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The case for Compact Media in a digital age

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In 2013, when it comes to successfully and cost-effectively marketing products and services, it’s all about digital. Right?

As a marketing professional myself, I can see how it would be easy to think that way. After all, demand for smartphones and tablets is continuing to boom, broadband coverage is improving year-on-year and more mobile apps than ever are being downloaded by an increasingly tech-savvy public.

However, I believe that any marketing or communications strategy that chooses to solely employ digital channels to reach its target audience is over-looking the many advantages to be gained by incorporating a real-world component such as Compact Media into the mix.

I would wager that you already know the product and have used it in the past: essentially, Compact Media is a cleverly folded piece of paper that collapses into a handy, portable, retainable package, often no larger than a credit card. Almost 20 years old, the highly versatile format has been used by numerous FTSE 100 companies and has also been employed widely by the public sector. Common applications of Compact Media include maps, product or service information, event and exhibition guides, policy and legislative information and charity campaigns but its uses are practically limitless.

At Alpha Media Solutions, we’ve been responsible for the production and distribution of hundreds of millions of Compact Media units over the past 7 years, meeting thousands of different job requirements along the way.
In January 2013, we decided to launch our own Compact Media product - the Alpha Card – servicing our market directly for the first time and passing on the resultant cost-savings to our customers. We’re proud to be offering a product that is 100% made in the UK, providing skilled manufacturing production and design jobs at our state-of-the-art printing facility in Yorkshire. Thanks to the continuous improvement of our infrastructure and processes, we now have the capability to produce up to 100 million Alpha Cards a year.

Here are just five reasons why I believe the Alpha Card has a valuable role to play in your next marketing communications campaign:

No Batteries Required
The problem with mobile apps is that they are accessed through mobile devices, meaning factors such as battery life and poor signal reception can ruin the effectiveness of your digital campaign. Unlike a smartphone, an Alpha Card won’t run out of charge when you most need to use it. Likewise, an Alpha Card laughs in the face of reception black-spots. Finally, there are still people out there who, believe it or not, don’t own smart-phones - and even more who own devices that they don’t know how to use properly! Don’t let your marketing messages fall between the digital cracks.

The ‘touchy-feely’ Factor
Don’t underestimate the appeal of a tangible, real-world item in an increasingly virtual world. The Alpha Card’s remarkable versatility combined with its pocket-friendly format makes it far more likely to be retained over time by your customers than most other media channels. Sometimes, having the right information at your fingertips, instantly accessible whenever you need it, is exactly what your customer requires.

Creativity Unleashed
In my experience, creatives love to play with Alpha Cards. Once they get their hands on one, they usually have a rush of inspiration on how they could use it. I can understand why; all too often, the delivery of digital marketing campaigns is shaped by the technical concerns of the “web guys” rather than the knowledge and instincts of the creative team. By contrast, Alpha Card offers marketing teams the freedom of a clean sheet of paper and, as a result, we’re constantly amazed at the ideas they come up with. With Alpha Card available in a range of sizes and customisable to your specifications, we can help unleash the creativity of your campaigns.

Once a Classic, Always a Classic
Compact Media has been a successful and enduring format for good reason - it works. While marketing professionals are always likely to have at least one eye on the ‘next big thing’, it’s wise to have a tried and tested component, with proven return on investment, as an element of any communications campaign.

Build a Bridge to your Digital Experience
No matter how much you invest in providing a good online and mobile experience, if your customers don’t know about it or how to access it, you’re sunk. The cover of an Alpha Card is the perfect place to share a web address or QR code, providing your customers with a handy reminder and lasting bridge into your digital experience.

With the launch of Alpha Card, the use of Compact Media has become more cost-effective than ever before for businesses, governments and organisations all across Europe. If you’d like to discuss the role Alpha Card can play in your next marketing communications campaign, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Andy Milner
Sales & Marketing Director
Alpha Card

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