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What makes a good white-label DSP?


By Isua Botman | Founder


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October 22, 2020 | 8 min read

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Every brand, agency or ad network can benefit from the tech features of a demand side platform (DSP). The adtech, if properly handled, saves time, money and human resources. You can operate your DSP with – for example – a self-serve account. However, operating a DSP can be challenging as there are certain associated complexities and technicalities.

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An excellent white-label DSP offers you proprietorship, as it is customizable, which increases your range of freedom

A more holistic strategy would be to purchase a ready-made, white-label DSP solution that can be customized to your own preferences. Building a brand new white-label DSP from the ground up is very expensive (a DSP can have an average development cost of $5m, and can be as much as $30m), let alone running it. There are technological expenses, maintenance costs, staff paychecks and countless other miscellaneous fees. Therefore, you can save millions that would otherwise be allocated to technology development by purchasing a customizable, ready-to-go platform.

The past decade has seen more businesses adopt digital tactics to stay ahead of the competition. As more stakeholders recognize the digital landscape's critical role, DSP service providers (like Targetoo) are offering a white-label license as a cost-effective alternative. A more entrepreneurial trend presently is to get a completely customizable platform to build and develop your brand – a white-label DSP.

White-label marketing has brought tons of opportunities involving unparalleled services that propel your business to the next level. You can get access to professional solutions for processes such as SEO, website development, email marketing and mobile app design. Why not have the same accessibility and customizability for your white-label DSP (and with that, programmatic display advertising)?

Depending on the white-label vendor you work with, you get to choose aspects of the DSP, including:

  • Implementing a custom domain name that your customers use to log in.
  • The position of the logo.
  • The colors that feature on the platform's sections.

Furthermore, in some cases it is possible to fully customize the platform's appearance to your own preferences, requirements and style.

A good white-label DSP offers you proprietorship, as it is customizable, which increases your range of freedom. The digital marketplace is highly aggressive. The more autonomy you can exercise, the better your chance of winning because you have ultimate control over your campaign performance.

This highly useful adtech tool simplifies programmatic advertising. Using a proper white-label DSP leads to a unified understanding of your digital marketing procedures and performance. You are better equipped to make accurate forecasts, and thus plan for the future. With a white-label DSP, the product is your very own, unlike with a self-serve DSP. Linking to an external SSP puts you in charge of the source of your traffic, as you also collect data from publishers (if allowed by local legislation).

Moreover, you get to minimize expenditure when you purchase a prefabricated white-label DSP. You can customize it to your own preferences while cutting costs. Designing and developing a brand new white-label DSP from scratch is quite costly and consumes a sufficient amount of time and human resource. Fully customizable white-label DSPs help you save thousands of dollars that could have been spent on hiring staff, sales efforts and other technology development.

At Targetoo, we strive to provide the best white-label DSP solutions. To help you spearhead your programmatic advertising activities, we offer more in-depth, customizable segments and options. Let us take a peek at some of these outstanding features:

  • Ability to claim proprietorship

Experts can track the proprietor of any software by – for example – analyzing and tracking pixels. And the same applies to the ownership of the technology used to develop white-label platforms. As a combative measure, you can claim possession via customizing the pixels by implementing your business name in the code or domain name. Furthermore, Targetoo uses a proprietary bidder. No third-party companies are involved, which significantly reduces the price we offer.

  • Listing on a DMP

In the current market, the majority of brands utilize a marketing DMP (data management platform) to use third-party data. A DMP is a unifying platform that collects, organizes and activates data to help identify viable audience segments. At Targetoo, we assist you with getting your brand name (or white-label) listed in a DMP as an activation partner.

  • Enhanced communication with API

An API facilitates effective communication between the white-label DSP and other platforms. Get to programmatically plan, manage and act on behalf of other platforms with an API.

  • Fully customizable features

With Targetoo's white-label DSP, you choose where to situate the logo and buttons and the colors in each section. Literally every section is customizable.

  • High scalability

In need of specialized functions and tools incorporated into the already efficient DSP? We/Targetoo can see to the advancement of your requests.

  • Multiple forecasting tools

Your client's experience with your white-label is highly dependent on several forecasting tools. Further, use these projection tools to influence demos you plan to present to prospective customers.

  • Managing new integrations

If you have clients looking to purchase inventory from other sources, suggest and implement these integrations on their behalf with ease. For instance, an SSP or Adexchange allow a publisher to sell available inventory via automated auctions to a variety of buyers. You can take advantage of such opportunities with a good white-label DSP partner.

  • Enhance transparency

When it comes to digital marketing and advertising, most businesses appreciate transparency. One proven way to maintain completely transparent is to set up and use private deals to buy inventory. An advanced white-label DSP should be able to offer this capability.

  • No monthly subscription charges

Several white-label DSP providers charge a monthly fee for their services, which are usually expensive. The average cost usually ranges from $5,000 upwards. Targetoo has no monthly minimums. Your clients will appreciate the cost-effective prices you can offer them.

  • Extend global reach

Being able to serve ads all over the world is also something desirable. A good white-label DSP is integrated with sufficient supply sources in order to be able to serve ads in pretty much every country.

All the mentioned features are critical in a good white-label DSP. A suitable white-label DSP significantly decreases costs incurred from customer acquisition. At Targetoo, all this is possible and more. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries or are interested in a demo.

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