Do It Day: The power of the collective pause

do it day

At Rapp, our mission is to create and stand firm for marketing that matters.

Not marketing that looks attractive. Not marketing that burns your budget. But marketing that makes you sit up and think differently. That points you to a better way of doing. Of acting. That paves the way for a more magical way of life.

Do It Day shows us that we’re not alone on this journey. That there are others who think and act like us. Who want to use the evidence before us to build a smarter, smoother and more morally sound way of engaging with customers. We call this precision + empathy.

For over a decade now, technology has become the ‘go to’ solution rather than an option. We’re all running to keep up with the coolest, fastest tech. To push digital solutions onto our tech hungry customers… Only what if they’re not as tech hungry as we think they are?

Just because we can, doesn’t always mean that we should.

Do It Day is a way of taking us out of ourselves. Of collectively pausing. To put the human and the humanity back into the way we market. Which is something we feel strongly about at RAPP.

As marketers, we start with the insight. What’s the evidence and the data telling us? And yet the difference between smart marketers and great marketers is not how they interpret this data academically, but how they instinctively react to the evidence at hand. And how they translate that into the work. Ensuring it doesn’t feel too clever. Too creepy. Too compromising. Morally or ethically.

Taking a look over the different client challenges at this year’s Do It Day, its great to see how our clients are equally embracing this way of thinking. But how will the winning ideas promote marketing that matters over the latest and greatest tech? It’s easy to default to what we know. And what we know the market expects. The mix of talent present at Do It Day gives us the perfect means to understand our readiness as both marketers and consumers.

Do It Day is a way to reconnect with our moral compass and to get back in touch with our instincts. Alone you can isolate change. Collectively, we can create a movement. And at RAPP, we’re very proud to be part of the global Do It Day movement.

Chris Freeland, RAPP UK CEO.

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