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Powerful Storytelling: What would have happened if Little Red Riding Hood owned an iPhone?

Powerful Storytelling: What would have happened if Little Red Riding Hood owned an iPhone?Powerful Storytelling: What would have happened if Little Red Riding

How would the tale have turned out if Red Riding Hood had access to mobile technology? Ahead of hosting the Sitecore Digital Trendspot which will examine exactly that, Shawn Cabral, marketing director, Sitecore UK, discusses the question.

Red Riding Hood is a classic fairy-tale, and even if you haven’t read the story in years, I’d imagine everyone reading this could recite it off by heart. Storytelling is powerful, and brands have tapped into this power for a long time, whether it’s understanding the history and pedigree of a brand like Jack Daniels or sharing in the passion of a brand, such as Nike.

We’ve moved away from a more traditional ‘broadcast’ approach to brand storytelling, with a decline in broadcast media, and into a new, more fragmented world of digital channels – whether it’s a website, a mobile app or social media. This new digital world has meant that the rules for digital brand storytelling are radically different.

With digital brand storytelling, you can know who you are telling the story to – and whether they are new to you, or if you’ve had a brand relationship for 20 years. You can keep a single conversation going across multiple channels, continue the story from the laptop to the mobile. You can also blend in the insights you have about the consumer into the story, whether these are ‘external’ insights – such as the time of day, their location – through to insights about the individual consumer.

So, rather than tell the same story, at the same time to millions of consumers – whether they are interested or not – we are now entering an era where brands need to tell millions of stories within their brand context to consumers, each brand story in step with the individual consumer.

The benefits are clear, you are addressing the individual needs of your consumer, your story is told at their pace, when they want to hear it, and you can also begin to anticipate their needs and begin to control the story. There is much talk about being customer-centric, and you’d imagine all businesses strive for this, but with digital brand storytelling, you can make your customer the hero, letting them dictate how they explore your brand, and build your brand story around them.

To support our Sitecore Digital Trendspot event (10 April, Business Design Centre, Islington), we asked the question, what would have happened if Red Riding Hood had access to a smartphone or a mobile tablet device – would the story have changed?

Probably similar to us, new scenarios start forming, could Red Riding Hood have alerted her Granny about the wolf, would the wolf also benefit from new technology. Join us at this year’s Sitecore Digital Trendspot, and watch our video to find out what did happen to Red, her granny and the wolf in a digital kingdom, did they live digitally ever after?

This post was written by Shawn Cabral, marketing director, Sitecore UK

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