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Why advertisers need an independent SSP to unlock the programmatic DOOH ad world

By Gulab Patil | founder and chief executive officer



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May 4, 2022 | 4 min read

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Gulab Patil, founder and chief executive officer of Lemma explores the advantages of an independent SSP to unlock the true value of programmatic digital out-of-home and discusses the many benefits it offers to the industry at large.

Why advertisers need an independent SSP to unlock the programmatic DOOH ad world

Why advertisers need an independent SSP to unlock the programmatic DOOH ad world

To address the pressing needs of global advertisers seeking more visibility into measuring return-on-investment (ROI) for their digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaigns, marketers need an independent, unbiased sell-side platform (SSP), validated through a more transparent system. This will simultaneously help screen owners benefit from the direct connection to advertisers with an uncompromised solution.

By using an independent SSP that’s not affiliated with any media ownership, it’s proving to be an asset in the programmatic DOOH and offers many benefits to the industry at large:

The price is right

By bringing about a transparent media buying system, a standalone SSP helps advertisers in gaining access to real media costing. Also, smaller DOOH media operators who have difficulty in arriving at the right floor value for their media assets benefit from obtaining the data that helps them to work out a viable floor value that improves their respective media occupancy levels. The entire process is automated, based on data on total interest of advertisers and real time audience footfall.

The perfect match

SSPs facilitate the perfect fit for brands and media sites through audience buying. When an ad call originates, the brand looking for the audience will have its creative directed to meet the ad call that offers that defined audience. Made possible through an inventory management tool, the platform selects media not only with the highest footfall but also with the most relevant audience to serve the ad at runtime. Thus, creating a balanced ecosystem where buyers know what they’re paying for, and publishers feel their inventory is valued.

What you see is what you get

An independent SSP provides accurate reports not tweaked to suit any media owner’s business exigencies, ensuring the advertisers receive timely ad verification reports. This guarantees that advertisers are provided with brand safe, quality and suitable ad inventory to always display their campaigns on ideal DOOH screens.

Compatibility levels

Standalone SSPs will also provide third party validation through standard demand-side platform (DSP) integration with the likes of MediaMath, Google DV360, Yahoo and many others. This validation ensures that advertisers avoid wasteful spends resulting from fraudulent audience counts and inactive screen status.

Direct connect and yield optimization

Screen owners also benefit from an unbiased SSP with its ability to connect the screens to direct brands’ basis audience data and brand requirements, as the fundamental parameters of inventory evaluation, resulting in improved fill rates and revenue generation.

As programmatic DOOH scales across various markets, it has become essential for stakeholders to provide transparent solutions to advertisers and buyers, winning their trust and encouraging them to spend more on the medium.

To address this strong felt need of brand advertisers and indeed the DOOH network operators, Lemma SSP, an unbiased independent platform that brings in trust, transparency, accurate validation and efficient price discovery was established, enabling all stakeholders to equally benefit from being a part of the programmatic ecosystem. Currently Lemma SSP is integrated with 150,000 DOOH screens and we aim to scale this number to 300,000 by the end of 2022, doubling our global screen coverage for better reach.

Media Industry Insights Digital OOH

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Lemma is a future-forward programmatic platform that empowers advertisers & media owners with full control, efficiency, and flexibility to drive business growth leveraging emerging media formats. Lemma suite of products empowers marketers & media owners to explore the full potential of diverse advertising channels through a single platform. By seamlessly integrating programmatic buying in digital out-of-home (DOOH), connected TV (CTV), and other emerging formats, Lemma’s Supply side platform (SSP) enables advertisers to create engaging and impactful campaigns that reach their target audience across multiple touchpoints.

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