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Making the right decisions about where to take your career can be difficult and an effective job search requires more than sending out CVs. As a job seeker, you should arm yourself with as much information about potential jobs as possible, including salary comparison data, company research and the latest trends in the sector.

To help you prepare yourself the following articles can give you helpful pointers to give you the best chance. You should also keep your eye on the creative sector news by subscribing to THE DRUM and signing up to THE DRUM's free email news alert.

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How to write a good CV: style guide

Many years ago I was told that it takes two seconds to look at a CV to decide if a person is suitable or not for a vacancy. This was well before the recession and when there weren't such high... Read full item

How The Drum increased response to Green Shoots Recruitment campaign

I have experience of advertising, as a recruiter within the creative, marketing and digital sectors, in The Drum and Adline for over 10 years. I advertise in other places as it is important to... Read full item

Quick Links to find Manchester Design Jobs

Manchester and surrounding area is a thriving hub for the design industry in the North West with many of the top agencies based here. The Drum features hundreds of design and creative jobs... Read full item

Finding Design Jobs in Manchester

Manchester has long enjoyed a reputation for creativity and innovation and the city's design companies have played a key role in establishing the Manchester as a thriving design centre.... Read full item

Making the right choice with your references

You might think you're onto a winner by putting a great reference on your CV.  All the potential employer needs to do is give them a call and then the job's in the bag. But what you might not... Read full item

Covering letters - Writing a good CV cover letter

A good CV cover letter will accompany your CV and is an excellent opportunity to highlight the particular skills that you have, which are relevant to the job you are applying for.  A good CV... Read full item