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The evolution of digital

The evolution of digital	The evolution of digital

The past 12 months have seen a monumental shift in digital advertising – the two prized jewels of the agency world AKQA and LBi were both snapped up by WPP and Publicis respectively, and the impending merger of Publicis and Omnicom will completely overhaul the face of digital advertising. That merger singlehandedly made Publicis Omnicom the No1 Advertising agency in the world with a combined revenue of £21bn compared to nearest rival WPP at £12bn.

On the flipside from these mega players in the industry we’ve seen a dramatic rise in start-ups and mobile focused agencies. Today it’s amazing to look at all the different areas of life that mobile branches out into – it’s everywhere. The impact it has had as a disruptive force has only accelerated the speed of growth and all around we can see examples of mobile changing the way we do everyday things e.g. banking / payments, streaming live shows, shopping, consume media, health, dating etc. Mobile now covers a huge range of business areas many of which are new or that didn’t exist a couple of years ago, this has given birth to brand new job titles such as “mobile activation manager” “mobile RTB product manager”, “mobile innovation manager”. There is high demand for mobile skills from all fronts and the supply of skills has had little chance to catch-up. Until that happens, training and staff retention must become key considerations for businesses, but for many these are not top priority yet.

Digital is the revolution of our age and the evolution of it, especially with more and more opportunities popping up will mean that talent will be more and more in demand – we have already seen salaries rise in 2013 - http://www.digitalgurus.co.uk/blog/digital-salary-survey/ and this is only set to rise in the traditional agency sector. Everyone is competing for the same pool of talent and the sooner companies realise this, the better advantage they will have.

This evolution of course has a knock on effect on freelance and contract hires – with a lack of talent available companies are increasingly having to turn to freelance talent – hiring quick fix solutions is no way to run a long term business but this is a competitive market and the market dictates that talent is king.

Companies that will succeed in this wild west of talent will be the ones that nurture talent; have no glass ceilings and present interesting and versatile challenges. There is no doubt that there is talent produced in this country, but it is nowhere near enough for the amount of talent needed. Having a great reputation in the market undoubtedly helps; witness the likes of Google or Facebook when it comes to attracting talent.

Engaging with reputable third parties is key to attracting new talent and keeping reputations strong. When interviewing we always recommend the following to our clients: Be quick and decisive: the market moves fast, if you like a candidate get them in again quickly, keep momentum in the process and if they can do the job hire them. Procrastinating to meet more candidates can mean losing out. Be streamlined and flexible: Candidates are busy and are more than likely in fulltime employment, being able to meet out of hours will make a big difference, ideally keep the number of interviews to 2 sessions and meet multiple people in one sitting if necessary. Remember to sell: It’s great that the interviewee passed your grilling with flying colours but if you forget to sell the benefits of your workplace they will not be impressed! We are seeing more and more businesses offering soft benefits such as flexible working hours, duvet days, company trips away and the evermore popular beer fridge in the office!

At Digital Gurus we think it’s more important than ever for a recruitment company to understand these trends and anticipate the next niche within the niche and we are the only full service recruitment agency in London, offering expertise within Digital, Media, PR, Advertising Technology and Mobile from graduate level positions to Director/MD.

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