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The future of online video is now

Toyota put consumers in the <br />driver’s seat with inRoll<sup>®</sup>Toyota put consumers in the
driver’s seat with inRoll®

Innovid delivers immersive advertising anywhere. Founded in 2007, Innovid provides visionary marketers with the tools to create, deliver and measure video campaigns, in any format, on any screen, publisher or ad network. Bringing a new dimension to online video, Innovid’s inRoll® reimagines the possibilities for interactive engagement across multiple screens.

As online video usage increases, advertisers need a creative technology solution to create powerful, immersive experiences that lead to consumer activation. Consumers are inundated with advertising wherever and whenever they browse and digest media, but rarely is this experience memorable or engaging. Television continues to transition to digital and web platforms, and so too will both the advertising and technology that make this transition possible. For brands and the agencies that represent them, the new challenge is to evolve video advertising to take advantage of the platforms on which it can now exist.

Innovid’s inRoll® has already changed the game in video, offering an impactful advertising medium that consumers genuinely want to interact with to learn more about the featured brands. inRoll® provides intuitive tools to facilitate immersive consumer exploration of brands and products, and evaluate authentic audience engagement KPI’s. With both a full and self-serve model, as well as full ad serving capabilities across all platforms and devices, the rapidly growing company has positioned itself as one of the best global ad technology platforms to usher in a new era of interactive video advertising. Using existing creative assets, one can seamlessly turn 15 and 30 second standard pre-roll videos into longer, immersive experiences.

Beyond the utility of the technology, Innovid is also setting the industry standard for the performance of interactive video advertising. At the end of Q3, clients of the ad technology platform were seeing the performance of their interactive ads exceed that of their pre-roll ads across the board. Innovid reports that their inRoll® ads saw an increase of more than double in awareness from 16.92 percent (pre-roll) to 34.85 percent (inRoll®). The percentage of ads viewed increased from 77.28 percent to 84.34 percent.

Activity level, which combines the engagement rate of the ad unit with its click-through rate, increased from 1.2 percent to over 3.0 percent. On average, clients also enjoyed 28.3 seconds of added time earned; a metric that measures the additional time a consumer spends exploring the brands content in the interactive ad unit, on top of their time viewing the preroll.

How were brands, agencies and publishers able to use Innovid to bump up these crucial metrics? Simply put, there are endless possibilities to engage target consumers using the company’s interactive studio. For example, adding dynamic social apps such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to an ad allows consumers to interact directly with a brand and generating vouchers in real-time can drive a consumer to a retail sales funnel and directly to a sale. If an agency represents clients in the automotive industry, they can use the interactive suite to allow consumers to book a test drive or locate the nearest dealer. Regardless of the industry or KPI, Innovid offers the right solution and increased benchmarks across the board.

Innovid is also thinking beyond cross-platform ad interactivity. At IBC 2013, Innovid and Cisco partnered to debut a prototype that would allow consumers to interact seamlessly with an advertisement on their tablet device without disrupting the television program they are currently watching. Viewers were able to see how contextual metadata is transferred and analysed, providing consumers with interactive ads relevant to the program they are watching. With this second screen capability enabled, service providers can offer advertisers better targeting and the opportunity to deliver a more personalised and enjoyable TV experience.

“As the television business rapidly evolves, there are plenty of opportunities for service providers to capitalise on its future,” said Tal Chalozin, co-founder and CTO of Innovid, before the event. “We are honoured to be working with Cisco to lead the charge on this development to ultimately make these opportunities a reality.”

Innovid is positioned to be the premier partner for agencies, brands and publishers that want to take advantage of the evolution of television. Clients are already seeing the clear benefits that interactive video advertising offers over standard pre-roll, with KPIs increasing across the board and enough custom solutions enabling any vertical to take advantage of Innovid’s inRoll®. As second screen engagement with TV expands, Innovid is committed to being on the forefront of contextual interactive ads. For more information on how Innovid delivers immersive advertising anywhere, visit www.innovid.com/uk

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