Is influencer marketing the key to creating social buzz?

As part of The Drum Social Buzz Awards programme we hear from Victoria Luck, MD, Buzzoole.

Creating social buzz in a world of instant communication, live reactions, fast-flowing emotions and swift decisions is the tricky question facing marketeers, brands and agencies.

Research we conducted suggests influencer marketing could be the key, with 65% expecting to spend more on it over the next 12 months.

Our influencer marketing platform connects brands with key “long-tail” campaign influencers. This spreads social buzz through advocates that have real reach among audiences who are already interested and engaged.

TV does this well with Live Tweeting. But not enough brands are doing it around events.

For exhibitions, sports fixtures, fashion shows or sampling stands, it can be an engaging and fun way to create conversations and buzz among those in attendance, and those who aren’t.

Twitter's own stats suggest brands could see a 30% uplift on follower numbers using a dedicated hashtag around a live event. An interest ripple becomes a wave.

That's why we added Live Tweeting to Buzzoole. Ford used it for the Italian version of MasterChef, delivering nine Trending Topic appearances and marketing success worth 29,000 Euros (Source: Blogmeter).

We know users ignore adverts. But they can't ignore real social buzz from peers they trust.

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