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Six lessons we learnt from running TV Sync Campaign


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March 1, 2017 | 4 min read

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Television advertising is currently facing an enormous problem: when the ad breaks start, most viewers either fast forward or pick up their smartphones.

Six lessons we learnt from running TV Sync Campaign

One way of recapturing attention is TV ad syncing. This is when a TV advert and digital advert run at exactly the same time.

Currently, there are a couple of different types of TV ad syncing on offer. These are as follows:

Live ad syncing: TV ads and digital ads run at exactly at the same time, offering a truly synced experience. Some examples are apps like Shazaam, The Official X Factor App and

Campaign level syncing: A TV ad is detected, triggering a campaign buy using a DSP or on Facebook.

With different options now available, TV ad syncing has finally starting to gain mainstream appeal. To help brands execute successful campaigns, we have highlighted the six best practices we have learnt from running TV sync campaigns on

Keep the creative relevant: Make sure that the digital creative not simply the same as the TV ad, but designed to continue the TV message. It should be built with the device in mind.

Add a call to action: Adding a call to action as well as a brand message ensures increased CTR’s.

Use analytics to optimise: Use the results from digital ads to help find the best performing TV slots, then up weight to similar audiences and shows. Never forget to AB test a creative.

Native and interruptive is OK: Don’t be afraid to put a message in the digital advert to tell the user the ads are now synced. The purpose of the synced ad is to recapture attention.

Don’t just sync with your TV ad: Use subtitle targeting to sync with what is relevant to your brand as well as syncing against competitor ads. Our results show a 30% uplift when targeting competitor brands and an 80% uplift when targeting relevant subtitles.

Sync within 90 seconds: If you can’t sync in real time, make sure your TV and Digital ads appear within 90 seconds of one another.

At we have been experimenting with TV ad syncing for years. In Dec 2016, we launched “Instant Ad Sync”, an ad that syncs both mobile and TV using our custom-built technology.

As well as working with TUI, our recent client wins include, Monster and Mr Green.

Instant Ad Sync from is currently available on more than 5 million devices and can be synced with TV shows, adverts and subtitles. We also use technology which bypasses ad blockers. Instant Ad Sync will soon be available on 3rd Party applications, boosting reach to more than 10 million devices.

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