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Three scientifically-proven signs you’re in love with ABM

By Sarah Tucker, Head of APAC Marketing



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September 29, 2021 | 5 min read

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If you’re a B2B marketer, there’s a 56% chance you’re in love with Account-based Marketing (ABM). Join other equally enamoured B2B marketers at LinkedIn’s ‘I Heart ABM’ conference on 30 September 2021.

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If you’re ready to go the distance with ABM, it’s time to accept that you are well and truly in love

Why? Because ABM is a focused growth strategy. It operates off the basic tenets of targeted, personalised marketing and is backed by strong internal alignment with sales teams - and who doesn’t want to get better at sales and marketing alignment!

Its attraction lies in its ability to efficiently and effectively address many of the challenges that marketers face today. In the past few years, the marketing pendulum has swung from one extreme end to the other: buyers are trading in supplier meetings for independent, self-service research and audiences have gone from having little control over their data to now being in the driver’s seat.

These changes are turning the world on its head for many marketers, especially those banking on one-size-fits-all mass marketing or relying on third-party data for targeting and delivery. As we grapple with these dizzying shifts, ABM swoops in, fixes these problems and delivers the results our hearts so desire.

But, is it fleeting attraction or the start of a meaningful relationship? Here are three scientifically-proven signs it is love:

You’re convinced you’ve found “something special”

People in love tend to believe their love interest is unique and can hardly feel passion for anyone else. Psychologists believe this single-mindedness is caused by elevated levels of central dopamine in the brain (that’s the chemical that influences attention and focus).

Well, ABM marketers are the same. With 91% of ABM marketers reporting larger deal sizes and 66% recording increased pipeline opportunities, who could blame you? ABM is special.

ABM has your full, undivided attention

Research has found that people in love can spend over 85% of their waking hours thinking about the object of their affections. ABM marketers would be able to relate.

ABM isn’t a campaign; it’s a strategy. And strategies take time to formulate, execute and refine. LinkedIn’s framework for ABM success, for example, is a seven-step process that starts with achieving executive sales and marketing alignment. Once buy-in and resources are secured, there’s still the matter of defining business goals and translating those into ABM objectives, selecting and segmenting target accounts with sales teams, identifying the buying committee at each account, determining the right scale (strategic, scaled or programmatic), and aligning your content to your audience. All that happens even before you can launch a campaign, measure results and prove impact.

If you’re investing this level of time and effort into your ABM strategy, chances are, it’s love.

You’re in it for the long haul

Love is a rollercoaster. People in love ride the highs of a racing heart, accelerated breathing, and feelings of euphoria. They weather the lows of anxiety, disappointment, and despair. Despite it all, they don’t walk away. Neither do ABM marketers.

In long and complex B2B buying journeys, relationship-building is a wise investment. And ABM strategies are often built on the focused, but gradual pursuit of key accounts.

ABM marketers know that intent matters; that the right value proposition will fail if it’s served at the wrong stage of the funnel. So, we keep a close watch on timing and touches, understanding that we can’t rush ABM, the same way we can’t rush love. We know that patience and nurture will pay off: 87% of marketers who measure ROI say that ABM outperforms all other forms of marketing investments.

If you’re ready to go the distance with ABM, it’s time to accept that you are well and truly in love.

The APAC edition of the virtual event will help marketers uncover greater possibilities with ABM through actionable tips and best practices to run world-class ABM strategies. It features a stellar line-up of industry speakers including Prasana Williams, HubSpot’s Senior Marketing Manager for Asia, Kiaran Geen, Merkle DWA’s APAC President, and Kate Power, ServiceNow’s APAC Head of ABM. Register to attend now.

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