting a Navy Blue Screensaver on to your PC.


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