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The TCC campaign portal: staying ahead of changing customer behaviours

With unease remaining about future lockdowns, people want to be able to shop through multiple channels

The early days of the Covid-19 pandemic saw the need for large grocery retailers to react quickly to deal with new lockdown measures and increased pressure on the supply chain. And they managed this with admirable flexibility and success – pulling through at a time when their shoppers really needed them.

But as the months have passed, the challenges presented by Covid-19 have changed. Chief amongst them is the fundamental effect the changing situation has had on shopper behaviour.

Shopper behaviour is changing fast

Shoppers have adopted digital retail solutions at a far faster pace than predicted before the pandemic hit. With unease remaining about future lockdowns and the continued need for social distancing, people want to be able to shop through multiple channels. They want the same experience, engagement and service whether they’re shopping online or offline.

Alongside this, shoppers are continuing to look for retailers that offer sustainable and ethical grocery practices. Early predictions that the pandemic would lead solely to a focus on price have not been born out. HSBC Global Research found that instead of halting more sustainable practices, Covid-19 has in many cases acted as an accelerant. For many people, the crisis has signified an opportunity to focus on what really matters.

Grocery retailers need to stay well ahead of such rapid shifts in consumer behaviour. Because understanding what is influencing the actions and attitude of customers is at the heart of every successful loyalty strategy.

We believe that nothing should be a more important priority than customer loyalty. And while securing loyalty can seem like a challenge, the most successful strategies blend both transactional and emotional incentives. They focus on the things that are most important to shoppers – whether that’s sustainability, health, or value.

A breakthrough in loyalty

To help grocery retailers create loyalty campaigns that speak directly to their shoppers wants and needs, we’ve created the TCC Campaign Portal – a new, unique digital platform, built and operated by tcc. It allows us to work with our retail partners in a fully collaborative, interactive, virtual environment.

Retail partners using the TCC Campaign Portal will have the most comprehensive view of the inputs and outcomes of their loyalty activities than ever before. They will be able to design a campaign in one place, alongside loyalty specialists from TCC, all the way from initial shopper insights to store design and execution.

The remote collaboration this provides, and the ability to incorporate deep insights from an early stage, is crucial when creating loyalty campaigns that focus on rewards that resonate with shoppers.

Creating better omnichannel campaigns

A key advantage of the TCC Campaign Portal is its ability to let retail partners bring together different channel activity into one place. With cross-channel interaction being of such crucial importance to shoppers in today’s world, its enormously valuable for retailers to design campaigns holistically – with every touchpoint in mind.

In-store activity can sit alongside digital integration and gamified apps – creating a true 360-degree activation plan. Weaving together these different threads at an early stage of campaign development enhances the shopper experience. It helps to create omnichannel campaigns where each element feels part of a whole, instead of disparate or bolted on.

What’s more, the TCC Campaign Portal allows grocery retailers to explore instore activations in a fully functional 3D store environment – a world first in loyalty campaign design. From point of sale to banners and campaign displays, our retail partners will be able to explore how a campaign inhabits their stores from every angle.

Arrange your session today

The only way to secure your session in the TCC Campaign Portal, and to see the advantages it can bring to your loyalty campaigns, is by contacting your local TCC team.

Get in touch with your local sales representative now, or find the contact details for your local market office here.

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