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How can marketers build their technology stack?

The Guide to Building Your Marketing Technology Stack

Marketers are under pressure to keep up with innovative technologies but picking the right ones can be trickier than it seems. So, what questions should marketers be asking their marketing technology solutions provider?

A report ‘The Guide to Building Your Marketing Technology Stack’ by Oracle Marketing Cloud, delves into specific areas of marketing that are most impacted by technology solutions and marketing platforms. It also examines how marketing automation technology empowers marketers to improve their knowledge of buyer behaviour and understand how it plays out in campaigns.

Here are the five main takeaways from the report.

Too many tech options? Take a customer-centric approach

Marketers now have an endless sea of technology vendors to choose from which should make life easier. In reality, this can be a double-edge sword. Scott Brinker, co-founder and CTO of interactive content marketing firm ion interactive says it does not need to be this way.

“I always recommend that they put the landscape aside. Don’t look at that, but rather sit down from a customer-centric perspective of what is the audience we’re trying to reach, who are we competing with for their intention, their engagement, their revenue, and really be able to look at what sort of marketing capabilities do we need to be able to competitively execute in our space,” he notes in the report.

Cross-channel marketing is the engine of your marketing strategy

Even the most well-thought-out plans can fail unless they are executed properly using the right technology. According to Econsultancy, less than one in four marketers say they understand customer journeys and adapt the channel mix accordingly.

The best marketers track and measure all touch-points along the path to purchase – from display to search to email and more. They understand the influence each channel has by using the right technology.

Choose the right metrics to diagnose – and treat

It is all very well and good measuring engagement through unique opens, click through rates and other engagement metrics. But these can sometimes offer limited insights. A more useful approach would be: what got your customers to click in the first place? Why was this content more attractive than the others?

Use the right platform for data identification

Marketers need to think about what kind of intelligence they can glean from their data. This should include things such as the size of the audience based on key characteristics. Are they car buyers? When did they last purchase a car?

It is vital that technology platforms can collect data from different sources using different protocols and methods – app, cookie, server integrations and more with limited latency.

Social technology can be your ears

It is not only important that social media goals and objectives align with those of the business, but it must also connect with the overall marketing technology stack. Whenever you have a social team of one or five, it’s impossible to catch every mention of your brand across the web manually. Social technology can help you listen to specific phrases or conversations – helping you attain real-time marketing and engagement.

For more insights, download the full report here.

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