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There's a new kid on the block, hello SAXOPRINT ProStudio

There's a new kid on the block, hello SAXOPRINT ProStudio

SAXOPRINT is introducing a new online platform for small businesses and designers to meet and create printed materials together. By bringing these two groups together on the SAXOPRINT ProStudio platform, creating brilliant printed materials for any business, start-up or charity has never been easier.

On the SAXOPRINT ProStudio website, small businesses, non-profits, charities, etc. who might not have their own graphic department, can search for professional and creative designers to find the visual edge they need to succeed. Designers likewise have the opportunity to showcase their artwork and find new creative projects.

SAXOPRINT ProStudio for Designers

Some of the exclusive benefits for designers and freelancers with SAXOPRINT ProStudio are:

  • An increase online visibility with a search-optimised ProStudio profile
  • A new network of UK-based clients who value professional design talent
  • New design projects to work on in a timeframe easy to schedule
  • Exclusive rewards from SAXOPRINT
  • Flexible communication with businesses
  • Free membership!

Graphic design is a competitive field and many freelance designers find themselves constantly looking for ways to get new clients. The online platform connects those that are actively looking for design work with these designers. In other words, freelancers looking for design work are connected directly with their target audience. Because a brief can only be sent to three people, designers have a higher chance to actually be hired for projects.

With SAXOPRINT ProStudio, designers let their work speak for them, and they have the opportunity to highlight their talent. The portfolio is, therefore, their biggest asset. Designers can manage briefs with labels like: “open”, “pending”, “declined” or “complete”. An availability status allows designers to manage time wisely. Once a project is completed, designers have the opportunity to order comfortably online with SAXOPRINT. They can also choose to have the printed materials delivered directly to the clients.

SAXOPRINT ProStudio for Businesses

Businesses receive the following exclusive benefits through SAXOPRINT ProStudio:

  • Quality design work from professional, UK designers
  • Access to a community of creative talent
  • Finding the right design talent for each individual business
  • A 10% discount off of the first print order designed through ProStudio
  • Flexible communication with designers
  • Free membership

Running a small business has many challenges. Finding the perfect visual campaign to navigate the market or inspire donors is just one of those challenges. A creative campaign with strong visual imagery can provide a competitive edge. However, finding the perfect designer to trust a brand with is often an overwhelming decision.

To make things easier, businesses are able to search for designers using different search options like style, location or type of print product. By browsing through the different projects or portfolios, businesses can select the designers who leave a good impression. SAXOPRINT ProStudio allows a business to send a brief to a maximum of three designers. Once a brief has been accepted, the designer and company can communicate flexibly over the platform about the project details. The terms of payment are handled strictly between the business and the designer.

Goodbye Designmares, Hello ProStudio

SAXOPRINT ProStudio connects those looking for designer work with creative designers over a free platform, making it easy to get beautiful printed products delivered on-time. The platform is free, easy to use and offers complete flexibility. Say goodbye to design and print anxiety and hello to SAXOPRINT ProStudio.

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