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The evolution of television into the next generation of multiple platform media campaigns according to STV ​​​​​​​​​​​​

The evolution of television into the next generation of multiple platform media campaigns according to STV ​​​​​​​​​​​​The evolution of television into the next generation of multiple

Innovation, targeting and partnership are key to marketing effectiveness in a new age. Peter Reilly, STV's commercial director, explains why and shares some insight into the world of multi-platform campaigns.

Television works consistently on so many levels: it is the anticipation that builds around the premiere of the John Lewis Christmas commercial; it is the ability for Ant and Dec to get to number one in the charts some twenty years after 'Let’s Get Ready to Rumble' first shook the nation;  it is also a local business seeking direct response for a promotion, whilst building brand fame.

As technology has evolved, television's power remains multi-faceted, but used well, television becomes embedded within the new digital world.

The effectiveness of TV as a media platform has never been in question, even in the digital age. As technology evolves, the penetration of great television content remains ever present. Television viewing on the main set is higher than ever. At STV we reach over 95 per cent of Scots a month. No other media has the power to capture such a mass of population.

The task for television as a media is targeting. Harnessing the impact and reach of our iconic programming content and ensuring that brands can achieve objectives across their advertising plans to specific demographic profiles.

The combination of platforms available has increased dramatically in recent years: from commercials around the iconic content of Coronation Street; to regional targeting across our micro regions, on-air across Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen. STV Glasgow city TV channel launched earlier this year. Two or more of STV services are used by 70 per cent of Scots on a regular basis.

With each new platform that emerges in the market, so too does the opportunity for brands to maximise their reach and exposure. The STV Player stands at over one million app downloads. Real time streaming online, You View and mobile devices are common ways to consume STV content, which consumers require now on the move and on demand.

New technology allows us to target technology usage now, not just media consumption. This year alone has seen the launch of new marketing platforms such as Content Led Communications, an on-air and online vehicle to align the core brand messaging directly with the STV brand through a visual narrative. In another development, pause ads convey advertiser messaging when you pause your online catch-up programming.

Trust and partnership are central to transforming new multi-platform media into market leading campaigns. At STV, we are incredibly lucky to partner with leading agencies and insightful brands who continue to push and challenge the parameters and limits of how to communicate with Scotland. We have won over 12 creative awards in the last two years and a clean sweep of gold, silver and bronze marketing awards in the same period.

To drive this innovation mindset, we have recently invested in a state of the art iBurbia suite at STV with our partner Decipher, allowing us and you to experience the very latest in television innovation, to see broadcasting in its many varied guises, just as all our consumers do. Come and have a look!

We are committed to delivering effective and dynamic campaigns by combining the power of television with the impact and targeting of digital, sponsorship and content to drive awareness, engagement and response for our partners.

On all these levels, truly effective marketing campaigns are built around an ethos of openness. In particular it is about brands, agencies and media owners working together to embrace innovation, challenge conventional thinking and develop compelling and effective advertising solutions.

We are hosting the upcoming STV Gamechangers event with guest speakers, Thinkbox, TV insight and marketing body, and Decipher, leading digital media consultancy, at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome on 10 September. For more information and to reserve your place contact stvgamechangers@stv.tv. Please note places are limited, as this is always a popular event.

Article sources: Barb 2014, Thinkbox.tv, Comscore and appfigures.com

Peter Reilly, Commercial Director, STV

Tel: 0141 300 3333
Email: stvgamechangers@stv.tv
Web: stvcommercial@stv.tv
Twitter: @STVCommercial

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