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Commerce needs a radical rethink – it’s time for P2C


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December 1, 2021 | 5 min read

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Haven’t you heard? Supply chain chaos might cancel Christmas. With online sales this peak trading season expected to smash all records, brands, retailers and service providers fear they may not be able to keep up with demand.

Commerce needs a radical rethink – it’s time for P2C

Commerce needs a radical rethink – it’s time for P2C

The shopping pie may indeed be getting bigger but getting a slice of it has never been more difficult. As social media platforms launch new social commerce functionalities on an almost daily basis, businesses have to constantly readjust their strategies to suit the rapidly changing market. It’s commerce anarchy. Despite its symptoms being obvious to everyone, there’s been very little research on the effects it’s having on businesses – up until now.

The state of commerce report you’ve been waiting for

Productsup has released a watershed survey report revealing what 750 senior decision-makers in global companies from 16 countries and across 24 industries think about the current commerce climate. The report makes for uncomfortable reading in parts as it shares the true scale of lost profit, revenue and opportunity being experienced by businesses. It is estimated that inefficient product information management is costing global businesses around $252bn in profit annually.

Long-awaited answers to how industry leaders are shaping their future strategies

With exclusive insights, the survey questioned executives on their views on the current commerce landscape, their tech stacks, and their ability to compete or even thrive going forward. While most decision-makers were confident in managing their stacks, resources, and product/market strategies, their front-line managers were less confident.

The report highlights and summarizes a number of these discrepancies. Companies may be aware of the issues affecting them due to commerce anarchy, but many are unsure as to how to address the situation. They need to take decisive action to take control over their commerce ecosystems.

Radical rethink needed to overcome commerce anarchy

The report doesn’t just highlight the challenges affecting business, it also offers solutions. Rather than continuing to optimize digital processes on a channel-by-channel basis, the report explains why businesses need to think bigger and start implementing product-to-consumer (P2C) strategies.

Download the report to:

  • Get exclusive insights from 750 senior decision-makers from across commerce

  • Learn the acute challenges they’re facing and what they're doing to overcome them

  • See why the future of commerce is P2C

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Marketing Commerce Retail

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