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September 4, 2018 | 6 min read

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Digital transformation is not new to the community of over 40,000 professionals from the world of digital media, marketing, innovation and commerce who will be heading to DMEXCO 18, Cologne, September 12 & 13. And yet innovation remains relentless in the industry and to keep marketing transformational, professionals need to stay on top of these changes. In preparation for the two days of conference and expo, the DMEXCO team have trawled through content suggestions and interviewed top speakers on their opinions for the industry in 2019.

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Looking into the future of digital

Blockchain technology too slow for programmatic advertising

If we believe the buzz, blockchain is set to revolutionize the advertising industry and signal the death of the agency. DMEXCO speaker, Christof Baron, Media, Sanofi Consumer Healthcare Division (previously CEO of Mindshare) does not see an immediate future for blockchain in programmatic advertising. He says: “Using blockchain technology in internet advertising would be like going back to slow bandwidth days. Depending on the technology, up to fifteen transactions are handled per second, bitcoin can only be used for up to seven. The results will not meet IAB standards.”

In his opinion, transparency in post transaction analysis of purchase and delivery is a more realistic proposition for blockchain and agencies for process management will still be needed. “Technology could cut out agencies but we still need human technical service. Advertisers could take the processes in-house but it is expensive and inflexible. Procter & Gamble spent several years investing in its own programmatic solution but then decided to work with outside technology partners.” DMEXCO is also embracing the debate with creativity and commissioned leading artist Albrecht Behmel to paint four paintings. The paintings, worth 20 000 Euros each, will be given as prizes at the event to the winners of their creARTive challenge.

The future of advertising for television? Give it away? Interactive? AR/VR?

Netflix has stated that it is not going to run advertising but the shift in consumer viewing habits that the company is driving raises a question for marketers and TV companies. As global digital advertising spends were higher than for TV for the first time last year the shift will affect business models. ProsiebenSat1, a leading TV entertainment company in Germany is moving towards e-commerce. SevenVentures, an investment arm of ProsiebenSat1, will be giving away 3 million Euros worth of TV advertising to a start-up at their SevenVentures Pitch Day at DMEXCO 18. The company cites that this initiative has had success in the past for start-ups like Zalando and has brought a double-digit growth figure. Max Conze, managing director of ProsiebenSat1 will be speaking on the Congress Stage on Day 2. Another speaker, Rus Yusuf, founder of HQ Trivia, sees the future in interactive gameshows. On the experience stage, representatives from Facebook, HQ, Trivia and Twitch will talk more in depth on the future of interactive video and augmented reality.

Jim Egan, CEO BBC Global news, Kelly Day, Viacom Digital Studios will also take to the stage. Visitors can experience personally what broadcasters, publishers, platforms, content studios and media houses are working with video and the moving image on the Motion Stage.

Does your brand need a voice?

Chatbots, voice commerce are key trending technologies for structuring customer centres or sales forces but what about branding? We’re rapidly moving into a world where smart devices are becoming a staple in households. Google recently dropped an advertisement in its Google assistant, which was not well received by users. But, as Apple’s Siri shows, voice technology is here to stay and brand managers will have to be asking themselves questions about voice logos. Pete Blackshaw (Nestlé), Winston Binch (Deutsch), Tua Sloor (Google), Marco Bertozzi (Spotify) will be providing their opinions on how the AI technology will move marketers to think about how consumers talk and building brand affinity through voice.

Has Virtual Reality finally got a breakthrough for Marketing Communications?

Rolf Illenberger, CEO of Viond GmbH says: „When VR is technically good, it has an amazing power to touch the emotions of the consumer and to deliver a more intense experience.” He is convinced that the breakthrough for Virtual reality in marketing has finally come and will be showcasing his technology alongside Google, Adobe, Medialink to cite a few of the established tech pioneer exhibitors the Expo in the World of Experience.

Innovation - what next?

Should we look to the USA for innovation or focus on ‘mobile only markets’ like China? ‘In Shanghai, nobody is looking back to Silicon Valley’ says Mark Wächter from the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), a partner of DMEXCO. A key differentiator in Europe is of course GDPR, another a key trending topic identified by the DMEXCO team along with the Internet of Things and the topics addressed in this article.


DMEXCO is the meeting place and a community for key players in digital business, marketing, and innovation. We bring together industry leaders, marketing and media professionals, and tech pioneers to set the digital agenda. Both globally informed and locally focused, DMEXCO offers an ecosystem with seminars, debates, and expositions outlining.

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