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The rise of the millennial B2B decision maker and how to reach them.

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Hungry for business-to-business knowledge to start your day? Well you should be.

There is, perhaps, no space more dynamic than B2B at the moment. Whether it was the once-in-a-generation digital transformation that just occurred, the rapid adoption of tactics from the consumer world, of course, the spike in enterprise spending — there is a lot to digest. So tune into this quarterly series to gain actionable insights, get ahead of the trends and to geek out on all things B2B.

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Millennials and B2B: The stats and facts you need to know

Nearly three quarters of millennials in organizations as having a hand in B2B purchase decisions, according to numerous studies. This cohort, which is typically defined as adults born between the years 1981 and 1996, is quickly becoming the most important and discerning B2B audience.

It’s imperative that modern B2B brands meet these digitally savvy professionals’ expectations for personalized, seamless, and emotionally relevant experiences. Meeting the customer “where they are” and understanding it’s not a “one-size-fits-all” solution is not just smart business – it’s essential for survival.

This session gives B2B marketers contextual backdrop as to how purchase decisions are made across generations as well as what’s driving those preferences. Actionable market insights around customer demand can help B2B businesses better respond to changing customer dynamics by accelerating their own digital transformation efforts

Matthew Powell
VP & Executive Director, B2B International
Taylor Wray
Research Manager, North America, B2B International
Jillian Ryan
eMarketer Principal Analyst, Insider Intelligence

It’s all about the customer: Why B2B is leapfrogging B2C

In today’s competitive and uncertain environment, the advantage lies in understanding what resonates with the humans who are influencing and making B2B decisions.

B2B marketers have long been masters of targeting and now that the focus has shifted to the digital arena where they are arguable better equipped than many of their B2C counterparts to take advantage of the exciting, opportunity.

It’s up to B2B marketers to take their targeting know-how and dig deep into B2C sensibilities to reach younger B2B marketers with growing spending power. In this session, our seasoned panel of experts gets to the heart of what B2B marketers need to adopt from their B2C brethren as well as why businesses are now more often leading the way. We will also explore the most important factors that affect the customer experience at different stages of the decision-making process and will dig into how B2B brands can calibrate around existing customer realities to deliver the very best buying experience

Michael McLaren
Global CEO, Merkle B2B
John Travis
VP Brand Marketing, Adobe
Tejal Patel
director, digital marketing, Cisco