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What should brands do with video when their head explodes?

What should brands do with video when their head explodes?What should brands do with video when their head explodes?

What should brands do with video? 

We'll admit that we don’t exactly know and we will probably inadvertently trot out some buzzwords or catchphrases in the next few thousand characters.

There was a succinct little article in The Guardian recently that listed which marketing buzzwords to avoid. 

Validly it pointed out that stating you're a Progressive, Passionate, Disruptive, or Integrated agency, was unnecessary – if you are in creative or digital of course you should be all these things. Deleting websites with these words from the lexicon however, would instantly erase hundreds of agencies, this one included unfortunately. 

On top of this, video is everywhere, all of the time. At the beginning of this decade, we moved into a new era of corporate video streaming – brands were spending more, impacting on the consumer more, and they were paying very close attention to integrating with social media.

The 8 million hits on YouTube and enormous online activity around Red Bull’s Stratos demonstrated this perfectly; an enormous online event entirely brought about and funded by corporate sponsorship.

So, for brand promotions, what we’re focussing on at the moment is one particular thing. As an agency specialising in web broadcasting, we’re pursuing the deployment of live video streaming within social to meet specific campaign goals.

And with all the options out there – brand sites, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Hangouts, banner ads, projections on Big Ben – it’s difficult sometimes to gauge what this deployment should be.

What we’re currently looking at is marrying the special things about the best video content, whether it’s that they’re emotive, exclusive, educational, inspiring or controversial, with the benefits of the rulers of the web (that’s social media sites) which enable fluid conversations, rapid global trending with sharing, and reward appealing individuals or the power of your ‘friends’ (AKA reach).

In a nutshell, we’re trying to use the stickiness that shared video generates to provoke more of the conversation that brands are looking for.

As access to global high-speed connectivity continues to accelerate, it has given brands and content owners the ability to provide consumers with amazing virtual experiences wherever they are, be it gigs, fashion shows or product launches.

It has also given an increased ability for consumers to talk back. Twitter has proved an astonishingly effective place to capitalise on this because it's streets ahead in terms of provoking conversation around events.

On Twitter, and social networks in general, one equation still holds true for brands: more engagement breeds increase of community and an uplift in sales. What’s more, analysis consistently shows that multimedia content is the best driver for this.

On Twitter last year, 75 per cent of the content from the top 25 brands on the site incorporated photos. Videos were involved in 18 per cent of those shared – and there are significantly less videos than photos flying around on Twitter.

Live video brings even greater engagement opportunities. Live means now – share now, watch now, comment now. And it gives users a shared experience. They are connected by the timeframe of the event itself and this conversations being more real and immediate, resulting in a more memorable impact on the viewer.

We at Streaming Tank have only used this on a large scale a handful of times but in each instance it has truly delivered on the goal:

Event: A live stream of Blur performing their new single from Damon Albarn’s rooftop ending in a redirect to iTunes to purchase the live recording.
Result: Number one worldwide in 22 minutes.

Event: The World’s first Twitter Gameshow, ‘The Price is Right’ to promote BT Infinity’s sale.
Result: Receiving 30,000 Tweets in less than 9 hours and 4 trending topics.

Event: Promoting weekly flash sales for Rimmel’s celebration of its 180th birthday.
Result: Stock selling out every week for the duration of the promotion.

Over the last three years, Streaming Tank has started to really analyse the impact of different video experiences; the content, the asset type, the online location and what responses it triggers in users.

We’ve demonstrated Twitter streaming’s success in crowdsourcing and conversing with fans or consumers, and then offering seamless calls to action (click-to-buy, find out more, join us here, enter to win etc), but it took careful planning.

If brands are going to fork for out for access to great content, great production and great placement with social and video campaigns, it’s key that agencies like ourselves take the time to package and push it to the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Helen Kavanagh, commercial director, Streaming Tank

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