Can you measure consumer attention? Yes – here’s how

In the modern media landscape, there are more devices, channels, platforms, publishers and content than ever before. And consumer attention is fragmented across all of these at any given moment.

For marketers, this means that measurement becomes even more critical because you need to understand which messages, ads, formats, and channels are driving success for your brand. Although most marketers focus on verification metrics such as viewability and brand safety, understanding how people pay attention to your ads means you can better determine how your campaigns are driving business outcomes.

Why measure consumer attention?

The guidelines for ad verification give marketers a benchmark to measure their campaigns against, with standardised targets for validity, viewability, and brand safety. But think of verification as solving half of the equation — it gives the ad a chance to succeed. It ensures the ad is in play, with a relevant audience and with an opportunity to drive action. The other half is measuring what happens next, once the ad is served, to determine its true impact.

It’s not enough to say that advertising was simply viewed or that it appeared in the right environment, but rather, who viewed it, and what action did they take, if any? This focus on attention allows us to get to the core of the issue so we can analyse the true impact of advertising online.

How to measure consumer attention

Rarely is there a standalone metric that determines if an ad or campaign is successful, so marketers hoping for silver bullets are going to be disappointed. In reality, a combination of metrics is required, as this provides a holistic view of performance.

In the following guide, we go step-by-step through how to effectively measure attention across display, mobile, video, and branded content. You’ll learn how to:

  • Measure performance beyond baseline verification metrics by following an easy-to-use formula.

  • Leverage attention metrics across omnichannel campaigns running on various device types.

  • Elevate your digital strategy to the next level; reap the rewards of deep, meaningful insights; and gain a transparent understanding of key performance drivers.

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