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3 Reasons to move media budgets to digital video

3 Reasons to move media budgets to digital video3 Reasons to move media budgets to digital video

Summer is nearly over and marketers and agencies are now turning their attention to winning over customers during the all-important holiday period. Which, judging by the impending wave of decorations about to show up in retail stores, starts soon.  

Smart advertisers are beginning to re-evaluate their marketing mix and move ad budgets previously earmarked for TV to digital video. But according to a new eBook from digital marketing firm Adknowledge, the move needs to happen more quickly. 

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Key industry trends make moving to digital video a business imperative. Why?

Millennials: Arguably one of the most valuable customer targets, this generation is adopting online video as its preferred channel.  According to a survey by eMarketer prior to the start of the World Cup, 41 per cent of Millennial Internet users said they planned to use their tablets, computers and mobiles exclusively to follow the football action. That compares to 35 per cent who said they’d be watching their TVs.

Meaningful Scale: Video is rapidly becoming one of the most relevant channels to engage consumers at scale. Every month, more than one billion unique users visit YouTube. Every day, more than 100 million Internet users watch an online video, and users upload more than 100 hours of content onto YouTube every minute.

Measurement: Video ad views can be bought at scale at a reasonable cost per view. Moreover, advertisers can target their relevant audience, tailor specific messages and track results in real time. In contrast, TV lacks robust analytics, targeting or tracking capabilities to truly measure success.

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 Anita Newton, VP of corporate marketing, Adknowledge 

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