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A case for conversational marketing automation: 89% of customers prefer messaging brands



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July 2, 2021 | 6 min read

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While the future of retail may be largely digital, we know there will be an equally large focus on meaningful communication with consumers. It’s a strategic space to navigate, as the already crowded e-commerce marketplace has become that much busier because of the pandemic. Sure, customers are used to shopping online, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to call on sales reps anymore, whether for help or recommendations. They just want to connect a little differently now.

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Can your customers buy via messaging? About 90% of customers want to message with brands

Consider this: 76% of consumers want to purchase by messaging with a business. Unless you have an army working in your marketing and customer service departments (and let’s be real, that’s a far cry from the usual reality), catering to that statistic is too overwhelming to manage. With Spectrm, you can give your customers an impactful messaging experience without a ton of personnel, all while boosting your sales. It’s called conversational marketing automation, and it’s changing the game.

Conversational marketing automation explained

Not only do three-quarters of consumers want to use messaging to shop, but a staggering 89% of consumers want to connect with brands over messaging. Your customers want to be talked to, as opposed to some marketing methods that can leave consumers feeling talked at. And for good measure, we’ll just lay it all out there: customers no longer want to schlep to the store, nor do they want to tango with frustrating robotic phone service, nor do they want to wait around for your service reps to connect to live chat.

They want conversational marketing automation, the new, hot way to communicate with consumers online. It makes sense that this is such a popular concept since conversational marketing automation comprises two of the most important things to today’s customers: personalization and instant engagement. Instead of being broadly targeted by various marketing methods, consumers would rather have a one-on-one experience. And to reach the scale and efficiency marketers want, it can’t be with a human. It needs to be with an extremely smart chatbot. Enter Spectrm.

Better customer conversations happen with Spectrm

Simply put, Spectrm is a conversational marketing automation platform for brands to build chatbots and connect them to the world’s most popular messaging channels. These chatbots actually engage and acquire customers. They use artificial intelligence (which marketing leaders don’t need to dive that deep into), simplifying business needs while earning the company more money. Spectrm basically brings the best of automation and individualized interactions together, because each company’s teams actually design their own personalized conversations code-free, targeting a specific consumer base.

That includes being where your customers are. Yes, your customers want to shop your products or services. And they might be on your website when doing so. But most times, they’re not; consumers want to chat and shop using the platforms they’re already on (think social media such as Facebook and Instagram). With Spectrm, you can ensure that every messaging touchpoint provides an engaging experience.

A smart way to optimize your sales funnel

We already know that consumers want to have a conversation, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t underscore the importance of an individualized experience overall — especially for boosting revenue. Case in point: marketers who implement one-to-one personalization earn an average ROI of 47%.

Spectrm allows you to scale your business and optimize your sales funnel during these customer interactions. How? Your chatbot will guide the customer through an interactive experience by asking questions. The more answers the chatbot gets, the more personalized the buyer journey becomes; chatbots can recommend products in real-time for a unique (and more profitable) customer experience. These chatbots aren’t just reactive, either – marketers can proactively capture customers’ attention with bots on display ad networks and on social media.

Spectrm has entered the conversation

Spectrm-enabled marketing bots have the power to make shopping and lead generation more fruitful and fun for all parties. Like texting with a friend, the right chatbots can leave a consumer feeling happy and excited about their purchase, and that much more likely to tell their actual friends about it.

Conversational marketing automation is the next frontier and a smart method that chief marketing officers and marketing leaders should be all over right now. See if Spectrm is the right fit with a no-commitment demo, and explore the various ways you could be boosting your bottom line. The best part? You’ll be increasing your profits while simultaneously strengthening brand loyalty. It’s a win-win.

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