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Download The Drum’s 20 April issue: Under the influence with guest editor Trevor Beattie

The latest issue of The Drum was guest edited by BMB founder Trevor Beattie, and is focused around the theme of influence. Working under the ethos "we are what we absorb", this issue examines what makes creative influencers tick and whether advertising is still capable of shaping culture.

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From Bowie to Brum

Muhammad Ali, David Bowie, Nelson Mandela… we find out more about the most influential (non-advertising) influences upon the world of Trevor Beattie.

Don't listen to me

Trevor Beattie meets a fascinating group of bold, troublesome, fearless, provocative and, above all else, influential individuals he thinks will blow your mind, including Elsa Bleda, Sarah Cruddas, Holly Brockwell, John Brock and Nils Leonard.

The power of ads

Is advertising still capable of shaping culture, or has it become mere background wallpaper? Suzy Bashford asks what it takes to actually influence society.

The proving ground

It is in the commercial space that many filmmakers first hone their skills and trial novel approaches. But just how entwined are the worlds of film and advertising?

Creative Works

In a special edition of Creative Works, creative minds trace their careers back to one influential image.

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