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Ubisoft Leverages Influencers for New Game


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August 10, 2018 | 2 min read

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Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 game was a highly- anticipated new title from the game-maker. From pre-launch to release day and beyond, the game’s success hinged on driving awareness and engagement at key pulse points during the game’s lifetime.



To that end, Ubisoft leaned heavily on influencers for a multi-stage campaign. At the popular E3 expo, the world’s top trade show for computer and video games, BEN tasked top gamers like Dashie, Cart0onz, and Wildcat to promote the game on Instagram and Twitter. Providing early access gameplay to top influencers created another layer of anticipation.

One month prior to launch, 16 YouTube channels were invited to a ranch outside of San Francisco for a live experience, mirroring game play. The resulting Instagram Stories creative content further enhanced excitement around the game.

At Far Cry 5’s launch, 19 influencers created at least one YouTube video documenting their enjoyment of playing the game. Those videos were pushed out, encouraging viewers to preview the game themselves.

The post-launch effort included a program on popular streaming platform, to build even more engagement among the gaming community in order to drive purchase of the game’s expansion downloadable content.

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Marketing Branded Entertainment Network Brand Integration

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