Partner with Media Brand of the Year
to help make your event a success

A Media Partnership with The Drum offers the opportunity to leverage
the full range of our promotional channels, from prime ad positioning in our
award-winning magazine to banner campaigns through

As organisers of more than 20 major industry events
a year including Dadi awards, Social Buzz Awards and
The Drum Design Awards we have the expertise and
support to help you make your next event a critical and commercial success.

We are happy to consider all requests for Media
Partnership and tailor a package of promotional and
support services to suit your needs and your budget:
where we feel there is genuine cross-promotional
value, we will create discounted packages for partners.

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The Drum's Media Partnership Programme,
taking your event to the heart of marketing

Our partnership is designed to help you reach your objectives in terms of
delegates, entry fees and the aspirations of your sponsors. However The Drum has
to carefully assess each partnership to ensure it is in sync with the demands of our
readership. If your event is successfully accepted on to our media partnership
programme you could benefit from three main aspects.

The right to use The Drum logo as part of your event.

Enhance profile on home page of The Drum's what's on section.

Branded content feature which can be used to launch your event. This will be integrated into the The Drum's main news feed - and will be supported by Tweets.

This item, together with links to your event website will also feature on The Drum's other key social media channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn

Banner advertising on The drum newsletter with link to your page.

Leader board advertising at (40,000 impressions).

Branded content article or full page advertiement in The Drum magazine.

Key account manager within The Drum to coordinate this activity.

The right to use The Drum logo as part of your event.

Enhanced profile on home page of The Drum's what's on section.

Four branded content articles on The Drum website - dealing with launch, speaker programme, content and so on.

Blogs will be promoted via The Drum Twitter feed and other social media channels.

Banner ad for five days on The Drum newsletter, with links to your website.

A bespoke solus eshot to The Drum email database (up to 1,000 contacts).

Leader board advert on the

One full page advertisement or branded content article in The Drum magazine.

Key account management support