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Evoking the colour, atmosphere and excitement of the Tattoo

Powerful imagery is used to give visitors a sense of the event.Powerful imagery is used to give visitors a sense of the event.

The Challenge
Storm ID were engaged to redesign and redevelop The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo (REMT) website and conceive an accompanying digital strategy.

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is an iconic global brand, which has garnered international and critical acclaim and enhanced Scotland’s reputation whilst entertaining millions of people around the world each year.

The vision of The Tattoo is to present a world class event that remains an iconic success story. In order to keep up to date with digital trends a new website and accompanying digital strategy was required so that the digital experience could match these expectations and represent the significance of the event.

The new website and digital strategy would underpin future online ticket sales and merchandising, as well as providing a platform to educate, inform and connect with as wide an audience as possible.

The Solution
Storm ID applied its user centred design methodologies in order to design a user experience that would drive engagement with a broad range of audiences whilst maintaining and protecting the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo brand values.

As well as members of the public, the website also needed to act as a gateway to performers, stakeholders, travel industry partners and sponsors. Therefore, working with the project team and stakeholders, the user needs were identified and prioritised which in turn gave way to wireframes that supported the objectives of these core users.

Storm ID then developed a prototype which demonstrated the proposed user journeys and some initial design styles. These user journeys were then validated by the dedicated Storm ID User Experience team and optimised and tested with real users, ensuring that the website delivered a strong user experience for its target audience.

Content was created to enhance the Tattoo experience for new audiences and provide a comprehensive guide to visiting the Tattoo. In addition, the website tells the compelling story of how the Tattoo came to be, its history and its charitable focus.
To ensure the site is easy to navigate and use on any device or screen size a responsive design approach was followed.

The look and feel of the site was created to evoke the colour, atmosphere and excitement of the live event, utilising the best of the Tattoo’s photographic and video assets and giving the global audience of the Tattoo a taste of the experience.
Improving the ticketing and e-commerce capabilities was also a primary focus. Working with ticketing partner ENTA, Storm ID streamlined user journeys into the ticketing flow.

The online shop was also completely re-designed and integrated seamlessly within website content ensuring that users could be presented with relevant news, products and offers throughout the website as well as visiting the online shop directly.

This content led approach has enabled users to connect better and identify with the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo brand.

Next Steps
A large part of this project was not just about the redesign of the website but how the online community would engage with The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo brand and subsequently how The Tattoo would engage with their audience.

In order to be effective it was quickly recognised that compelling content needed to be produced and distributed frequently. The site must therefore be alive with content, forever changing and updating with contact points for the audience to reach out and engage with The Tattoo and performers.

An SEO and social media strategy is now being developed by Storm ID, which will seek to raise awareness of The Tattoo and connect with new audiences from around the world. In addition, plans are underway to create a performers area in which they can register their details, access music and connect other performers. A media centre is also being designed and built which will revolutionise the way the world’s media can engage with the shows performers, directors and gain access to exclusive content.

The Results
The outcome is an intuitive user experience offering a modern user interface coupled with cutting edge technologies to provide The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo with a platform for building brand awareness and driving commercial opportunities.

Storm ID has delivered a visually engaging website that encapsulates the brand values of The Tattoo by making good use of their wonderful photography and content available to the REMT. Careful consideration over the context of content use during the design process has reflected in the clear prioritisation of information and ease of use on smaller devices to complete key actions such as ticket booking, looking up directions to the venue or purchasing souvenirs.

Google Search volumes for the Tattoo show great interest within a short timeframe. The opportunity is to harness social media before and after the event to create interest and increase revenues, primarily from the online shop throughout the year.

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