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Google Youtube Engagement

5 rules of engagement for marketers to deliver results on YouTube

By Erica Probst, head of YouTube sales, UK&I

Think with Google


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December 10, 2019 | 4 min read

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Following the release of the Ofcom Media Nations U.K. 2019 report earlier this year, we’re seeing that consumer habits are changing – and the appetite for online video is growing.

How to create engaging content

How to create engaging content

The Ofcom report found that YouTube is the most-visited online video app, reaching 27 million people, or 73% of adult smartphone users in the UK. And more than 10m of those users are using the YouTube app daily. Adults in the U.K. are now watching +30mins per day, while young adults (18-34 year olds) are watching double; +60mins on YouTube via their smartphones daily. Viewers tune into online video to find the content they’re most passionate about.

In a world where we’re consuming so much content both on demand and on our own terms, it’s an increasing challenge for marketers to cut-through with an attention grabbing ad. Therefore here are five rules of engagement marketers can apply to YouTube to ensure success whether that’s playing into a specific user’s passion points, connecting with audiences, or supercharging your storytelling to deliver the results you need.

1. Supercharge your storytelling

It can be hard to earn attention, and even harder to keep it. To give your ad the strongest chance, replace the traditional story arc (build up – climax – payoff) with peaks throughout. Begin with a compelling hook, then keep the tempo up with unexpected twists and brand mentions throughout. To cater to different viewers, serve up content of varying lengths; short ads are great for initial interest but, once viewers are invested, longer ads can aid recall and consideration.

2. Use Search

Using Search signals can help you differentiate casual browsers from in-market shoppers. Refine your focus and make your spend work harder by leveraging intent signals using Advanced Audiences – which gathers insights from across Google including active Search terms, lifestyle, interests and interactions.

3. Drive action

More than half of shoppers across the globe say online video has helped them decide which specific brand or product to buy. Brands that enable prospective customers to take action with a seamless, immediate experience hold an advantage.

4. Play into passion points

Create content that allows viewers to engage with their interests on a deeper level. Gather Search insights to discover your audience’s interests, then ensure the creative is compelling and relevant, and you’ll build loyalty and trust while driving views.

5. Tell your story in 6 seconds

This is all it takes to win (or lose) attention. Whether it’s delivering your whole message in one-shot or intriguing viewers to keep watching, you’ll get the best results if you plan for a six-second format. That means keeping your story as simple as possible – hone in on a feeling or punchline – then get creative to deliver it.

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Google Youtube Engagement

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