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Women in Sport Global Report 2021

Women in Sport

Understanding how women’s sport is perceived around the world can provide marketers with an inside track on identifying where the greatest value lies. Although women’s sport is currently less popular than men’s, there is no reason it must continue to be so – as illustrated in this report.

Women’s sport offers marketers a great deal of potential to unlock insights and re-imagine how parity between men’s and women’s sport can be attained. This new YouGov report draws on research from 13 markets – Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, United Arab Emirates, the UK and US.

In each market, the report explores several key questions, including:

  • How popular is women’s sport?
  • What attracts its followers; and what deters people?
  • Whether, how, and by how much people perceive that women’s sport is treated inequitably
  • Which women’s sports, leagues and stars attract the most attention?
  • Whether or not people think that women’s sport is on the up

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