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Infographic: The Retailer’s guide to remarketing

Infographic: The Retailer’s guide to remarketingInfographic: The Retailer’s guide to remarketing

SaleCycle reveals the good, the bad and the huge opportunity for e-retailers across the globe.

With 1.15 billion digital consumers flocking online to shop, 2014 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for global e-commerce. But with the increase in shoppers and sales, also comes a rise in online cart abandonment

So what’s an e-commerce marketer to do?

What is Remarketing?
In email and online marketing, remarketing or ecommerce remarketing refers to the techniques, strategies and often the automated email systems used by marketers and online merchants to follow up with website visitors who do not complete a desired action on the website — for example, when they abandon their shopping cart

Check out SaleCycle’s latest infographic, the retailer’s guide to remarketing, to see how retail brands across the globe are successfully re-engaging their digital consumers.

The Double-Edged Sword

With consumers coming online to shop in mass numbers across the globe, the number of people abandoning their purchase is rising in kind.

The reasons for abandonment are endless, ranging from shipping costs, complicated checkout processes, lack of payment options and product price.

And while e-commerce marketers are striving to enhance online shopping experiences to eliminate some of these barriers, the abandonment rates for all five of the top performing online retail sectors continues to increase, with an average across the board of 70 per cent.

Don’t Throw in the Towel Just Yet

As online abandonment rates increase, so does the opportunity for retailers to regain millions in lost sales through remarketing tactics.

After all the time, effort and budget spent getting consumers to your site, these hottest of hot prospects are prime for the picking and not to be forgotten! And while many remarketing methods are now available to e-commerce marketers, email remains one of the most popular and most profitable among top global brands.

Consider this...

Average email marketing campaigns throughout the retail industry see an open rate of about 21 per cent (Silverpop). However, the average open rate for remarketing emails across the top performing retail sectors is a staggering 57 per cent.

And if we take that one step further, conversions averaged 30 per cent across the board equating to $8.23 in revenue per email sent, making remarketing emails some of the most effective marketing messages a company can send!

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