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Key opportunities for demand and account-based marketing leaders in 2021

By Isabel Montesdeoca | VP, Group Director, Demand and Account-Based Marketing



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January 27, 2021 | 6 min read

The events of 2020 have driven a significant increase in digital consumption. B2B marketing leaders have the unique opportunity to use this to advance their demand and ABM agendas. To seize the moment, here are three recommendations marketing leaders can focus on and incorporate into their 2021 planning, but download the whitepaper for more:

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Following are the three of the key takeaways from the whitepaper:

Adopt buying group metrics for maximum impact

The transition from an individual lead-centric view to a buying group-centric view of demand represents the single most impactful way B2B companies can drive higher conversion of market potential to revenue. To do so, marketing and sales organizations must organize their revenue engine metrics around the identification, engagement, qualification, and successful winning of opportunities represented by buying groups. The volume of interactions and how they influence and accelerate the buying process across different buying group members become the new metrics that marketing and sales must track to gain insight into buying group coverage and opportunity health.

Enter the era of buyer enablement

B2B buyers are now clearly communicating they want more than just click-based interactions. They expect vendors to support open, connected, intuitive, and immediate exchanges designed to support and enable the buying group as they move through their buying decision process. ABM and demand marketers must think outside the box to identify compelling ways to drive buyer enablement. It must be grounded in three fundamental principles: treating buyers with respect, making every experience contextual, and interconnecting buyer insights.

Don’t fear disruption, embrace adaptability

In 2020, marketing teams have been forced to rethink and even reinvent their operating models. ABM and demand marketing teams that have been able to adapt to the changing needs of buyers have a unique advantage going forward. Freed from the shackles of historical processes or expectations, these teams have experimented with new peer-to-peer collaboration methods, innovated with scarce resources, and picked up new skills wherever they could. Now is the time for marketing leaders to take stock of what has worked and convert that into a long-lasting competitive edge by embedding it into marketing processes and investing in systems to support it.

While the unexpected and chaotic changes have been difficult, they have also provided marketing teams with new opportunities. B2B marketing leaders able to embrace the six opportunities outlined above will have a clear path forward to build a resilient demand generation engine, establish an unswerving focus on meeting buyer expectations, and empower their teams to deliver against those expectations.

The whitepaper offers more invaluable insights on personalisation principles to help brands get from now to the ‘new normal’. Fill in the form to download the whitepaper to free.

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