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Digital targeting based on TV consumption explained

By Emily Raneri, Digital Marketing Specialist


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January 29, 2020 | 4 min read

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As advertisers, we’re constantly striving to attain the holy grail of media: increase audience reach. So far, there is no magic lamp or ‘open sesame’ and each brand takes their own unique approach when trying to reach their target audience. Some trendier approaches tend to include personalization or adapting to your audience. Much of the current strategic focus is on delivering quality content, which is important in its own right. However, the way in which we create strategic touchpoints is just as important as the content within each touchpoint.

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Targeting technology helps brands extend their reach and create deliberate touchpoints.

By now, we’ve all heard about the benefits of omnichannel strategies, which can include anything from budget efficiencies to improvement in KPIs. Audience targeting has joined the repertoire of omnichannel strategies with brands aiming to reach their audience in a more tailored approach. So how does targeting play into an omnichannel strategy?

In the case of audience targeting, context is key. We are in a media age where consumers are exposed to over 750 ads per day at multiple touchpoints: home, work, transport, and many more. Targeting technology helps brands extend their reach and create deliberate touchpoints. It’s about reaching your potential audience at the right moment with the right message. It’s about finding the balance between ad exposure and bombardment so that your content is memorable. It’s also about transparency. This is what TVTY has achieved with TV Audience Targeting.

TVTY has cracked the media code with TV Audience Targeting. The unique technology draws on exclusive access to TV data insights which breaks down audience exposure into quintiles to establish a sort of baseline for ad frequency. Brands are able to control ad frequency, digitally and on TV, via TVTY’s real-time proprietary TV ad detection and their partnership with one of the largest internet service providers and smart TV manufacturers. With this powerful partnership and innovative technology, brands will have a greater chance to shine and reach their target audience in a more effective manner.

So how does it work? First, brands identify their target audience and business objectives. Next, TVTY combines their data with those of the internet box service provider’s data and households exposed to the brand’s TV ad are identified. Target preferences are applied to household devices and the brand’s digital ad is then broadcasted and optimized to reach the target audience. The most commonly used strategy is Reach Extension and involves excluding the most exposed TV viewers and focusing on least and non-exposed TV viewers.

Therefore, brands can determine how often, on average, that they create touchpoints with their audience. TV and digital ad exposure become more deliberate and makes messaging more meaningful through a limited number of touchpoints with the brand’s target audience. One of TVTY’s most recent clients was the sports retailer brand Decathlon, who able to reach more potential customers with their video ad campaign promoting sports as an option for everyone.

Ultimately, TV Audience Targeting allows brands to control brand messaging, increase transparency in measurements, and avoid ad fatigue. It is an invaluable tool to have in any brand’s media toolbox and should be used sooner rather than later. For a successful targeting strategy, brands need to make the conscious choice to innovate the way in which they engage and reach their future consumers.

Want to learn more? Read the full whitepaper.

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