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How marketers can understand the customer of tomorrow

By Pete Cory, county sales director of CPG & Auto Sector

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December 11, 2019 | 4 min read

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Google and Kantar have partnered on a new study to provide perspectives on the UK CPG consumer today, and a unique view on what CPG brands can expect from the consumer of tomorrow. This research is planned to launch on Think with Google in early 2020 – but for now, here’s a sneak peek on what to look forward to and what you should be thinking about.

Google and Kantar provide perspectives on the consumer of tomorrow

Google and Kantar provide perspectives on the consumer of tomorrow

How marketing is changing

In previous decades, marketing was about selling what you make, rather than making what the market wanted to buy. Today, all marketing starts with an understanding of the consumer first, and tomorrow it will be about utilising the increasing amount of consumer data available to stay on top of rapid changes in consumer behaviour. Successful marketers will be those who recognise this evolution of consumer behaviour quickly, and who are prepared to adapt (or experiment with) their marketing strategy.

How consumer behaviour is changing

As the world around us rapidly evolves, so does the way we live, consume and shop. For example, freelancers are set to make up 50%(1) of the UK working population by 2020, which will in turn impact the way we live, shop and socialise. Having a greater understanding of mental health, and how it is changing the way we think about ourselves and the products we buy, will also be crucial for marketers.

How technology will play a role

Increasingly ubiquitous technology is transforming the way in which we shop. The sheer volume of information and choice available to consumers today, and the speed and ease at which we acquire it, has manifested in new shopping behaviour. Consumers are compelled, and sometimes even obliged, to spend more time exploring and evaluating decisions between trigger and purchase – and it’ll become increasingly important for brands to know how to influence this emerging ‘messy middle’.

In the midst of this considerable consumer change, it is the ability of independent challenger brands to adapt swiftly to rapidly evolving consumer trends, and to delight their customers, that has largely driven their impressive success. If you are not truly understanding the needs, motivations and behaviour of your consumers, you are making your brand vulnerable to more nimble competitors.

consumer of tomorrow

New research coming soon

Thus Google and Kantar have combined forces to provide a complete picture of the UK CPG consumer today, and a unique perspective on the consumer of tomorrow. Identifying and acting on evolving consumer behaviour is no longer best accomplished by traditional marketing methods alone, which is why Kantar have employed AI discovery, and Google have pioneered advanced analysis techniques of Google trends data. Combining these insights with in-home consumer ethnographies and interviews with industry experts, they explore key topics, such as plastic free and zero waste, perspectives on health and wellness, the increasing need for intuitive convenience and ‘tribal commerce’, as well as analyse and challenge these preconceived notions.

Stay tuned on Think with Google (sign up for their newsletter here) for the full release of this research, along with actionable takeaways and insights for 2020.

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Tech Google Consumer Behaviour

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