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Hey brands! Top tips, tricks and examples of how to use video on your website

By Margo Waldrop, Content Writer

January 31, 2023 | 12 min read

You don’t need another explainer on the impact video can have on your brand or more facts and figures about its importance in marketing, but you do need options on how to incorporate it into your website. Here’s how to find new video touchpoints.

Using video on your website

Using video on your website / Adobe Stock

Video content is one of the top methods of engaging website visitors, with the added perk of boosting your SEO. Google has been quite candid about ranking videos highly in its algorithms. Adding videos to your website is the equivalent of the invention of television – it’s a game changer. Well, that may be a little overdramatic, but it’s still a really big deal.

Tackling objections

Dry video is boring and a time waster, but no video is even worse. Arguments about adding video content to websites are usually just a result of misinformation:

  • It’s too expensive (it doesn’t have to be)

  • It’s too time-consuming (no, it isn’t)

  • We don’t know how (you’ll easily learn)

  • It’s overused (not by a long shot)

  • Our website is fine the way it is (ummm… OK)

Let’s address these objections one by one:

1. It’s too expensive

Videos don’t have to be a big-budget production, in fact, they are often more engaging when they are short and simple. They are also cost savers by sharing important information that would otherwise use up employee resources.

For example, explainer videos cut down on customer service costs by clarifying product usage, customer service steps or FAQs. Around 96% of website visitors have viewed an explainer video to better understand a product or service.

2. It’s too time-consuming

Creating a video is as big or small as you want it to be. Some of the best videos out there are less than 30 seconds and are shot from a cell phone. It’s all about making an emotional connection with the viewer. To do this you just need to know your customer. What type of video do they like to consume? Once you understand that, you can match your video content to their wants and needs. Whether that is a quick 30-second video or a longer more involved creation.

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3. We don’t know how

That’s OK. You don’t have to be geniuses in every aspect of your business. If you are going for quick videos, an online tutorial will do. But if you need more complicated or animated content there are numerous companies and tools that can take care of you. Explainly, a video and animation company, creates engaging, custom explainer animation videos. Another option is online tool, which makes self-video creation easy and affordable.

4. It’s overused

Video content is actually underused, resulting in missed opportunities for revenue or brand building. It can only be overused if website visitors are forced to watch a video to find out every single bit of information. Choose your video touchpoints carefully and make sure to have a goal for each video. They are certainly worth any effort or expense because they can be used as evergreen content on your site.

5. Our website is fine the way it is

Finding unique ways to incorporate video into your website is a step toward building a relationship with visitors. It’s your brand’s chance to show its personality and connect in a way that otherwise might not be available. As far as your website is concerned, there is always room for improvement – especially when it comes to growing your brand. Every touchpoint with a consumer counts.

Website video examples

Now for the good stuff. Launch your creative genes and use the following examples as inspiration for your own website videos.


The most powerful real estate on your homepage is above the fold, the top few inches of the page. This small section has the monolithic job of grabbing visitors’ attention and engaging their interest. So, why not use the most powerful content known to marketers? Video.

Wistia: It took less than two minutes of awesomeness for Wistia to show website visitors all about its product in a fun, engaging video that is easy to understand and makes people want to learn more. It also makes you want to eat cake.

Wistia video

Click here to watch video.

About page

Believe it or not, company about pages are the second most visited page on a website. People want to see who you are, what you believe in and why you are there. But really, they just want to see the human behind the product so they can find a connection. Invest some energy into sharing a bit of ‘you’ with your customers.

Coffee Company: The Netherlands-based Coffee Company created a brilliant ‘about us’ video that shares its story, process, product and philosophy, all in one beautiful, evergreen video. The only complicated part of creating the video was building the very, very, very, very, very long table.

Behind the scenes

Allowing people to snag a behind-the-scenes look at how a product is manufactured is an immediate way to establish a connection between, consumer and brand. It’s an intimate glimpse into the effort put into a product and instills a human element that we might not otherwise see. It is the ‘heart’ behind the glitz and glamour of a finished product.

Colour Pop Cosmetics: Colour Pop Cosmetics created a video that reveals its impressive office and manufacturing facilities. Even more extraordinary was its addition of meeting the team behind the cosmetics, as well as the different stages of the product’s journey. A+.

Company culture

Distilling the culture of a company into a short video isn’t always easy, but it is insightful for viewers to get a taste of the atmosphere of a company and how its employees work as a team. It’s also an opportunity for brands to share their values and what drives them as a company.

Plaid: Financial service company Plaid created a video where employees discuss the culture of the company, as well as their motivations and goals. It’s a smart way to humanize the brand and share the company’s ethos. Well played, Plaid.

Case studies/Testimonials

Case studies and testimonials are foundational in building trust with potential customers. When video is incorporated, they come alive with emotional expression and help viewers to connect one-on-one.

Slack/Sandwich Video: A case study has never been so clever. Slack partnered with client Sandwich Video to create a unique, comedic two-minute video that cleverly entwines the client’s testimonial, its journey and highlights of the product itself. Best two minutes ever.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are exactly as the name implies and though valuable, they can be a little dry if you aren’t careful. The best explainer videos are eye-catching, engaging and short. A little imagination and brevity are all that’s needed to get your point across.

Crazy Egg: Crazy Egg won the explainer video category with a short video highlighting its heat map tool in a charming, educational way. The mustachioed egg shows viewers the simplicity of its product while also presenting a strong call to action. Bravo Mr Egg!

While the above examples only cover a few ways you can use video on your website, don’t be afraid to expand your options. Pop-up email captures with a simple video saying “Hey thanks for visiting us today, click here to get awesome stuff delivered straight to your inbox!” are a simple way to connect with a site visitor. Landing pages, sales pages and product pages are also perfect places to engage your visitors with video.

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Here are some quick tips to help with your video creations:

  1. You aren’t creating a documentary, keep it short and sweet.

  2. Know your audience and know them well.

  3. Take out the fluff and keep in the important stuff.

  4. Editing is your friend.

  5. Video and audio need to be clear.

  6. Make it visually appealing.

  7. Share your brand’s personality.

  8. Think outside of the box.

  9. Add some ‘fun’ to your video.

  10. Don’t be scared. Just do it.

The point is to have the courage to try something different and memorable, for your potential customers. Start small with your video efforts and build from there. Get your creative juices flowing and even involve your employees. Your website visitors will thank you.

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