How Havas Media HK and Oracle are using contextual intelligence to drive cookie-less advertising at scale

By Charlotte McEleny, digital editor


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May 12, 2022 | 7 min read

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Digital and programmatic advertising is at an inflexion point, with the industry striving for privacy-first, brand-suitable advertising that still delivers efficiency and scale. Oracle and Havas Media have been working together to use Oracle’s Contextual Intelligence, part of Oracle Advertising Solutions to do just this for brands, earning a Markie Award finalist spot along the way.


To maximize reaching scale is the key for every campaign and it is very crucial for advertisers.

The Drum brought together Oracle Advertising and Havas Media to understand what went into this case study and what brands and agencies can learn from this for their own campaigns.

The challenge that Havas was facing on behalf of its client, a high-end jewellery brand, was in reaching its target audience with limited audience data in the local market. Oracle Advertising worked closely with Havas Media to find a solution based around customised contextual intelligence.

The highlights from the case study are that the use of Oracle Advertising’s Contextual Intelligence drove impressive results for Havas, including a 30% reduction in average CPA alongside a 22% uplifting average CTR.

The objective from the outset was to drive brand awareness and sales for the brand and to do this, Havas Media and Oracle Advertising created customized contextual intelligence segments, as well as using its ‘Predicts’ tool which dynamically encompassed keywords related to fashion and jewellery products. This meant the brand was able to connect with prospects while they engaged with trendy content relevant to fashion, jewellery and accessory, which overall helps to increase the message relevancy to fashion and jewellery content at a real-time. (See “Essential advertising and content insights for the 2021 holiday season” for shopping content trends).

Louis Ng, programmatic trading lead at Havas Media, says, “The result was pretty good in terms of conversion and traffic after we adopted the contextual segments, the metrics had a big jump. I think we will keep using those segments and explore more segments, like in contextual, to create more opportunities to optimize the campaign result.”

In terms of how these tools can be used by other brands, what’s really capturing the excitement of digital marketers is the ability to solve some of the industry’s biggest challenges around third-party cookie deprecation and brand safety, while still scaling targeting efforts.

In terms of third-party data targeting, Suki Ngai, Head of Business Development for Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea says, “With the limited third-party cookies data available in the market, Oracle Advertising has been offering Contextual Intelligence solutions to our advertisers which aims to help them transit into the post-cookies world smoothly. Contextual Intelligence is a cookies-less targeting solution for advertisers to leverage for their digital campaigns which help them maximize their reaching scales in the targeting markets by using standalone contextual solutions or use it as a supplementary targeting tactic when they have their third party audience buy. To maximize reaching scale is the key for every campaign and it is very crucial for advertisers, especially to those with performance-driven objectives.”

As for brand safety, Ngai adds that all brands should be considering brand suitability when they are planning digital campaigns.

“We have been educating advertisers that we should always take a Brand Suitability approach into consideration for every digital campaign,” she says.

Ngai shared a well-known quotes by the Berkshire Hathaway CEO and investor, Warren Buffet, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently”.

“Oracle Advertising does provide clients to access industry-standard brand safety categories for transparency and baseline control of any campaign and this particularly provides the solution to advertisers who are hugely sensitive to their brand safety and we can also create customized brand safety solution to maximize the brand safety protection for their campaigns,” she adds.

For brands that want to see similar improvements to the performance of their digital marketing, Oracle Advertising’s Ngai offers the following steps:

  • Start with the standard (static) segments to connect with consumers in real-time as they navigate moments and mindsets.

  • Ensure your campaign is protected with a brand suitable approach, aligning with areas of opportunity while mitigating risk through a custom approach.

  • Then layer on a more advanced tactic, i.e. Predicts (dynamic), which moves you further up the contextual maturity model, finding associated trending content to maximize ROI and extend the reach of advertiser’s campaigns. This is especially essential during the pandemic since every consumers’ buying behaviour has changed a lot, such as from offline to online, these days. Advertisers will definitely want to ensure they don’t miss out on any market opportunities.

To find out more about Markies Awards where Havas Media was shortlisted, and to see more winners from this year, see the Markies Awards website.


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