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The Richmond Marketing Forums USA - NYC and San Diego

Richmond Events / Richmond Events

What is it?

Now in their 22nd consecutive year in the US, The Richmond Marketing Forums offer senior-level marketers and marketing suppliers a chance to meet, learn new ideas from industry experts, and customize a schedule tailored precisely to each individual’s needs.

Richmond Events is the pioneer of the one-to-one, pre-scheduled business forums which match delegates and suppliers to generate new business, engage with peers and make new connections.

Originally known for the business forums on cruise ships, Richmond has expanded its portfolio of forums to one and two-day forums at a range of luxury hotels and venues in the US, UK, Switzerland and Italy. Since launching the first two forums in 1990 Richmond has organized over 660 forums across a range of sectors in addition to marketing, which also include IT, market research, logistics, human resources, and more.

How it works?

A lot has changed since launching the first forums 30 years ago, but the Richmond format has remained the same. Each forum offers the most time-efficient and cost-effective way to access new innovative business, engage with peers and learn from experts in your field.

Who attends?

Delegates: A Richmond delegate is a senior-level decision maker or influencer usually in charge of buying decisions who is normally invited to our events free of charge.

Suppliers: Companies offering a range of products and services to address the needs of delegates' future projects. New business generation is the cornerstone of the supplier element at all Richmond Forums.

Speakers: Experts in their fields who address key issues, stimulate discussion and debate and provide insight into practical solutions.

Each attendee has a bespoke itinerary of business meetings, mealtime meetings, conference sessions and free time. The unique appointment system allows participants to make the very best of their time by allowing delegates and suppliers to pre-select who they would like to meet. Our appointment system matches delegate and supplier selections in priority order to produce a personalized itinerary tailored to their individual requirements.

For details on how you can participate, please click on these links –

NY Marketing Forum

SD Marketing Forum

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