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Programmatic on mobile not to be ignored

Gavin Stirrat, COO, StrikeAd Gavin Stirrat, COO, StrikeAd

Mobile is one of the prime drivers for the growth of digital advertising and the incredible rise in demand that we’ve seen for programmatic buying on mobile echoes its growth on desktop. That said, there are several key differences in mobile that set it apart from programmatic buying on desktop.

People carry their mobiles everywhere and this now encompasses other devices including tablets. The recent decline in desktop PC growth will accelerate due to the availability of affordable, quality tablets, such as the Google Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HD and Tesco Hudl. This rapid growth in tablets sales means that the scope of mobile advertising now pretty much encompasses all of a person’s waking hours.

Location is one of the key defining feature of mobile, telling us a lot about individuals – whether they are travelling, shopping, at home or at work - and helping us more comprehensively understand consumers and their behaviours. This allows marketers to cherry pick the most relevant consumers who are also displaying interesting behaviours not only in terms of the digital content they are consuming but also in their real world movements.

Mobile’s incredible diversity means that platforms must now track hundreds of handset models, operating system versions, connection types, screen sizes, ad formats and other variables that need to be factored into every single targeting consideration, all within milliseconds to be able to target the right ad at the right person.

Ultimately, the real driver of programmatic buying on mobile hangs upon the ability of platforms to process the reams of ‘big data’ being created. The prodigious use of mobile apps and sites means that brands are being presented with a mountain of data that must be translated into successfully targeted campaigns. Our recent collaboration with Admobius and Factual amongst others means that we can now take this data and cross reference it with granular information on location, demographics and other behaviours to create a view of the customer like never before.

Mobile advertising’s explosive growth opens up a wealth of opportunities for brands, especially when it comes to programmatic buying. As attention is refocused on mobile platforms, brands should also be aware of the core differences between planning and buying on mobile and desktop so that integrated campaigns can be properly optimised and that they are playing to the key strengths of the medium that they’re working in.

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