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How Click Consult helped Virgin Balloon Flights through location-based advertising

Virgin Balloon Flights achieved a 50 per cent increase in transactionsVirgin Balloon Flights achieved a 50 per cent increase in transactions

A look at how Click Consult helped the UK’s largest passenger hot-air balloon carrier to target specific locations with online advertising

The Client
Virgin Balloon Flights is the largest passenger-carrying balloon provider in the UK, with over 100 launch sites across England, Scotland and Wales. The roots of the business were established in 1987, when founder of the Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson, flew across the Atlantic in a hot-air balloon. Virgin Balloon Flights now carries over 30,000 people in its fleet of balloons every year.

The Problem
Despite having over 100 launch sites across the country, the brand felt that the awareness of a number of their locations was significantly lower than others. Virgin Balloons wanted to target specific geographical locations in the UK and approached Click Consult in April 2011 for a paid search (PPC) campaign that would deliver results. 

The Strategy
Click devised a series of location-based campaigns where the ads contained county/
city/region related keywords in accordance with Virgin Balloon Flights’ target launch sites. Click also suggested that Virgin Balloons target more generic keywords through paid search, so delivered campaigns based on brand and non-brand search terms. In addition, Click started to monitor Virgin Balloons’ competitors to react to their latest campaigns with offers promoting the Virgin brand through paid search simultaneously. Click also began a Remarketing campaign, with ads targeting those that had previously visited the Virgin Balloons site and rolled out a product listing campaign, which provided users with more information and richer text about Virgin Balloons' product within an ad. 

The Results

  • 50 per cent increase in transactions
  • ​31 per cent increase in average R.o.I.
  • 60 per cent average increase in revenue (June 2011 compared with April 2013)

The Feedback
“Click Consult’s paid search work continues to contribute to our online commercial
success. Using their highly analytical approach, they crafted campaigns to achieve 
our specific objectives and we’re very pleased with the results.”
– Virgin Balloons


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