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The future of publishing: What can publishers do to thrive in a world of fake news, privacy concerns and the Facebook and Google duopoly?

By Julia Nightingale, Writer


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June 20, 2018 | 2 min read

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Digital content consumption rates show no sign of slowing and yet publishers are faced with more challenges than ever, particularly when it comes to generating revenue.

The future of publishing post-GDPR: Can publishers survive by offering something the tech giants can't?

The future of publishing

Facebook and Google's stranglehold on the digital ad industry continues to present both opportunities and challenges to publishers. Some publishers outside Europe are even halting all programmatic ads on their European sites, showing the very real nervousness there is to walk the line when it comes to data compliance in a post-GDPR world.

There's a mounting level of attention from governments and regulators, keen to extinguish the threats of fake news. Never before has the internet been so closely monitored for its implications on society.

There is an ever stronger case for quality journalism, therefore, but with challenges to the business model, who foots the bill for quality remains to be seen.

On the 27th June we will be holding a roundtable, in partnership with AppNexus, to discuss the future of publishers.

Topics on the table will include;

* What does the business of publishing look like today?

* How can publishers partner effectively with technology platforms?

* Is there a value to independence? Are independents in a position to promise quality journalism and brand safety that the duopoly can’t?

* Off the back of GDPR, how are publishers responding to data use?

And finally - with more effective collaboration, can publishers eventually offer something the duopoly can’t?

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